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Chapter 5.1

The two of them had just come out of the restaurant, when Zheng Dong’s phone call came in.

As soon as Xu Luoyang heard his voice, he immediately sensed that his manager was upset.  He made his tone slightly exaggerated, “Who made our brother Zheng angry? I’ll call Shan Shan and go block him and beat him up! Make him pay a heavy price for underestimating our You Li Entertainment’s Three Swordsmen!” Ye Shan Shan was another one of Zheng Dong’s artists.

“Who the h*ll is going to team up with you two to form the Three Musketeers?” This was what he said, but Zheng Dong laughed straight out, then pretended to clear his throat, “Okay, okay, let’s get down to business, you saw the news and the hot search, right?”

“I saw it all, I saw it on the news during dinner, I couldn’t get through to you on the phone, so I went to Weibo, and it made me so mad I couldn’t eat!”

When Qi Chang’an heard this, he looked at Xu Luoyang and smiled, and made a ‘three’, meaning that he had eaten three big bowls of rice at noon. Xu Luoyang covered his eyes with a bitter expression, then made a ‘shhh’ motion, gesturing towards Qi Chang’an — that it was a little secret.

“It’s good that you eat less, so you don’t come back fat and cry on me when you are miserable as you lose weight, I won’t give you any sympathy.” Zheng Dong chanted the usual two sentences and then said, “Ask, ask whatever you want. “

Xu Luoyang’s expression turned serious. The first sentence he uttered went straight to the point, “Was the hot search and press release not done by our side?”

Although with the rhythm of this, he thought it was definitely not Zheng Dong’s work. But to be on the safer side, he had to ask. He must at least first find out on whether it was a concerted effort or an unilateral bundle of hype.

Since his debut at the age of 19, Xu Luoyang has been familiar with creating hype through the news, and whether he wanted to or not, the company will do everything they can to keep him in the limelight. When he first started out, Zheng Dong gave him the label of “school debutante”, but he was really young then. He could hold up, but now…

In his mind, Xu Luoyang thought he should still be able to be the “campus janitor”, right?

Thinking about it, and finding that his thoughts seemed to have strayed again, Xu Luoyang hurriedly pulled back. He quickly found a bench in the shade, sat down with Qi Chang’an, and directly pressed the speakerphone.

Zheng Dong’s voice came out of the phone, “No, I didn’t make any effort, I only knew about it two hours before you.” Saying that, Zheng Dong sighed, “I apologize to you this time, I dragged you into this.”

“Brother Zheng calm down. Once you apologize, I would feel like something big has happened,” Xu Luoyang rubbed his chin, “When you say that, the story seems to be very twisted and bloody ah!”

“Xu Luoyang I’m warning you, don’t make up some nonsense! Or when you come back, I’ll lead the dog to your door and take up post there!”

Xu Luoyang was alarmed in seconds, “Oh right, you have a dog in your hands so you have the world at your fingertips, I’m convinced!”

As Qi Chang’an listened to the conversation between the two, he could feel that Xu Luoyang and his manager should have a very good relationship, and the daily conversations they had were very interesting.

Zheng Dong went back to the topic, “Yun Shu came to me a few days ago, she said she wanted me to give her a hand. She has been back for more than a year now and except for acting as a judge on a variety show once, she hasn’t been booked for any dramas at all. The people she offended before she left the industry are now more popular than her, and they’re also suppressing her at every turn, so she’s in a difficult situation.”

When the country’s actresses reached the age of thirty-five, they were generally in the uncomfortable position of not getting good scripts, not to mention the actresses like Yun Shu who left the industry at the peak of their careers to get married. If it wasn’t for their own unbelievable strength, and their unbelievable resources, there’s no way they’d be able to reach their former glory.

“You…. did your heart go soft?”

“I’m not stupid!”

Xu Luoyang felt that when Zheng Dong said this, he probably sent him a glare from a thousand miles away.

Zheng Dong continued to speak, his tone bad, “She was the one who messed up, she suddenly broke her contract and ran away to get married into a rich family as a mistress. She came to me the other day and I refused outright, but I didn’t expect her to make such a big show of it today.”

“Don’t be so angry when you’re already in your middle age, it hurts your body.” Xu Luoyang quickly went along with his agent’s train of thought, “Did she come to do a preemptive strike? She waited until the hot search spots were all bought, then came to you crying about how she was in a tough spot and needed a chance to turn it around. And then she reminisced about the good old days when you two were still working together. And finally, since I’m your artist anyway, as long as I don’t deny it publicly, the heat will pass in a few days. It won’t affect me, and I’ll have earned a few days of buzz for nothing right?”

Staring at the shadow of leaves swaying on the ground, Xu Luoyang’s tone from the beginning to the end was very relaxed. “In the end she certainly said as well that we are all in the entertainment industry, she still has a lot of resources in her hands and contacts, so she can also help me.”

Zheng Dong was quiet for a few seconds, then shouted in surprise, “You bugged my office? How do you know so well!”

“Hmph”, Xu Luoyang’s tail was almost up to the sky, “I don’t need to bug your office to know all this, okay? I’ve been doing this all my life, alright? You should admit that you underestimated me before, right?”

“If you’re so good, then you should also know how I responded right?”

“It was surely a righteous refusal!” Xu Luoyang was looking at the shadow of the leaves, and somehow, his eyes suddenly ran to Qi Chang’an’s exposed ankle. His mouth continued, “Brother Zheng has never bowed his noble head to the evil forces!”

Zheng Dong chuckled again, “Then I don’t need to say more, I will go and discuss with Director Zhang to see if he can release the news of you experiencing life in preparation of a new film first. Anyways, we won’t take the blame.”

“That’s right, we will absolutely not take this blame! I’ve never been in a relationship before, and this blackmail will cause serious psychological damage to anyone I like in the future!”

“I really admire you. You’re a single dog yet still worrying.”

Hanging up the phone, Xu Luoyang’s smile narrowed a bit. Looking at Qi Chang’an who had been sitting quietly next to him, he sighed. “Thanks to my agent for not compromising, otherwise my innocence would really be gone!”

Qi Chang’an nodded, “But even if Director Zhang agrees to release the news, there’s no way to prove that you were in Qinli Town that day and didn’t go on a date with Yun Shu. “

“That’s right,” Xu Luoyang kicked the leaves on the ground then returned to smiling again, “Let’s wait for the news first, and see how Director Zhang responds.”

Xu Luoyang had to report to the police station at 3:00 PM, so he simply followed Qi Chang’an to the place where he was learning carpentry. Master Zhuang, who taught carpentry, was a middle-aged man of few words. When he saw Xu Luoyang following Qi Chang’an again, he only nodded his head and said nothing.

He carried the bottle of white wine he had bought on the way over and placed it next to the wooden stool. Xu Luoyang greeted the other party before following Qi Chang’an to the workroom.

When he entered, Xu Luoyang found himself a low stool and sat down, watching Qi Chang’an sharpen the wood first. Qi Chang’an, who was wearing a white shirt, spread his long legs a bit and leaned down slightly, handling the wood with an expression of concentration which was very pleasing to the eye from any angle.

After a few minutes of admiring the man next to him, Xu Luoyang couldn’t resist getting his phone out to play a little game. Suddenly he heard Qi Chang’an’s voice, “Qin Chao.”

“Hmm?” Xu Luoyang subconsciously looked up, “Ah Zhan?”

Only when he shouted out the name did Xu Luoyang realize that Qi Chang’an was back in the mode of randomly playing against each other anytime and anywhere. The other man’s eyes were so deep that he was pulled into the scene in seconds.

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