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Chapter 30.1

“I want to tell you about …… my parents.”


The bedroom light was off and perhaps the darkness gave Xu Luoyang a special sense of security, as he unconsciously said the words in his heart as his hands clutched the quilt, “Earlier, when Shi Yuanhao mentioned my parents, I… I was actually very sad and angry. No one can vilify them, they are really exceptionally good.”

Qi Chang’an nodded seriously, his tone soft, “Your parents must both be very good people.”

“Yes!” Xu Luoyang laughed a little and said with some embarrassment, “Actually, I have just been unable to sleep.” Then his voice dropped to a whisper slowly as he said very softly, “I miss them, I really, really miss them.”

Qi Chang’an had never experienced the love of a father or a mother, and wasn’t sure what parents in a normal family were like, so he didn’t know what to do to comfort him.

Only at this moment, hearing the sadness in Xu Luoyang’s voice, he wanted to reach out and take this person lying next to him into his arms.

“My father and mother were both orphans and grew up in the same orphanage. According to my dad, he would go to fights for my mum since primary school. Because my mother was the kind of girl who grew up to be extraordinarily good-looking and loved to smile, she would often get love letters, and boys would compete to help her with her duty or whatever.”

It was only then that Xu Luoyang realised that it wasn’t as difficult as he thought to speak out these past events that had been suppressed in his heart. Reaching out to touch his eyes, he spoke with pride, “My eyes are most like my mother’s, and so is my nose.”

Qi Chang’an’s voice also took on a bit of a smile, “En, your mother certainly looked beautiful.”

“Yes, she was really beautiful, most definitely! They then went through primary and secondary school together and entered the same university,” Xu Luoyang continued. “Not long after my dad graduated from university, he won his first Best Director award and got down on his knees and proposed to my mum at the ceremony and my mum said yes without hesitating.”

Xu Luoyang laughed, his tone cheerful, “I saw the video of that award ceremony. At that time my mum nodded and said yes and my dad burst into tears on the spot. He couldn’t stop crying, he looked especially silly.”

“Your father must have loved your mother very much.”

“Absolutely, yes!” Xu Luoyang nodded in agreement, “Speaking of which, my mother gave birth to me at the age of thirty-four, partly because she was busy at work and they both stayed on set all year round and partly because my dad was worried that my mum would have a very painful birth or even die from a difficult labour, so he simply kept refusing to have children. In the end it was my mother who insisted and gave birth to me.

I’m told that when he heard me crying, my dad who was standing outside the operating theatre started bawling straight away, then without even looking at me, he ran to sit by my mum’s bed and continued to shed tears.”

“Your father was terrified of losing your mother.” Qi Chang’an looked at Xu Luoyang, his heart softening – it’s so good that you came into this world because of love.

Feeling that the patch of skin his foot was pressed against had warmed up, Xu Luoyang shifted his position again and continued, “My dad once admitted himself in an interview that he wasn’t a qualified father because he would be jealous of me and would steal my mother’s attention from me at home. So when I was a kid I usually played by myself, and the two of them, even though they had been married for a long time, still reeked of the sour smell of love every day, very stinky!”

The laughter in Xu Luoyang’s voice faded cleanly as he continued, “But then, my mother died of a heart attack. Just the day before my sixteenth birthday, my mother came home early from the set to celebrate my birthday and collapsed at home. I called for an ambulance and my dad came back soon after. The best doctors and medication were hired and my mother was very cooperative with the treatment, but it only lasted a month.”

He was silent for a while, and when he spoke again there was a faint nasal sound in his voice, “After my mother died, it was as if my father had no pillar, and he stopped making half of the films he had been making, losing several default payments. He would drink every day at home, hoping to see my mother when drunk.

It wasn’t long before he was diagnosed with cancer and I could tell that he didn’t want to be treated at all, he just wanted to follow my mother sooner rather than later. But at that time I was terrified of losing a parent again, especially terrified.

So I took the last script my mum had finished before she left and gave it to my dad, telling him that my mum must have really wanted this script to be made. I succeeded and my dad stayed an extra ten months because of it.”

Sniffing, Xu Luoyang felt a little cold and wrapped himself in the blanket, as if he was trapped in a memory.

“Before he died, he told me, ‘Luoyang, dad is very sorry, I wasn’t a good father, but when you meet someone you love, you’ll understand that I can only see your mother and no one else.’

Actually, I get it, I get it all. My mother was a lover to him, but also a family member and a friend, and they were always together in the hardest of times, so even death couldn’t separate them.”

Tears flowed down the corners of his eyes and finally seeped into his pillow. Xu Luoyang’s voice choked, “My father once said, ‘In my life, I love Lin Zhiyi first, and I love film second. Without Lin Zhiyi, film, and even life, wouldn’t mean anything to me. ’”

So his father, having left his wife, abandoned all and went after her.

As Xu Luoyang spoke of this, he couldn’t hold back his tears. He buried his face in the pillow and whimpered like a little abandoned animal.

His sorrow had never faded away, he had just suppressed it deep in his heart, not daring to look through it.

“I really miss them, I miss my mum and dad so much…”

As Qi Chang’an listened to this sound, it was as if his soul was also being cut by a sharp blade. He hesitated for a few seconds, but eventually reached out and took him into his arms.

He was tempted to say, ‘you still have me and I will love you more than your parents.’ He was also tempted to say that ‘in my life, I will love Xu Luoyang first and still love him second.’ But in the end what he said out loud was simply, “Nao Nao, I’m here, always.”

Qi Chang’an’s voice also choked.

At last, Xu Luoyang cried himself to sleep. The corners of his eyes were red, his eyelashes wet with tears, and he slept restlessly, as if he was still sad and upset even in his dreams.

Qi Chang’an got up carefully, went to wring a warm towel and leaned down to wipe the tear marks on Xu Luoyang’s face bit by bit, moving gently and carefully.

Good night, my Nao Nao.

Meanwhile, in the hotel booked by the organisers, Xu Luoyang’s room had been converted into a temporary work space.

With a cup of black coffee in his hand, Zheng Dong looked at the computer screen and asked Xue Ying, Xu Luoyang’s publicity assistant, “How’s the situation?”

“From ‘I’m an entertainment vlogger’, a micro-blogger, after sending out pictures and video clips of the beating, six entertainment accounts quickly re-posted the news. The water army is coming down in full force and several prominent forum topics have exploded in discussion. The water army, fans of Shi Yuanhao and some passers-by have gone to Mr. Qi and Luoyang’s Weibo to scold them and talk tough.”

Hearing the anger in her tone, Zheng Dong didn’t say anything, but continued to ask, “What about the reaction of the fans?”

“They are all still waiting for the parties involved to state their position and have expressed disbelief that Mr. Qi would hit someone for no reason.”

“Hmm, keep an eye on the accounts and wait for the discussion to heat up past the line.”

At this time, his phone beeped. It was Liang Qiu who had sent a message, “Contact has been made.”

Looking back at the computer screen and taking a sip of his already cold coffee, Zheng Dong whispered, “Shi Yuanhao, don’t let me down.”

Shi Yuanhao really didn’t disappoint Zheng Dong.

After the topic of ‘Qi Chang’an beating someone’ was directly pushed up to the first place in the hot search, not even half an hour later, the topic of ‘Xu Luoyang’s subterfuge’ was pushed up to the second place in the hot search, which was revealed by an entertainment vlogger, saying that originally, the investors had already decided that the role of ‘Qin Chao’ would be played by Shi Yuanhao, but it was Xu Luoyang who did whatever he could to get the role cut short, and that Xu Luoyang had used the same dishonourable tactics to snatch the endorsement contract that originally belonged to Shi Yuanhao.

–Completely alluding to the fact that this beating incident was because Xu Luoyang felt guilty because he had stolen someone else’s role, not to mention arrogantly injuring them after being approached by the wronged party.

Lu Di clicked on the topic to read it and couldn’t hold back a foul curse, “Why is his face so big? It’s bigger than a pancake! I can’t, I’m going to practice my boxing, next time I see him, I’ll smash his teeth in!”

Zheng Dong was in a good mood, his tone relaxed, “I was just afraid he won’t say all this nonsense and push it all on Luoyang. After all, it’s the reversal of the plot that makes it good for the audience, isn’t it?”

Lu Di touched the muscles in his arms and silently averted his eyes – frightening! Zheng Ge’s smile just now was so scary!

Lifting his foot and kicking Lu Di’s chair, Zheng Dong laughed and scolded, “Di Zi, what’s that look on your face?”

Copying Xu Luoyang’s tone, Lu Di spoke with a serious tone and sincerity, “The look of admiration!”

“All right, all right, go and get me a hot cup of coffee if you really admire it.” Zheng Dong instructed, narrowing his eyes, “Speaking of which, now that the news has been in the hot search for so long, Wu Bi’s side should have already gotten the news, right?”

Wu Bi was already burnt out, how could he not have seen it when things were going so wrong? But Shi Yuanhao couldn’t be contacted and none of his several assistants answered their calls, so he try to get information on which hospital and which ward Shi Yuanhao was staying in.

But when he hurried over and opened the door of the ward – he saw that the vip ward was indeed spacious and several assistants were busy with one laptop each, while Shi Yuanhao, whose broken nose had been treated, was cursing with a hostile face, asking the publicity assistants to hurry up and get the whole press release out and then contact a reporter for him to come over for an interview.

Grimacing, Wu Bi told the several assistants to get out of the room with their laptops in their arms and only after the door of the ward was closed did he directly explode in anger, “What the fu*k are you doing?”

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  1. Is it just me or the father doesn’t deserve our MC’s sentiment? Thar kind of attitude really disgust me. I always hated in some kind of stories where ML get jealous of MC’s attention to their child. And this father embodied that kind of hateful and childish attitude seriously. Coming clean and justifying his action by being self-aware is really manipulative for our MC. I really pity Luoyang. This boy deserves a tight hug and all the goodness in the world.

    1. Right?? He’s right that he’s a bad father, I really pity our luoyang🥹🥹

      And the sentence “My father once said, ‘In my life, I love Lin Zhiyi first, and I love film second. Without Lin Zhiyi, film, and even life, wouldn’t mean anything to me.” Is really so sad that I teared up😭😭 because how about luoyang??? He doesn’t even come second?? Honestly their childhoods just make me sad🥹🥹🥹

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