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Chapter 88.2

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Sitting in the front row, Xu Luoyang watched the large screen as Qi Chang’an, playing the role of Xu Zhan, carefully and restrainedly interacted with Qin Chao, smiling at him. Then after the truth about the murder was revealed, his eyes were filled with silence, causing Xu Luoyang’s eyes to well up with tears.

Director Zhang who was sitting next to him noticed that something wasn’t right with Xu Luoyang’s voice, so he leaned over to ask quietly, “Luoyang, are you crying?”

Xu Luoyang sniffled, and although it was embarrassing, he still admitted, “En, but it’s only two tears! Just two!”

“Two tears still count as crying, but if you’re crying, then I’m relieved.”

And sure enough, at 2:30 in the morning, just after the premiere screenings of the film had finished one after the other, the comments section on weibo under Xu Luoyang, Qi Chang’an, and the Gu Cheng CP fanbase accounts were flooded.

“— My eyes are all swollen from crying, and I still have to work tomorrow! Gu Cheng, you guys owe me tears! I thought I could get away with holding it in, but in the end, Xu Zhan actually pressed Qin Chao’s fingers, pulled the trigger, and shot himself in the heart. Woo woo woo, explosive tears! ‘If I have to die, let me die by your hand.’ Xu Zhan is really super pitiful! Abused, abused, abused!”

“—I’m making a call! I want to watch this three times! Five times! Wait, let me go buy a box of tissues to carry with me! And by the way, I’m @the big shots, Qin Zhan CP can make an appearance now! Begging for a happy ending! Please, no more abuse!”

“—I finally understand why Qi Chang’an and Xu Luoyang won the dual Best Actor Silver Awards. It’s well-deserved! Every scene, every subtle expression and movement, was handled so well. I’m not going to sleep, I’m going for a second viewing! I’m officially a fan now!”

“—Am I the only one who thinks the ending song is explosively good? Everyone in the cinema stayed to listen to the ending song. The lyrics and music were all done by my Luoyang. Woo woo woo! I’m going for another screening just to hear the ending song again!”

Within three days of its release, ‘Divergent Road’ had already crossed the 1.2 billion mark at the box office, securing the top spot in both opening day and single-day box office rankings, and Xu Luoyang’s self-composed and self-written ending song for ‘Divergent Road’ also soared to the first place on various music platforms’ new song and download charts.

In no time, Qi Chang’an and Xu Luoyang’s names dominated headlines once again, and even topics as trivial as “Xu Luoyang drinking mineral water” made their way to the top of the hot search topics, indicating their immense popularity.

You Li Entertainment.

Xu Luoyang lounged on the office sofa, scrolling through a weibo hashtag, #Does Qin Chao Know that Xu Zhan Likes Him?#. The comments section was getting heated, with many small details that even he himself hadn’t noticed being pointed out as evidence. It was really impressive.

He was reading them with great interest and occasionally discussing it with Ye Shan Shan when Zheng Dong asked, “What are your plans for the near future?”

Looking up at Zheng Dong, Xu Luoyang thought about it, “I will probably be called back to ‘Turn Back Time’ this month for additional shots, and Director Zhang mentioned that we might need to participate in a couple of TV shows for film promotion. Oh, and Director Meng also said that at the end of this year, ‘Turn Back Time’ is going to film festivals. He told me to be prepared to win more than one major award.”

Zheng Dong rolled his eyes at him directly, “Even if you win awards, it’s still something for the end of the year. What are you planning for the next few months? Are you taking on acting roles or working on an album? You need to set a general direction first.”

Speaking of this issue, Xu Luoyang’s expression turned serious. “Zheng Ge, I want to release an album.”

“Sure, you’ve left the album aspect untouched for the past couple of years, so it’s high time you released one.” But looking at Xu Luoyang’s expression, Zheng Dong had a nagging feeling that something was wrong. The smile on his face left, “Speak, are you planning to do something again?”

Xu Luoyang chuckled sheepishly, denying it vehemently, “No, I’m not, really!”

But the more he denied it, the more the bad feeling in Zheng Dong’s heart grew. Sipping his hot coffee, he tried to keep his composure and prepare himself mentally. “Tell me.”

Xu Luoyang opened his mouth cautiously, “I want to release an album. I’ve already written six out of ten songs, and plus ‘Divergent Road,’ so that makes seven.”

“Get to the point.”

“Oh.” Xu Luoyang’s speech quickened, “I want to name the album ‘Chang’an.'”

After saying that, he closed his eyes hurriedly, and the next moment, he heard a ‘thud’, as if something had fallen to the floor. He opened his left eye carefully to take a look and saw that he had startled Zheng Dong so much that it had caused him to drop his coffee cup. For a moment, he felt a wave of guilt in his heart . “Zheng Ge, hold on !”

“Hold on? I can’t hold on at all!” Zheng Dong reached up to rub his throbbing temples. “You’ve even written the lead single right?”

“Yes, yes, how did you know?” His voice perked up instantly, but realizing that it wasn’t quite right for this situation, he coughed lightly to calm himself down and to prevent Zheng Dong from getting a shock. “I got inspired when I met his parent, and it only took me two days to write it. The song and the album share the same name, it’s also called ‘Chang’an.'”

Zheng Dong looked at Xu Luoyang, holding his forehead as he muttered to himself in a low voice, “I can’t believe I’m not even that surprised.” Then he turned to Xu Luoyang again, “You and your dad are actually quite similar. Once you get hang up on a tree, you’ll be determined to not come down.”

Xu Luoyang continued to smile, “Chang’an is so good, I’m definitely not coming down!” Then he asked, “Zheng Ge, about the album—”

Waving his hand, Zheng Dong had already reached a breaking point, “If you want to do it, just do it. I’ll talk to the higher-ups.”

“Thank you, Zheng Ge!” Xu Luoyang found a new coffee cup and poured him a full cup of coffee, then handed it over.

But him being so attentive put Zheng Dong on guard, “Is your mischief not over yet?”



Zheng Dong put the coffee cup on the table so he wouldn’t break another one, “Tell me.”

“After the album is released, I want to hold a tour.” Xu Luoyang lowered his voice, “And call it that name too.”



Zheng Dong clutched his heart, “And I was asking myself why I keep having nightmares recently. It turns out it was because of this!”


Xu Nao Nao’s little emotions:

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