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Chapter 42.1

Xu Luoyang was lying on his back on the stage, feeling that it was because he had exerted himself too much that his whole body felt sore and heavy. He simply bent one leg, lying without getting up, and put the microphone to his lips, panting, his voice still clear, “Did you like it?”

Chang’an, did you like it–

Did you like the song? Do you like me?

Hearing the cheers erupting from the audience, Xu Luoyang smiled, his hair in front of his forehead already drenched with sweat. He casually moved to get up twice and tried again afterwards, but still couldn’t manage to sit up. His tone was a bit distressed, “It’s over, I seem to have lost my strength.” After a few seconds’ pause, Xu Luoyang then added, “I need a kiss, a hug and a high cheer to get up.”

The screams that rose sounded like they were going to bring the stage down.

After a few more minutes of reprieve, Xu Luoyang sat up with one hand on his body, sitting in a casual position with both of his long legs slightly bent and sighed, “I really can’t sing anymore, I need to take a break.” After saying this, he drank half a bottle of water through a straw, but his eyes didn’t dare look in Qi Chang’an’s direction.

He was too scared. How high he was before, was how weak he was now.

After he had calmed down, Xu Luoyang realized how bold he had been just now. But at that time, when he saw Qi Chang’an, who had already said he wasn’t coming back suddenly appear and even sit in that empty seat, Xu Luoyang’s heart was instantly filled with joy and all sorts of messy emotions arose and he simply couldn’t suppress them. He felt that he had done very well by just singing over and over again and not rushing off the stage or anything!

He just didn’t know if Qi Chang’an had heard him– Xu Luoyang was now very torn between hoping that Qi Chang’an had heard his thoughts and hoping that he hadn’t. However, if he really had to explain it, it would make perfect sense to say that he sang the song to his supportive fans and song fans. Yes, that made sense….

“Everyone must have been tired just now, so let’s take a few minutes off together.” Xu Luoyang held the microphone with both hands and under the lights, his smile had a few points of embarrassment in it, “When I was singing just now, inspiration suddenly burst out and a melody came to my mind, I’ll try to hum it for you guys to hear.”

As he spoke, the entire audience fell silent and the stage lights became extremely soft, pouring down from above his head and for a moment, he was the centre of the stage and where the light was.

Xu Luoyang hummed the melodious tune softly while remembering Qi Chang’an’s appearance from the glance he had stolen earlier. From March 1st to March 22nd, Qi Chang’an appeared to have lost a bit of weight and his skin had become paler. He wondered if it was due to his hectic schedule. When this fan meeting was over, he would definitely take him out for some delicious food to replenish his skin, because looking at him like this hurt his heart!

He had never noticed it before, but the moment he saw him, Xu Luoyang realized how much he had really missed him.

Thinking about this, Xu Luoyang couldn’t help but smile again then he stopped and continued, “This song is tentatively called ‘Longing For You’, I’ll try it out when I get back and see if I can get the tune right. If it works, I’ll fill in the lyrics and maybe I’ll have a hit song for my next album.”

After saying this, he stood up but didn’t expect a sudden bout of dizziness to cause him to sway. He quickly took advantage of the position he was in and turned in the direction of the sofa before he was able to hide what had just happened. Taking the opportunity as he wiped his sweat, he touched his forehead but then became a little uncertain– it seems he was running a fever?

So for the next hour, Xu Luoyang didn’t run around anymore and just sat on the velvet sofa, choosing to be a beautiful man in peace and quiet, even choosing lyrical songs to sing for the next two songs– because it would really be too humiliating if he suddenly fainted while singing.

The last session was the ‘You ask, I answer’ session, where a huge glass jar was filled with pre-written questions from fans who had come to the meet and greet and Xu Luoyang would randomly select 20 questions to answer.

“Let’s take a look at the fifth question,” Xu Luoyang opened the paper and read the words on it out loud, “Luoyang I really, really like you, I love your singing and acting.”

As he read it out, Xu Luoyang smiled, “The next four hundred words are all words that compliment me from 360 degrees, but the last paragraph is a question and that is, nowadays it is very trendy to be either a little wolf dog or a little milk dog. So Luoyang, I want to ask, which of these two types do you think you belong to? My best friend and I have been arguing for a week over this question.”

Refolding the paper, Xu Luoyang’s eyebrows were full of smiles, “How can I be one of these two common types! Perhaps if you ask me about big bad wolves and the like, I can consider it slightly.” After saying this, he even let out a wolf cry.

But then he regretted it. Chang’an was sitting just below the stage, would he think he was stupid?

Xu Luoyang spoke as he opened the glass jar and pulled out another ball of paper, “Every time we do this, I’m very worried that there would be some bad questions inside. For example, asking me if I think I’m handsome, how handsome I am, if I’m the most handsome in the world, or something like that.”

When Xu Luoyang opened the note, he was a little confused, “Please read out all the words below,” he paused and read seriously, “Little tiger, lion, big bad wolf, little fox 1It’s a cutesy way of saying the names of animals online …. “

As he read the words out loud, Xu Luoyang finally realized what he was reading and collapsed on the sofa with laughter.

At 10pm, after singing the last song, Xu Luoyang stood up and bowed deeply towards the audience below the stage and said in a sincere tone, “Thank you all for always supporting me, I will definitely try to become better. It’s a little late, so as you go back, please make sure to be safe…..”

Walking off the stage, the lights dimmed and after Xu Luoyang made sure that the cameras couldn’t film him, the string in his body that had been taut loosened abruptly and he stumbled and fell to the ground. But the expected pain didn’t appear. In a daze, Xu Luoyang found himself being held directly in someone’s arms. His vision was dark and the light around him was too dim, but he didn’t need to look to know who had caught him, “Chang’an….”

“En, it’s me.” Holding him in his arms, Qi Chang’an, reached out to touch his forehead, “Are you able to stand firm?” His voice was both anxious and gentle.

Not having much strength to speak, Xu Luoyang had to brace before he was able to reply, “I can’t…. Chang’an, hold me.” With that, his head leaned against Qi Chang’an’s shoulder and he lost consciousness completely.

Picking him up by the waist, Qi Chang’an’s expression was cold, the aura he was exuding as if he wanted to freeze the air around him as well.

Zheng Dong, who noticed that something wasn’t right rushed over but subconsciously stopped at a distance of three steps and said worriedly, “Mr. Qi, Luoyang, he-“

Qi Chang’an replied in a deep voice, “His fever is intense, he must be taken to the hospital, please lead the way.” After saying this, he tightened his hold on Xu Luoyang.

A black Aston Martin sped to the hospital and half an hour later, Xu Luoyang was lying on the hospital bed with a needle stuck in the back of his hand and an IV drip.

The doctor said the problem wasn’t serious. The fever had been caused by recent overexertion and coupled with him controlling his weight and not eating much, together with the singing and dancing in the evening, he had consumed a lot of energy, which was why he had passed out.

As Zheng Dong looked at Xu Luoyang who was pale and hadn’t yet woken up, he felt a pang in his heart. In the past year or two, Xu Luoyang hadn’t been hospitalized even once due to overexertion. He couldn’t help but remember the time after Xu Luoyang’s first film. It could be said that he had become an instant success, with all kinds of notices piling up. At that time, Xu Luoyang could only sleep for four hours a day and sometimes it even happened that he would memorize his lines while receiving an intravenous drip.

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