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Chapter 11.1

Walking out of the bus station, Xu Luoyang immediately turned off performance mode and squeezed his neck, “Damn! I just lifted my chin a bit too high. My neck was about to stiffen up just to maintain that angle!” While speakin, he observed Qi Chang’an’s expression.

Only when he found that there was no change in his espression , Xu Luoyang quickly reached out his hand and snatched the case lever from his hand, then pretended that nothing had happened and smiled brightly, “Welcome back!” And then he added, “Good work!”

Don’t know if it was about the hard journey or the hard work that he had just done with the scene.

Qi Chang’an, still in a white shirt and black trousers, stood relaxed on the puddled steps and raised his eyebrows slightly, “Excuse me, where is the van for picking up and dropping off?”

Xu Luoyang felt deflated for a second, “Oh, the van, I ate it.” He reflected that his surprise performance might have scared Qi Chang’an and he was embarrassed, “Thank you Mr. Qi for cooperating with my performance!” He even gave two sincere applause after saying that.

“You’re welcome, just change the way you call me.”

Change the way he called him? Xu Luoyang thought to himself, ‘A man can be killed but not humiliated!’

“Brother Chang’an.”

He pretended not to see the smile in Qi Chang’an’s eyes, and sighed heavily, “Sigh, I was really happy to have you back, but now I’m less happy, 50% off! No, it’s even lower, 4.90% off!”

Qi Chang’an laughed out loud, Qi Chang’an stretched out his fingers, gently lifted the brim of Xu Luoyang’s hat, gazed into his clear eyes, “I’m also happy without a shuttle van, the kind that doesn’t discount.” His speech was a little slow, softly set off by the night breeze.

The corners of his mouth curved up unconsciously, and Xu Luoyang was able to get an inch, “There’s no hotel to stay in either!”

“Hmm, there’s still no discount,” Qi Chang’an tilted his head to look at the empty road, “but how are we going to get back?”

In the end, the two decided to take a walk back. Qinli town was small, they had long legs and could walk fast, so it was expected that they reached it in half an hour. The warm yellow street lights were on, cars rarely passed by, and the sound of insects around them was now loud enough to be heard.



Both spoke and froze at the same time, Xu Luoyang smiled first, “You’ve only just returned, you speak first so it gives me a chance to promote the traditional virtue of modesty!”

Qi Chang’an nodded, “How long did you wait at the station? You weren’t recognized, were you?”

“I counted the time it took for you to come here, I didn’t wait long.” He knew he was going to ask this question, Xu Luoyang smiled smugly, “I had a strategy in my heart so I was not afraid. The lady next to me holding a sign said that I looked familiar and that she felt that she had seen me somewhere, but of  course, I can’t admit that I’m Xu Luoyang!”

He tried to be suspenseful but only for five seconds before revealing the secret of his own accord, “I replied wisely that I was always hanging around the other day, stepping on the spot every day, just to steal their customers, and then they got very nervous, asking me which hotel I was from and questioning my lack of professionalism. I was trying to fool them with my bragging skills, when I saw you coming on the various colours of an auspicious cloud.”

After that, Xu Luoyang began to think out loud, “If my national comedy tour really starts in the future, I will definitely invite you as a special guest, we simply connect so well!”

The two of them were so close that Qi Chang’an could faintly smell the familiar scent of shower gel on him, “Hmm, this special guest not only doesn’t charge an appearance fee but also gives a row of large flower baskets.” In this completely unfamiliar street, he was surprised to feel a little more at ease, and the smile on the corner of his mouth never dissipated, “I’ve finished asking. What were you going to say?”

“I just wanted to ask you if you’ve had dinner yet.” Xu Luoyang said worriedly, “You are a real picky eater, you must not like aeroplane meals, it’s already after 3 am, are you hungry?”

Qi Chang’an intended to say that he was not hungry, but when he was met with Xu Luoyang’s concerned eyes, he could only reply with, “I’m a little hungry, the aeroplane food is really bad, I only tasted two bites of white rice.”

But in fact, when he came back, he flew in his brother’s private plane, which prepared all the food he could eat, and they were particularly easy to digest.

“Sure enough!” Xu Luoyang was proud of his foresight for a couple of seconds, “I’ve bought fine dried noodles at home, I’ll cook you tomato and egg noodles when I get back, do you want one egg or two?”

He was so preoccupied with the number of eggs that he didn’t notice two stray dogs coming towards them from a distance not far away.

Qi Chang’an naturally moved a step in front of Xu Luoyang, keeping an eye on the stray dogs as he replied, “One is enough, I have all kinds of specialties for you in my suitcase, it will improve your life.”

Specialties? Xu Luoyang instantly felt that Qi Chang’an was ten meters tall!

At the same time, it was 2:30 pm in Montreal. Qi Chang’yin postponed the meeting and instructed his assistant to close the office door behind him. Dr. Holman sat across from him and handed over the folder in his hand across the desk.

He waited patiently for Qi Chang’yin to finish the thick pile of examination reports before he spoke, “As we suspected before, Chang’an’s health has not been affected by the busy filming schedule, on the contrary, it is in better shape than it was two years ago.”

Qi Chang’yin looked up with a sense of oppression  in his eyes, “Then what was the relapse before?”

“I’ve predicted this before, Chang’an’s specific iris heterochromia was caused by various drugs he took as a child, there is no treatment reference. Furthermore, we still don’t know the ingredients of some of the ‘new’ drugs, so about two years ago when the recovery was announced, I said that there might be a recurrence but… “

Dr. Holman produced another test report., “This one shows that under a particular angle of light we can see a cobalt blue ring around the outer edge of Chang’an’s pupil which indicates a relapse, but it is much less severe and the resulting sudden deafness in the right ear has not worsened either so it is generally within our control.”

“Hmm, go on.”

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