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Chapter 14.1

Xu Luoyang lived in Tianhe Bay, a community of large, one-storey flats.

Walking into the lift, he reached out to swipe his fingerprints all the while talking to Qi Chang’an, “Speaking of which, I’ve moved here almost a year ago, but I probably haven’t lived here as long as I’ve lived in Qinli Town with you, all things considered.”

Qi Chang’an asked, “Because you’ve been out filming?”

“Yeah, I’ve been following the crew around before, and I’m guessing that the next six months will be pretty much at the same pace, so I always feel like I’m wasting precious living space.”

At that moment, the elevator door opened onto the sixteenth floor. Xu Luoyang stepped out first, took a pair of light grey slippers out from the wooden shoe cabinet and handed them to Qi Chang’an, “These are new, no one has worn them. Try them on to see if they are the right size?”

“They fit,” Qi Chang’an said as he put them on, suddenly realizing, “The pair of slippers you bought for me in Qinli Town are also grey.”

Xu Luoyang replied smoothly, “Yeah, I remembered that your wiki had grey as your ‘favorite colour’.”

After hearing this, Qi Chang’an’s breath trembled, and a corner of his heart sank slightly.

After opening the door and taking off his hat and black-rimmed glasses, Xu Luoyang took only two minutes to put together a brand new mug, towel, toiletries and so on.

He explained to Qi Chang’an as he sorted them out, “I bought the couple’s set when I moved in in a big purchase, and I took two mugs, electric toothbrushes and everything else, thinking that I might be able to use them someday.” Saying this Xu Luoyang sighed, “But then I realized that the only function of these things is to remind me all the time of the fact that I am a single dog, really super abusive!”

Qi Chang’an looked at the identical toothbrush and mouthwash cup on the washroom shelf, and his voice was a little soft, “Really, I can use them all?”

“Hmm, it’s time for them to be of some value!”

After putting the things away, Xu Luoyang took Qi Chang’an for a walk around the house and deliberately went to look at the cactus that wasn’t dead after being kept for five months . As he looked at it, he suddenly remembered an important question, “You didn’t eat much while at the tip, should I make you some white porridge? It’s still a long way until dawn tomorrow.”

Nowadays he found that he was a little afraid, always worried about what would happen if Qi Chang’an fainted again in the middle of the night. So his solution was also very simple – to prepare food for Qi Chang’an.

Qi Chang’an nodded, “Then I’ll have to trouble you.”

Ten minutes later, after finishing his tea, Qi Chang’an stood up and subconsciously walked to the kitchen door where he saw Xu Luoyang wearing a light blue apron, stirring a spoon in a pot a little awkwardly like he was out of practice while humming a song in a good mood, his chestnut hair swaying to the rhythm.

The fragrance of rice spread in the air, causing Qi Chang’an to be entranced for a moment.

After a short while, Xu Luoyang noticed Qi Chang’an standing quietly at the door and smiled at him, “Are you hungry? It will take about twenty to thirty minutes, you have a weak stomach, so it’s better to have a thicker porridge to digest.”

“Mmm.” Qi Chang’an relaxed against the door frame and asked somewhat hesitantly, “Is there anything you… want to ask me?”

“Let’s see…. not yet.”

Xu Luoyang guessed that Qi Chang’an would want to explain to him why he was able to run over the investors and Wu Bi and the others straight away during the afternoon, but he figured that if he asked, Qi Chang’an would definitely try to make up a real and believable reason to fool him again, so he simply didn’t ask.

And in Qi Chang’an’s mind, Xu Luoyang already had an inkling that he was a member of the Qi family. Although the Qi family’s focus had been gradually tilting towards Canada in recent years, their Chinese roots were still strong, so he thought that like Wu Bi, it had only taken him a few minutes to guess his identity.

But he would never expect that Xu Luoyang’s mind was at this moment moving at lightning speed to such a difficult subject as “the mysterious background of the second generation of demons” and “how to use the power of a great demon to crush your enemies mentally”.

“I’ve already asked Liang Qiu to handle the follow-up. The results should be out tomorrow and the hot search about the casting change has also been withdrawn.” Qi Chang’an paused for a few seconds, then his tone took on an inconspicuous hesitation, “What I did today, will it bother you?”

This was the first time he had taken the initiative to get close to someone so it was natural that he would be uncertain as he wasn’t even sure exactly how he should treat Xu Luoyang. But it was just instinctive, not wanting to see Xu Luoyang being bullied or wronged.

“Of course not!” Xu Luoyang waved the spoon in his hand, his eyes curved in a smile as he spoke with pride, “Mr. Qi crushed the whole field, and simply tossed the little monsters from all sides in a 360 degree radius arc!”

Xu Luoyang was very clear about who was good to him and always remembered their kindness. Thinking about it, Qi Chang’an had jumped into the lake in the park to save him, and later when Yun Shu had deliberately plotted against him, it was Qi Chang’an who had come forward to testify, plus this time, Qi Chang’an had helped him three times.

Able to sense Qi Chang’an’s mood, Xu Luoyang simply put down his spoon, held his wrist, and took him all the way to the doors of the elevator. He then put Qi Chang’an’s finger on the elevator and pressed several times on the code device.


“Done!” Xu Luoyang looked up at Qi Chang’an and smiled, “I’ve added your fingerprint too, so if you come over in the future, you can just swipe your fingerprint and open the door whether I’m home or not.”

Seeing the surprise in Qi Chang’an’s eyes, Xu Luoyang raised his chin, “In the future, when I’m not here, I’ll leave the cactus at home to you!”

With Xu Luoyang’s body heat still on his wrist, Qi Chang’an smiled slowly, “Hmm, I will take good care of it .”

Xu Luoyang thought, ‘This cactus will probably live for a long, long time– after all, it has the power of a demon protecting it!

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5 thoughts on “It is said that I give out sugar everyday

    1. I think it had to do with a one legged bird demon he had embroidered on his jacket in one of the first chapters.

    2. It was mentioned in a previous chapter that when he first met Qi Chang’an, his one eye is colored blue (cobalt). Then we knew that this was caused by Qi Chang’an’s illness based on what the doctor told his older brother.

    3. Too good looking, too good at acting, heterochromia (2 different coloured eyes), he is allergic to almost all human food and he owns a jacket with a one-legged bird that Luoyang somehow tied to a demon folklore. It makes perfect sense in a way 😂😂

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