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Chapter 45.2

An hour later, Qi Chang’an took Xu Luoyang to where he was staying in order to prevent a press stakeout.

After taking the elevator to the top floor of the Brighton Hotel and opening the door, Xu Luoyang looked inside and saw that the décor and furniture were exactly the same as the one he had stayed in before in Fengcheng.

Knowing that Xu Luoyang would have to shower first when he returned from the hospital, Qi Chang’an said, “The layout of the room is the same as the one you stayed in before, and there are bathrobes in the cupboard in the bathroom.”

Nodding, Xu Luoyang put down his things and headed for the bathroom, halfway there he turned back to Qi Chang’an and asked, “Chang’an, do you want to wash together?”

After asking this question, he wimped out, “I didn’t say anything just now!” And then he was gone in a flash.

When Qi Chang’an heard the bathroom door close, a smile spread across his eyes as he stood in place for a moment before going to the other bathroom.

Forty minutes later, Xu Luoyang was slouched over the back of a chair in a black bathrobe, his belt loosely tied, exposing the back of his neck and chest. His hair was messy from the hairdryer, his eyes half-squinted, his voice weak, “Chang’an, are you leaving later? Do you have any plans for the afternoon?”

“I do.”

“Ah– I knew it.” Xu Luoyang’s voice trailed off, but after a few seconds it perked up again, “Go ahead and get busy then, I can video call you!”

Qi Chang’an held the hairdryer in one hand, the fingers of his other hand rubbing Xu Luoyang’s scalp delicately as he said gently, “There’s no need, the plan is to stay with you.”

Lifting his head sharply, the air stopped blowing on Xu Luoyang’s hair as he turned around in an awkward position, wrapping his arms around Qi Chang’an’s waist, “Really?”

“Really.” Qi Chang’an turned off the hairdryer and rubbed his half-dried hair, “So I’ve got a busy schedule.”

“Then you’re really busy.” Xu Luoyang sounded cheerful and then he nuzzled Qi Chang’an again before sitting back down properly, but within two seconds of doing that, he reached over and put the hairdryer in Qi Chang’an’s hand, coughed lightly and called out, “Mr. Qi. “


“I’m especially happy!”


“So can you give me a kiss?” With that, he tilted his head and closed his eyes self-consciously in obvious anticipation.

Soon, Xu Luoyang felt Qi Chang’an’s kiss fall and for a moment, all his worries were gone and he felt like he had eaten a spoon full of honey.

But the next moment, Qi Chang’an’s phone rang. Xu Luoyang was very reluctant, but he was ready to give up the kiss for the moment but immediately found his lips still being sucked by Qi Chang’an.

At the same time, Liang Qiu’s voice sounded from the phone, “Young Master Qi, there has been progress in the investigation.”

Qi Chang’an let go of Xu Luoyang’s lips then said, ‘Speak’ with great brevity then captured Xu Luoyang’s lips again.

His heart pounding from such a high-end operation, Xu Luoyang never imagined that kissing could be so exciting!

On the phone, Liang Qiu’s voice continued.

“Thirty days ago, Wang Yuxing attended a cocktail party and ran into Dai Xueqing who had just returned to the country and that evening, Dai Xueqing’s secretary contacted Wang Yuxing’s agent.

The next day, Wang Yuxing was brought to Dai Xueqing by his agent and a deal was quickly struck that Dai Xueqing would help Wang Yuxing pay off a huge debt, give him a villa, a car, a yacht, and provide resources for him within the circle, but Wang Yuxing needed to be at his beck and call.”

Giving the tip of Xu Luoyang’s nose a reassuring kiss, Qi Chang’an spoke, “Continue.”

“This matter was Wang Yuxing’s own idea. The initial judgement, Wang Yuxing is the reason why fingers are being pointed at Mr. Xu, partly because of old grudges from before, but the main reason is that he wants to please Dai Xueqing through this method.”

He paused for a moment before continuing, “Another development is that we have it on good authority that Dai Xueqing is an orphan, having grown up in the same orphanage as Mr. Xu’s parents. Also, Dai Xueqing was behind two-thirds of the investments of the productions directed by Mr. Xu’s father, Xu Qunqing.”

After the call ended, Xu Luoyang was a bit confused, “Didn’t Uncle Zhang say that Dai Xueqing had a deep grudge against my parents? Why did he quietly invest in my dad’s movies?”

Having never heard the name ‘Dai Xueqing’ from his parents, Xu Luoyang could only speculate, “Did they use to be close, but eventually turn against each other?” Scratching his hair, he grimaced, “Thinking really makes one go bald!”

Qi Chang’an looked at the cell phone Xu Luoyang had left on the table and knew that he wasn’t as unconcerned as he appeared to be.

Just as he was about to ask him if there was anything he wanted to eat, Qi Chang’an saw Xu Luoyang smiling as if he had thought of something, “Chang’an, say in your heart quickly, ‘Nao Nao won’t lose his hair’ three times then give me a kiss!”

It became clear in an instant why Xu Luoyang asked him to do this, but Qi Chang’an smiled a little helplessly, said it three times, then dropped a kiss solemnly between his eyebrows–

I wish my Nao Nao, a smooth going in the rest of his life.


Xu Nao Nao’s little emotions:

My big demon ~[blush.jpg]

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