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Chapter 33.2

Saying this, Zheng Dong handed his phone to Xu Luoyang, “If she dares to create a hype, I will dare to dislike her. But you have to be a little more cautious in everything you do these days. You’ve been too much of a hot topic and being on a hot search for something will naturally make people want to come and freeload off your popularity.”

“Oh, okay!” Xu Luoyang tapped the social media app and saw that Zheng Dong had reposted the original Weibo post that had exposed the scandal and added in a relaxed tone, “Lu Di and I were also around, why didn’t they include us in the picture? The photographers aren’t professional enough! Also, the time and place is wrong, this is the breakfast area of the hotel, everyone was quite busy shooting earlier.”

When Xu Luoyang finished reading it and realized that Zheng Dong had clarified everything that should be clarified in two sentences, the strings in his heart loosened and he clicked the original post. There, he discovered that the whole comment section had been swept up with ‘Gu Cheng CP fans understand!’

Amused by the neat formation, Xu Luoyang took a screenshot and sent it to Qi Chang’an at top speed, adding, “Mr. Qi, the Gu Cheng CP fans understand~”

Qi Chang’an was having lunch when he received the picture.

Liang Qiu brought all the medicines that Qi Chang’an was going to take after his meal and put them away but looking at the dishes on the dinner plate, he was a little puzzled – had Young Master Qi’s taste changed? He had been eating this magical combination of scrambled eggs with tomatoes and tomatoes and egg soup for several days in a row. However he didn’t dare to ask any questions as he stood to the side quietly.

It was only after responding to Xu Luoyang’s message that Qi Chang’an asked, “Has Chu Wei’s people replied yet?”

“They have. The part of the crew taking care of the finance sent the data containing the funding gap over the phone this morning.” Liang Qiu paused, “Director Chu also mentioned on the phone today that Mr. Xu had suffered an injury to his hand.”

His hand holding the chopsticks pausing, Qi Chang’an looked up at Liang Qiu, “What happened?”

“Mr. Xu has been filming a war scene for the last two days and needs to draw a bow, so the bowstring should have rubbed against his hand. Coupled with the low temperature in Gaoyu Film and Television City, the skin on the palm of his hand cracked.” Noticing that Qi Chang’an didn’t have much of an expression, Liang Qiu added carefully, “Perhaps Mr. Xu didn’t mention it because he didn’t want you to worry about it.”

“I understand.” Qi Chang’an hesitated for half a minute, but still said, “Make arrangements, I’m going to Luoyang today.”

Because it was snowing, there was a delay with the flight, hence it was already eleven o’clock in the night when Qi Chang’an arrived at the set. Chu Wei was standing in the lobby of the hotel and when he saw him approaching, he said, “You’ve come over so soon?”

“Mhmm.” Qi Chang’an nodded, “Where is he?”

“He went to bed a long time ago,” To Qi Chang’an, Chu Wei’s words were obviously more than usual, “For the past few days we have been shooting winter war scenes. Zi Chu’s armor weighs more than twenty pounds and he has to ride a horse, pull a bow and carry a big sword. Because it’s very tiring, he basically just tumbles into bed.”

“Director Chu.”


Qi Chang’an’s footsteps stopped and his tone was serious, “He is Xu Luoyang, not Zi Chu.”

Smiling, Chu Wei led the way into the elevator, his tone relaxed as he pressed the button, “Your Xu Luoyang is Zi Chu in my eyes.” After saying this, he continued, “He works hard and suffers a lot, but he never uses a body double. He’s a good actor.”

Qi Chang’an smiled, sounding proud, “Of course he’s a good actor.”

Seeing Qi Chang’an’s expression, Chu Wei instantly didn’t want to compliment Xu Luoyang anymore – the man in front of him was too proud!

Taking the card given by Chu Wei, Qi Chang’an opened the door to Xu Luoyang’s room, which was quiet, with only a small night light on in the corner. Closing the door with the back of his hand, he stood patiently in place for five minutes, waiting for the cold air on his body to dissipate completely.

Feet on the carpet, his breath caught a little – it had been twenty-six days since he had seen him.

Xu Luoyang was curled up on the bed with a fluffy white pillow in his arms, sleeping soundly. As Qi Chang’an listened to his calming breaths, he felt that all the thoughts, anxieties and longings in his heart were all washed away.

After a long time, he half-kneeled on the carpet beside the bed and through the dim light, he could see the chapped skin on Xu Luoyang’s hand.

Taking out the medicinal ointment, Qi Chang’an’s voice was very soft and gentle, “Nao Nao, does your hand hurt? Let me apply medicine to it for you, okay?”

After a few seconds, Xu Luoyang put his hand out obediently. However he wasn’t awake, he just rubbed against the pillow he was hugging and murmured vaguely, “Chang’an Ge? En, it hurts.”

After carefully applying a layer of medicine to Xu Luoyang’s palm, Qi Chang’an held his posture and listened to Xu Luoyang’s breathing quietly. It was only when his legs became numb that he stood up, opened the door gently and walked out.

At the end of the corridor, Chu Wei was playing Gluttony. When he heard footsteps, he looked up at Qi Chang’an, “Out so soon?”

“Mhmm, he’s sleeping.”

Chu Wei raised an eyebrow in surprise, “You didn’t wake him up?”

“He’s too tired. It’s important that he gets more sleep.”

Chu Wei didn’t say any more to that, he just asked, “Do you want a room to rest? You’re staying here tonight, right?”

Qi Chang’an shook his head, “Don’t bother, I have a meeting to attend tomorrow morning so I’m heading straight to the airport. Liang Qiu is waiting for me downstairs.”

Looking at the water stains on his jacket made from snow, Chu Wei sighed, “We’ve known each other for three years, and I originally thought that with such a cold personality and your strange dislike of physical contact, you would surely remain a loner for the rest of your life.”

Qi Chang’an didn’t say anything, he just laughed.

“You can go back without worrying. I won’t dock his chicken leg for the sake of the amount of money you’ve invested.”

“And compliment his acting skills.”

Chu Wei looked at Qi Chang’an with disgust, “Okay, okay, I got it. You really talk a lot.”

Early the next morning, Xu Luoyang turned off his alarm clock and sat up, half-opening his eyes to take a sip of cold water which shocked him awake instantly due to its coldness.

Then he noticed that the crack in his hand didn’t hurt at all. Looking down, he found that the crack looked like it had been coated with something and it was still a bit slippery.

He thought back carefully. Because he had been too tired from filming the scene last night, he had gone straight to bed after taking a shower when he came back, and in the night… in the night he seemed to have dreamt of Qi Chang’an? Eh, could it be that the demon had come to his dreams to heal his wound?

Inadvertently, Xu Luoyang saw an ointment on the bedside table with a pure white packaging, the word ‘Qi’ printed on it and the number 20.


Lifting the covers and getting out of bed, Xu Luoyang didn’t even bother to put on his slippers as he searched the room inside and out. When he didn’t find him, he rushed out to knock on the Director’s door.

Chu Wei’s jacket hadn’t been buttoned yet but when he opened the door and saw that it was Xu Luoyang, he didn’t seem surprised.

Xu Luoyang gasped out, “Did Chang’an came by?”

“Yes, he came by.”

Hearing this reply, Xu Luoyang asked immediately, “He came and left?”

Chu Wei nodded, “Yes, he arrived in the middle of the night and I gave him the card to your room but he only stayed for half an hour before he left, saying that he had something to do this morning so he rushed back overnight.”

Going back to his room, Xu Luoyang fell on his bed and looking at the ointment he had been cupping in his hand, let out a miserable ‘ao’–

Xu Luoyang, are you a pig? I can’t believe you didn’t even wake up after he finished applying the medicine! How infuriating!

Nao Nao’s little emotions:

Nao Nao, I’m very disappointed in you! QAQ


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