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Chapter 18.2

Lu Di was helping Xu Luoyang sort out his things swiftly and when he saw him studying the lock, he said, “Director Zhang specially booked this hotel because the two rooms are connected. He said it would be easier for you and Mr Qi to hang out together and it would also allow you to cultivate a bond with your childhood friend.”

When Xu Luoyang heard this, he thought it made sense, after all, he used to live with and sleep in the same bed with Qi Chang’an where even the door didn’t stop him. He walked over to pack his clothes together with him and asked Lu Di, “Why do you call Qi Chang’an Mr Qi? Di Zi, you’re not being polite.”

Lu Di, who had always had a loyal and honest face that won people over quickly, rubbed his greasy back, “I don’t know why but when I see Mr Qi,” he tried to think of an adjective, “I feel a bit creeped out.”

Xu Luoyang clapped his hands together as he asked knowingly, “Do you think his aura is a bit creepy?”

“Yes! I am a bit scared.”

“That’s right!” Xu Luoyang laughed as he patted Lu Di’s thick shoulders, “You’re quite perceptive! Look, he’s got a scary face. But don’t be afraid, Chang’an is a good… he’s a good person and I’m good friends with him. Speaking of which, he didn’t even bring an assistant this time so when you buy me some mineral water, bring me a lunch box or something, remember to bring him one too, I’ll give you a pay raise!”

Saying that, he suddenly remembered that Qi Chang’an had allergies, so he brought his own bedding or something, and the one he brought in the hotel was directly changed.

Xu Luoyang took a few steps and came to the wooden door that was slightly open on the wall, knocked and before long, the door opened.

“Have you made the bed yet? Do you need my help?” Xu Luoyang asked as he stood still, resisting the impulse to look behind Qi Chang’an curiously.

Qi Chang’an must have just had a shower as his hair was still a little wet. He moved to the side, “I’ve just started laying it out, have you finished there?”

“Not yet, but I’ll get Lu Di to help with the rest.” As he said this, Xu Luoyang walked over to Qi Chang’an’s side of the bed and consciously began to help make up the sheets.

Qi Chang’an turned his head to look at Lu Di in Xu Luoyang’s room and froze unconsciously for a few seconds before he heard Xu Luoyang call him back.

The two had just put their pillows together when Lu Di’s voice came over, “Xu Ge, Director Zhang and the script writer are here!”

As soon as the words left his mouth, Director Zhang had already arrived at the door. He looked at Qi Chang’an and Xu Luoyang standing on either side of the bed and knocked on the door frame with his fingers, “I told you, this door is very useful!”

With that, he twisted his head to look at the scriptwriter, Cheng Jing beside him and said in a proud tone, “Look, they’re quite like Qin Chao and Xu Zhan now.”

Cheng Jing was a tall and thin man who didn’t say much. He was a bit nearsighted so he would squint at people but he was mild-tempered and patient, one of the few script writers who could withstand Director Zhang’s habit of being picky with scripts without flipping over a table.

He squinted his eyes as he agreed, “Yes, that unique understanding of childhood friends that grew up together has almost been achieved.”

That was the main reason why they asked Xu Luoyang and Qi Chang’an to live together to experience life. There was some kind of tacit understanding that couldn’t be easily portrayed; it had to be built up over time and only through subtle changes in tone of voice, eyes, and micro-expressions could the truest emotions be presented.

Xu Luoyang set up his pillow and asked Director Zhang, “Director, is there something you need?”, as he caught a glimpse of what Director Zhang was holding in his hand.

“Look, I almost forgot, I’m here to bring you something.” Director Zhang hit his head, then handed him the rectangular metal box in his hand, “It’s just been delivered, it’s for you, he said only your fingerprints can open it.”

As soon as Xu Luoyang heard this, he guessed who it was and said in amazement, “It should be Shan Shan. He is the only one who can be so mysterious.”

Sure enough, there was a fingerprint identification button embedded in the centre of this metal box of unknown material. Xu Luoyang placed his index finger on it and a few seconds later, with a ‘pop’ sound, the lock of the metal box opened.

Director Zhang, Cheng Jing and Lu Di all walked over as they asked curiously, “What did Ye Shan Shan give you? Open it and take a look.”

Xu Luoyang didn’t rush to open it. He looked at Qi Chang’an next to him and said with a smile, “Didn’t I mention to you before that Zheng Ge has only two artists under him? Apart from me, the other one is Ye Shan Shan. I am very close to him and we have known each other for many years. I will introduce you to each other when I have the chance, you should have a lot of common topics to talk about.”

He was worried that Qi Chang’an might feel out of place, after all, he knew people who were complete strangers to Qi Chang’an.

Understanding Xu Luoyang’s worry, a smile appeared on the corners of Qi Chang’an’s light-coloured lips as he also asked curiously, “What’s inside?”

Only then did Xu Luoyang open the lid of the box, and the white brick-like object inside was revealed.

“Is this… ice? An ice cube?” Director Zhang, having a curious mind reached out, poked it and was surprised, “It’s really ice, but Xiao Shan sending this, does he want to provide you with shaved ice?”

At that moment, a voice message rang out. It was Ye Shan Shan’s voice, “Luoyang! I hand picked this ice in Antarctica. This metal box is a mini-fridge, it keeps the temperature low so I’m sure it didn’t melt when it was delivered! But Antarctica is so cold! Enough talk, let’s have fried noodles when I get back!”

The crowd: “…..”

Director Zhang patted Xu Luoyang’s shoulder: “Running halfway around the world to deliver ice bricks, this gift really has a heavy meaning!”

After waiting for Director Zhang and the others to leave, Xu Luoyang took a picture of the ice brick with his phone and tweeted, ”@YeShan gave me a gift. He is currently on an expedition to Antarctica, the picture below is the ice brick he pried off with his own hands in Antarctica =w=. As for how long he will be back, I don’t know~”

Qi Chang’an stood beside him and watched Xu Luoyang smile contentedly as he tweeted and carefully locked the iron box and found a place to put it before continuing to pack his things.

He couldn’t help but click on the comment section, and in less than a minute, there were already countless fans leaving messages asking Xu Luoyang about Ye Shan Shan. It was obvious that just like Xu Luoyang said, he was really very familiar with this person called Ye Shan Shan.

The fingers holding the phone tightened slightly and Qi Chang’an suddenly felt a faint sourness spreading like ripples in his heart, along with some other indistinguishable emotions and a longing that had never been there before that began to grow wildly.

He really wanted to be a part of his every day and night like when they used to spend it together in Qinli Town, to know everyone he knew, to understand his joys and sorrows.

He really wanted to be a part of it.

Realising that he was a little off-balance, Qi Chang’an ducked into the bathroom in disarray, closed the door and raised his eyes to look at himself in the mirror. His eyes were full of jealousy and greed, and feeling a little baffled, he asked, ‘Qi Chang’an, what’s wrong with you?’

‘You have become his trusted friend, gotten close to him, used the same umbrella, slept in the same bed. For the next few months, you’ll work together, eat together and figure out the script together.’

‘But why was it still unsatisfying?’

Then, fans soon realised that Qi Chang’an was still retweeting and commenting on Xu Luoyang’s tweets, but it was as if he had missed this one as he didn’t even retweet one of Xu Luoyang’s updates on his Antarctic ice bricks until the next day.

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