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Chapter 87.2

“I rushed back home, not daring to hang up the whole way. Later, Chang’an told me that it was only when he heard my voice over the phone that he realized that he was still alive and that he hadn’t been k*lled.

On the way back, I reviewed the surveillance footage. It started with Shen Zhe Mei and my father arguing, and Chang’an was upstairs in his room. Later, the argument got more and more heated that Chang’an came downstairs. However he didn’t expect to see Shen Zhe Mei shooting my father and then quickly committing sucde.

When I got back, I saw Chang’an, barefoot sitting on his knees on the carpet, and the roses on the carpet, as well as the roses on Shen Zhe Mei’s dress, were all dyed dark red with blood, and for a long time after that, whenever Chang’an saw red roses, he would vomit, feel dizzy, and even go into shock. His treating psychologist said it’s a stress reaction, and although he has recovered a lot now, he’s still not healed completely.”

Xu Luoyang wiped his tears, his voice quivering slightly. “I’m sorry, I lost my composure.”

“There’s no need to apologize.” Qi Chang’yin’s expression was gentle. “Actually, I’ve always sensed that Chang’an isn’t interested in ‘being alive.’ His psychologist said that the only reason he hasn’t committed sucde is because his inner self doesn’t allow him to choose such a cowardly manner of death. So I was really afraid, afraid that one day he might suddenly… leave me.”

Taking a deep breath, Qi Chang’yin smiled, and probably because he rarely made this expression, his smile was a bit unnatural.

“So when I heard him say those words to me yesterday, I really wanted to say thank you. Thank you for keeping him in this world.”

Returning to the bedroom, Xu Luoyang took off his coat and hung it to the side. Then he stood in place, waiting for the chill to dissipate from his body before going to bed.

Leaning against the wall, he recalled the words Qi Chang’yin had just said and found himself staring at the window involuntarily. Before the age of twelve, his Qi Qi had been confined to this room, only able to look out the window but never escape.

His eyes glazing over a little, a thought popped into his mind– if he really had the opportunity to turn back time like the character he was acting as, he would definitely choose to go back to his childhood and come and find Qi Chang’an.

“Nao Nao.”

“En?” His thoughts interrupted, Xu Luoyang snapped back to reality. “You’re awake?”

Qi Chang’an sat up in bed and reached out to him. “Why aren’t you coming over?”

“I just went outside, and it’s super cold out there!” Walking to the side of the bed, Xu Luoyang leaned down and kissed his pale lips. “Good morning, Chang’an Ge-ge.”

“Good morning, Nao Nao.”

However Xu Luoyang quickly realized that right after he said that, Qi Chang’an seized the opportunity when he wasn’t paying attention and pulled him onto the bed.

“Can you stay with me for a little while and sleep a bit more?” Qi Chang’an quickly tucked him under the covers. “I’m a little cold without you.”

Even though Xu Luoyang knew that the veracity of these words might need some verification, he still felt distressed, and so took off all his clothes and lay down, using his own legs to warm Qi Chang’an’s feet. “Alright, let’s sleep!”

Then not long after, he heard Qi Chang’an’s breathing become steady, and only then did he close his eyes.

He remembered the words Qi Chang’yin had said just when he had been about to come upstairs.

“Please stay by his side all the time.”

Opening his eyes, Xu Luoyang looked at the side of Qi Chang’an’s face—— How could I bear to ever leave you?

After having stayed in Montreal for three days, Xu Luoyang had to rush back to the set as his scenes weren’t finished yet. Qi Chang’an, on the other hand, planned to stay a few more days to wait for him to wrap up his work before returning to C Country with him.

After a seven-hour flight, Xu Luoyang disembarked from the plane with his luggage and immediately spotted Lu Di outside the arrival gate, holding a large sign with two big letters that read, “Xu Ge.”


In the car provided by the production team, Xu Luoyang nestled in the back seat, squinting his eyes, fighting off sleep. Because they were about to be apart for a while, and thinking they wouldn’t see each other for some time, he had pestered Qi Chang’an to do it twice in a row this morning.

And sure enough, indulgence wasn’t always a good thing. He was now so tired that he could barely keep his eyes open.

“Right, Xu Ge. Zheng Ge called earlier and asked me to ask you if you want to control the comments.”

Xu Luoyang’s intelligence came back to him, and he quickly understood. “I haven’t been following online news for the past few days. Is someone criticizing me?”

“Yes, yes, yes. It wasn’t very obvious at first, but after the heat of you winning the award died down, it became more conspicuous. They’re saying that your acting doesn’t even come close to the level of a Silver Award Best Actor and that you only got this award because of Mr. Qi.”

Lu Di finished saying with righteous indignation, then realized that Xu Luoyang had shrunk back in. “Xu Ge, aren’t you angry?”

“I’m not angry. I’m thick-skinned.” Xu Luoyang adjusted his jacket. “They’re not entirely wrong. I was able to perform exceptionally in this role because of Chang’an. He’s amazing, and when he was on set, with him leading the way, I could really get into the character within minutes. It’s really super cool!”

Lu Di was always on Xu Luoyang’s side. “But Xu Ge, you’re getting into character quickly on your own now too! Director Meng even said you’re really talented!”

Hearing him say this, Xu Luoyang smiled casually. “That’s why we don’t need to pay attention to those comments. When I’m having a bad day, I might read them to stimulate myself. Wait, when the movie that I’m working on now wins an award, it will scare them!”


Xu Nao Nao’s little emotions:

Just got off the plane, and I miss you 36,000 seconds.

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