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Chapter 12.2

B City.
The two of them came out of the airport fully covered. Xu Luoyang looked left then right, worried that they might be recognized. He went close to Qi Chang’an and spoke, “Is it really good for us to run out without telling anybody?”

Even though this was what he said, his eyes showed his excitement, so thrilled that he wanted to jump three feet high. This was just like when he was in high school and had sneaked out to play basketball but was afraid of being caught by his class teacher to write a review.
Qi Chang’an smiled, “Follow me.”
Xu Luoyang hurriedly followed, not asking where he was going — Qi Chang’an wouldn’t harm him anyway, and this game was quite exciting!
After following Qi Chang’an all the way to an Aston Martin with the number plate ending in 111, Xu Luoyang saw the person sitting in the driver’s seat turn around, “Hello Mr. Xu, I’m Liang Qiu, young master Qi’s agent and life assistant.”
It took a few seconds for Xu Luoyang to connect the two names ‘Mr. Xu’ and ‘Young master Qi’, but he perked up hurriedly, “Hello, I’m Xu Luoyang.” He looked at Qi Chang’an who was sitting next to him, and after some thought, he said sincerely, “I’m grateful that Chang’an stood up for me in this casting fiasco. If there’s anything I can do to help in the future, I’ll definitely do it.”

Liang Qiu held up his gold-rimmed glasses and smiled gently, “Young master Qi values his friendship with you before he offered to help, of course I am supportive.”
What he didn’t dare to say was, what’s the big deal about sending that post? He’s even prepared to blow away all those investors if anyone really dares to replace you and just invest his own money to film the drama!
As the car drove onto the highway, Liang Qiu was quite curious about Xu Luoyang. After all, the first time he heard Qi Chang’an praise someone, it was Xu Luoyang that he praised. This was an unprecedented first ah! So he kept on looking to the back seat from time to time.
Then he saw that Xu Luoyang, probably because he hadn’t rested well, had his eyes closed, falling asleep straight away in no time. The point was, if he was sleeping then he should just sleep, but his head was even leaning on Qi Chang’an’s shoulder!
Wait a minute! How long had he been leaning on him, but young master Qi didn’t move away in disgust? Or just push him away? He even gently adjusted his position so that Xu Luoyang could sleep more comfortably?

Liang Qiu felt like he was going blind. Could it be that, in the month he hadn’t followed, young master Qi’s OCD, as well as his rejection of physical contact with people had been cured?
When the car stopped, Xu Luoyang woke up in a daze and looked at Qi Chang’an sleepily, “We’re here?” His hair was scuffed up a little and his face looked even smaller.
“Hmm, we’re here, come out.”
Getting out of the car and looking around clearly, Xu Luoyang woke up from his daze. He looked at the door embedded with relief carvings and touched Qi Chang’an with his elbow, “Isn’t this the Spire Club?”
He had come here once; the typical gothic architecture was very impressive. But why did Qi Chang’an bring him here? Was it to comfort his broken heart and bring him here on purpose to feast?

After passing through the winding and ornately decorated corridor, they finally stood in front of a door made of coloured glass, then Xu Luoyang heard Qi Chang’an say, “When we go in, we will be meeting some people, but you don’t have to talk the whole time, just focus on eating, you should like the taste of the food here.”
Although he didn’t know what Qi Chang’an was up to, Xu Luoyang chose to trust him. He nodded his head and replied with “hmm”.
When the door of the private room opened, there were already three people sitting inside, dressed in suits, all averaging around forty years old. Xu Luoyang felt that there was something familiar about them, but he couldn’t remember what it was, so he simply followed behind Qi Chang’an in silence.
Then he soon realised that it turned out that Qi Chang’an didn’t know them either.
The two parties were exchanging pleasantries when Liang Qiu went up to shake hands on behalf of Qi Chang’an. Xu Luoyang looked around twice and realising that he had nothing to do, made sure that no one was looking at him then – secretly reached out and poked Qi Chang’an’s rear end with a pointed finger, but he didn’t expect that he would catch his finger with his backhand.

Qi Chang’an used a voice that only the two of them could hear, “Luoyang, don’t make trouble.”
Fingers struggling gently, Xu Luoyang thought to himself, ‘You may not know, but my other name is really ‘making trouble’. But he still stopped.
Sitting down for two minutes, Xu Luoyang figured out the situation. Of the three people opposite, two were invited to dinner by Qi Chang’an, and the other was a middleman who knew Liang Qiu. However, apart from Qi Chang’an nodding his head and saying ‘hello’ when he was seated, he never opened his mouth again.
He was drinking his tea when he suddenly heard Liang Qiu call his name.
“Luoyang, this is Mr Wang Linxian, and this is Mr He Weifeng. These two are the main investors in the new film you’re starring in with Director Zhang as the director.”

Hearing Liang Qiu’s words, Xu Luoyang immediately reacted. He couldn’t help but glance at Qi Chang’an who was drinking tea with his eyes downcast. He thought for a moment and politely extended his hand, “Mr. Wang, Mr. He, it’s a pleasure to meet you, I am Xu Luoyang.”
He wasn’t condescending, nor did he flatter at all.
The other party was also very generous, his face full of smiles, “I’ve always heard that Xiao Xu is a very good actor, it’s a great honour to work together this time!”
The other director, Mr. He, was even more exaggerated, “Mr. Xu is really a dragon among men, a young talent!”
Xu Luoyang smiled back and complimented him, but in his heart he felt that the picture was not quite the same as he had expected.
The people on both sides sat down, and Qi Chang’an, who hadn’t spoken said to Liang Qiu, “Serve the food, Luoyang is hungry.”

Liang Qiu nodded respectfully, got up and went out.
With one less person, the seating area was somewhat quiet. Xu Luoyang inadvertently glanced at them, having a feeling that the three people sitting opposite him seemed to be a little afraid of Qi Chang’an and didn’t dare speak first.
As they didn’t say anything, Qi Chang’an didn’t bother to deal with them, but just personally poured another cup of tea for Xu Luoyang and admonished, “It’s hot, drink it slowly.”
The two of them had been eating together every day for the past month, with ‘you pouring tea for me and me serving rice for you’, so they were already very used to it.
Xu Luoyang felt that there was no problem with it at all, but he didn’t know that the three people sitting opposite him were already having huge waves in their hearts.

The second youngest of the Qi family, Qi Changyin’s younger brother, was actually serving tea to others so naturally? If they hadn’t seen it with their own eyes, they wouldn’t have believed it! But with the facts right in front of them, Wang Linxian and He Weifeng looked at each other and their hearts lit up – at last, they now knew how this meal had come about.
They had suppressed Xu Luoyang, and here was young master Qi with his men looking for a fight.
At this moment, the door of the room was opened and Liang Qiu walked in with two people.
Xu Luoyang was taking a serious sip of tea when he suddenly noticed a strong line of sight and subconsciously looked over –
Wu Bi and Shi Yuanhao? Why were they here?

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