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Chapter 93.2 Extra(1)

Wrapped in a bathrobe as he came out, Xu Luoyang’s legs were so weak that he was unable to stand and so slumped into the chair directly while Qi Chang’an helped him dry his hair.

And leaning against the back of the chair, his whole body sore and weak, he was too lazy to even lift a hand.

Then seeing that the collar of his robe was pulled open and feeling light kisses on his shoulder, since he was feeling too lazy to move, he only called out in a drawn-out voice, “Chang’an Ge-ge.”


Hearing this response, the corners of Xu Luoyang’s lips curved up as he whispered, “It still feels a bit unreal.”

Then not hearing a response, felt that something was a bit strange when suddenly, he felt the loosely tied belt of his robe around his waist being undone. And then before he could react, something big happened!

He stammered in a somewhat flustered tone, “I already ate a lot those two times just now, really can’t eat anymore…”

However the protest was obviously ineffective, because Qi Chang’an earnestly started feeding him late-night snacks, and due to the uninterrupted continuous impacts, Xu Luoyang’s vision was a bit blurry.

He couldn’t help but raise his hand to touch the bone of Qi Chang’an’s brow, his voice very light, “Chang’an Ge-ge.”

“I’m here.” Qi Chang’an slowed down his movements and turning his head, kissed his palm tenderly, “Nao Nao?”

Suddenly feeling a sour and sweet sensation overflowing in his heart, Xu Luoyang moved slightly and raising his hands, hugged Qi Chang’an’s back, his chin resting on his shoulder, his lips close to his ear, “I love you, especially love you, every second, more than the last.”

However the tail end of his words turned into a warble as he stifled a groan, the sudden depth and pleasure bringing sensation causing him to instinctively bite Qi Chang’an’s shoulder, tears immediately spilling from the corners of his eyes.

Qi Chang’an’s voice was extremely gentle, “Nao Nao, call me again.”

Xu Luoyang’s voice carried a nasal tone of one being heavily bullied, “Chang….. an Ge-ge.”

“En.” Qi Chang’an kissed the tear tracks at the corners of his eyes away gently, “Nao Nao, I love you too.”

The next day, Xu Luoyang lay in bed for the entire morning; the internet was full of news about him and Qi Chang’an, hence he gave up on scrolling through Weibo and simply zoned out, then when he received a call from Zheng Dong, he said listlessly, “Hello, I’m already a pancake, how may I help you?”

Zheng Dong was silent for a few seconds before saying, “You haven’t forgotten that you’re flying to Elmos the day after tomorrow and that Stu is holding a fashion show at the Cathedral in Elmos, right?”

“Ah—” Xu Luoyang immediately buried his face in the pillow, his voice muffled as he replied, “Haven’t forgotten.” As if!

He turned over, “Zheng Ge, applying to bring a family member!”

“The reason?”

“I’m handsome!”

“Application approved, reason invalid.”


After lunch, Xu Luoyang was still listless. After doing it three times last night, he had already decided before going to sleep that he would turn over a new leaf, but didn’t expect that he wouldn’t be able to resist again in the morning, so even up until now, he couldn’t muster any energy.

He had originally planned to pull Qi Chang’an into taking a nap together, but Ye Shan Shan’s phone call quickly disrupted his plans.

“Play mahjong?” Xu Luoyang’s yawn got stuck halfway. He popped a cherry tomato into his mouth and then stretched out a finger to poke Qi Chang’an’s hand, then after saying ‘En En’ twice into the receiver, moved the phone away slightly and asked Qi Chang’an, “Chang’an, Shan Shan is asking if we want to join them for mahjong. Me, you, Shan Shan, and Gong Yue, just enough for a table.”

Xu Luoyang clearly wanted to go, so Qi Chang’an nodded, “Okay.”

And moving the phone close again, Xu Luoyang agreed quickly, “Chang’an said okay.” Then his eyes curved into a smile, “Just watch as I defeat all of you completely!”


Xu Nao Nao’s little emotions:

Suddenly nervous! Am I…. getting a bit carried away?

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