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Chapter 69.1

Zhao Xing had been a trailing cameraman on at least five variety shows, large and small and had witnessed a wide range of situations, but this time, he felt as if his heart was about to stop.

The place where Xu Luoyang was originally was now blocked by a rusty, dilapidated iron sheet which had fallen from a height and landed directly on the pipeline, splashing dark red rust particles.

Zhao Xing was stunned for two seconds before he reacted. “Xu Luoyang—” His first shout was almost inaudible because of fear. However, as he stepped forward quickly, he found that someone was faster than him— Qi Chang’an.

When the iron sheet fell, Jiang Liu and Qi Chang’an had been standing not far away and could only watch with wide eyes as the iron sheet smashed directly towards Xu Luoyang’s position. Following Qi Chang’an in a panic, when Jiang Liu saw Qi Chang’an’s face, he opened his mouth, but instinctively didn’t dare make a sound.

In two steps, they were on the large pipeline and walking over quickly, Qi Chang’an crouched down and reached out to lift the iron sheet, his hands trembling constantly, the veins on the back of his hands bulging as he exerted force, his face having turned a deathly pale. Following suit, Jiang Liu and Zhao Xing rushed to help.

With a ‘clang’, the three of them lifted the iron sheet and threw it to the side. Then they saw Xu Luoyang lying on the ground, with most of his body hidden by the large pipe. However when Qi Chang’an saw the dark red blood on the ground, the last bit of color drained from his face instantly.

Jiang Liu stuttered, “Xu Ge seems to be.…. still awake?”

Just then, Xu Luoyang crawled out slowly from the gap under the pipeline and as soon as he stood up, he was hugged fiercely by Qi Chang’an. Holding a piece of paper in one hand and a pen in the other, he glanced at the iron sheet next to him. His pupils constricting and his throat dry, he explained quickly, “While solving the problem, my pen rolled under the pipe, so I crawled in to pick it up, then I heard a ‘clang’ sound. I didn’t know what was happening, so I didn’t dare move.”

Jiang Liu pounded his chest crazily, “It’s good you’re okay, it’s good you’re okay. We were really scared to death! What terrible place is this!”

Xu Luoyang wasn’t in the mood to speak anymore. He could clearly feel Qi Chang’an’s arm around him tightening more and more, causing his muscles and even bones to ache, but he didn’t struggle or move.

Listening to the trembling sounds next to his ear, Xu Luoyang did his best to suppress his fear and slowing down his voice, comforted slowly, “Chang’an, I’m fine. I really wasn’t hit. This pen saved me. When we get back, we should honor it. After all, it can be considered my benefactor pen, right, ri—”

“Where are you hurt?” Qi Chang’an’s voice was filled with choked sobs and there was even a tremble at the end of his sentence.

”My calf.” Hearing Qi Chang’an’s question, Xu Luoyang responded quickly. At that time, he had been lying on the ground struggling to pick up the pen when he heard a loud ‘clang’ then immediately felt a burning pain on his calf that was exposed. It was only when he stood up just now and saw the iron sheet that he realized he must have been scratched by the flying piece of metal.

As soon as he finished speaking, he saw Qi Chang’an half kneeling in front of him, rolling up his loose black trousers.

“Holy sh*t!” Jiang Liu also crouched down and seeing the wounds on Xu Luoyang’s leg after his trousers were rolled up, took a sharp intake of breath, “There are two quite large cuts and several scratches!”

Qi Chang’an examined the wounds carefully then took out a white towel from the backpack provided by the program group to perform emergency treatment, “Does it hurt?”

“It hurts.” Xu Luoyang said in response.

“The wounds are long and deep and the iron sheet is already rusted. I’ll take you to the hospital immediately.” With that, he turned around and crouched in front of Xu Luoyang, “Come up.” After Xu Luoyang leaned on his back, Qi Chang’an avoided his wounds carefully, then picked him up and walked out hurriedly.

Zhao Xing and Jiang Liu didn’t dare say much, following behind as they left. At this moment, Director Wen, who had rushed over after hearing the news happened to see the scene of Qi Chang’an carrying Xu Luoyang. Once he confirmed that he was still conscious, he asked quickly, “Is Luoyang okay? Since it’s nothing serious, if the reporters ask about—”

However when he met Qi Chang’an’s extremely icy expression, he instinctively stopped speaking and stepped to the side, not daring to finish his sentence.

Driving Xu Luoyang directly to Youli Hospital, Qi Chang’an was extremely tense all the way, driving very fast. Placing his hand on the back of his hand, Xu Luoyang opened his mouth, “Chang’an, I feel a bit car sick.” As soon as he said this, the car slowed down noticeably. Xu Luoyang sighed quietly in relief in his heart.

After they arrived at the hospital, the doctor began to examine the wound. Turning his head away, Xu Luoyang stretched his hand towards Qi Chang’an, “Cleaning the wound will definitely hurt like h*ll.”

Qi Chang’an stretched his own cold hand to hold his, saying softly, “If it hurts too much just pinch me.”

Seeing him finally speak, Xu Luoyang’s eyes curved into a smile as he mouthed the words, “I can’t bear to.”

He kept his hold on Qi Chang’an’s hand to prevent him from leaving then lowered his head to look at the doctor’s ID hanging on his white coat and asked in a relaxed tone, “Dr. Zhou, is my wound serious?”

“It’s not too serious, but whether it’s a large wound or a small one, there is likely to be some rust residue inside. I will apply a local anesthetic, then clean and suture the wound and give you a tetanus shot afterwards. You’ll also need to take some medication in the next few days, keep an eye out for inflammation, be careful not to get it wet, avoid strenuous exercise, and limit walking.” Dr. Zhou adjusted his glasses, “I’ll have a nurse give you a list of precautions later, just follow that.”

Xu Luoyang nodded repeatedly, “Thank you.” After saying this, he had just raised his head to look at Qi Chang’an when he heard hear him say, “Doctor, could you please be gentle? He’s afraid of pain.”

His nose a little sour, Xu Luoyang didn’t correct him to tell that he had been given an anesthetic and so wouldn’t feel the pain at all. He simply moved his fingers, his pinky finger hooking around Qi Chang’an’s and giving it a light shake.

Stretching his other hand, Qi Chang’an rubbed his hair gently then pressed his head into his chest, “Don’t look.”

After the wound was treated, Xu Luoyang’s forehead was covered with a thin layer of sweat. After giving a few instructions, the doctor left with the nurse carrying a medical tray.

It was only when the door was closed that Xu Luoyang tried to smile, “Even though I was anesthetized, hearing the sound of the tweezers and sutures, I kept on feeling that the wound hurt, so I recited the ‘Easy Muscle Sutra’ quietly in my heart, thinking that maybe it really would have a ‘bone marrow cleansing’ effect!”

Qi Chang’an smoothed the hair on his forehead, “Nao Nao.”


“Thank goodness you’re okay.” Saying this, he seemed to finally relax a bit, resting his head on Xu Luoyang’s shoulder, his voice hoarse as he repeated, “Thank goodness you’re okay, thank goodness….”

The smile on his face disappearing, Xu Luoyang lifted his hand to hug Qi Chang’an, “En, I’m really okay. The wound on my leg will heal quickly too, don’t worry.”

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