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Chapter 27.2

Xu Luoyang looked at the weather forecast with his mobile phone with a sad expression on his face: “Why is it so cold in Fengcheng? It’s only the end of November and it’s already reaching zero degrees! I can feel the organisers’ malice!”

Sure enough, as soon as he swiped through his friends’ circle, those who were going to the Golden Pine Awards were wailing that they were going to cry when they walked the red carpet. Xu Luoyang was instantly relieved and walked over to Qi Chang’an and said, “I’m not asking for much, as long as I don’t freeze my nose off while walking the red carpet and being interviewed by the host, it will be alright! Otherwise, I’ll be ridiculed for a long time.”

Qi Chang’an’s face didn’t look well and his eyes were heavily glazed, but he smiled as he said to Xu Luoyang, “I’ve asked Liang Qiu to buy two warm clothes that will be very effective in keeping us warm, so we’ll each have one to wear under our shirts when the time comes.”

“Alright! I’ve also brought a secret weapon. When the time comes, I’ll share half of it with you!”

The two got off the plane at 9.30am and Xu Luoyang was playing an elimination game on his phone when he saw Lu Di hurrying over.

“The fans are already waiting outside. Xu Ge, do you want to go straight out or go through the special channel?”

Hearing this, Xu Luoyang put his phone into the pocket of his shirt, looked at Qi Chang’an and asked, “Chang’an what do you think?” If they went out directly, there would definitely be a sea of people and it would be inevitable that they would come into contact with other people. Last night, Qi Chang’an had a low fever and was still not in good spirits. When he got up in the morning, his body temperature had come down, but Xu Luoyang was still a little worried.

“It’s fine.” After sleeping against Xu Luoyang on the plane for a while, the exhaustion between Qi Chang’an’s eyebrows had eased slightly, “If we go through the special channel, we will definitely disappoint the fans. Let’s go straight out, I’ll go with you.”

Xu Luoyang hesitated for a moment, then thinking of something, he finally nodded, “I’ll protect you!”

The exit of the plane was already surrounded by fans and as Qi Chang’an and Xu Luoyang had departed from the set together and booked the same flight, both of their fans were waiting at the same exit. Shiny lighted signs had their names written on them, some simply wrote their names together, while some were even more blatant, directly writing ‘Gu cheng CP’.

As soon as Xu Luoyang appeared, the screams of the fans almost turned the terminal upside down.

“Ah ah ah ah, Luoyang, Luoyang!”

“He is really handsome in real life, his skin is so white, his eyes are so big and glowy, ah ah ah ah ah ah!”

Carrying only a black bag and not wearing a mask or sunglasses, Xu Luoyang stood in place and waited for Qi Chang’an to come out, then continued walking side by side. When the fans saw this scene, their screams almost turned the airport upside down.

“Oh my god, two people standing together! I’m going to cry! I’m going to cry! They’re both superb!”

“Chang’an, Luoyang, I love you!”

At this point, Xu Luoyang suddenly stopped and made a “shhh” gesture to the fans, smiling as he did so.

Slowly, the fans around them all quietened down, with only the colourful lights still flashing on the light boards.

After complete silence, Xu Luoyang raised his voice and said with a smile, “Chang’an and I are not feeling well and want to go to the hotel early to rest, can you give us a way out? I’ll bribe you with an autographed photo, okay?”

Miraculously, in less than a minute, the crowd did give way, with everyone holding up their mobile phones to take pictures and videos, but not making any noise. One fan typed a line on his phone, ‘Get some rest! Take care of yourselves!’

After they passed the group of fans, Xu Luoyang turned around, bowed slightly and made a heart gesture with his right hand, “Thank you for coming to pick Chang’an and I up. Thanks for your hard work and be safe on your way back!”

The corners of Qi Chang’an’s mouth slowly rose as he looked at the people smiling sincerely around him.

Getting into the car sent by the organisers to pick them up, Xu Luoyang was in a good mood, “Chang’an, did you see that? I saw a poster of a staged photo of you lighting a cigarette as a sniper, holding a gun in one hand and wearing a camouflage combat uniform. The flame of the lighter was orange and you were really handsome.”

Qi Chang’an said to him as he smiled, “Do you want me to wear it for you later?”

“Will you really do that?” Xu Luoyang imagined a picture and he felt his heart beat faster.

“Yes, I will. If you want, I will wear it.”

As the three cars merged into the downtown traffic, Xu Luoyang took out two cashmere scarves from his bag. First, he took the grey one and fixed it around Qi Chang’an’s neck, then he fixed the black one around his neck, “I’ve checked, Fengcheng is dry and cold now and it’s very windy, so you need to be fully armed, otherwise you’ll be cold when you get off the car later.”

Feeling the soft touch of the scarf, Qi Chang’an nodded, “I’ll listen to you.”

Lu Di, who was sitting in the passenger seat, was sending out messages, picking up some important information from time to time and telling Xu Luoyang.

“Xu Ge, the airport photos of you and Mr. Qi have been posted and many fans have uploaded photos and videos of the pick-up. Under the ‘Golden Pine Awards’ feature, your and Mr. Qi’s itinerary has also started to be updated simultaneously.”

“Hmm, good, keep an eye on it.”

Saying this, Xu Luoyang opened Weibo himself and looked at his official Weibo fan account on the homepage. The last updated video showed him and Qi Chang’an getting into the car one after the other.

Clicking on the comments, sure enough, it was full of ‘Gu Cheng CP’ and ‘ah ah ah ah’.

Xu Luoyang looked down next to him and suddenly handed his phone to Qi Chang’an, “They are all saying we are wearing couple’s clothes. Haha, I didn’t even notice!”

Saying this, he looked at the photo again carefully and saw that he was wearing a long beige trench coat, a white jumper and a pair of dark trousers. While Qi Chang’an was wearing a long black trench coat with a white shirt, blazer vest and a pair of black blazer trousers, “Hey, at first glance, although the inner clothing is different, the trench coats really looks like a couple’s outfit!”

Qi Chang’an looked down at the screen of his phone and replied without the expression on his face changing, “En, it does look like…..”

So Xu Luoyang gave this post a like.

After liking it, he turned his phone off and Xu Luoyang, who had closed his eyes to rest, didn’t see that thirty seconds later, the number of comments under this post began to soar.

“D*mn! This is the official seal right? I’ve taken a screenshot to remember it! I’m going to frame it!”

“He just finished spreading dog food at the airport, and now he has come to spread dog food on Weibo again. I just want to say that I have many more bowls at home, please don’t stop!”

“Aaaahhh, at the airport, Mr. Qi’s eyes were really, really gentle! And Luoyang’s finger next to his lips was so, so, so sultry! I really like this ‘Gu Cheng CP’!”

“The screenshot is up! I don’t accept any explanations like ‘I didn’t like it’, ‘I liked it because my hand slipped’, ‘I liked it because my eyes were blurry’, etc!”

“Luoyang, we’re leaving Mr. Qi in your hands, please take good care of him, thank you!”

Xu Nao Nao’s little emotions:

It’s so cold in Fengcheng. Thank goodness I bought 99 treasure warmers!

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