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Chapter 12.1

The entire room was extremely quiet, with the exception of the slight ‘zipping’ sound of the refrigerator.
After staring at the words, ‘If he’s not here, I’m out’ for a long time, it was as if every single stroke was engraved into his eyes. Xu Luoyang whispered to himself, “This is really foul….”
Were all demons so good at compelling people?
He couldn’t help but incline his head towards Qi Chang’an’s bedroom. The door wasn’t closed tightly and there was bright light pouring through the doorway onto the floor, the wisps of light turning into little hooks, hooking out the grievances that had been well hidden in his heart, little by little like silk threads.
Ever since his parents died one after another, Xu Luoyang’s sky had collapsed. He was seventeen years old at the time, and for the first time he understood what it meant to die.
He spent six months to recognise the coldness of the world and the sinister nature of the human heart. It took him another three months to turn the bloodied wounds on his body into scabs, and eventually into armour, in the midst of daily confusion.

In the end, he stood up for himself and put back the sky that had collapsed.
He understood that he was alone in this world and that there would never again be someone he would call Mom, who would stare at him with feigned anger and say, “Be good, and I will read a storybook with you after I write another 300 words, okay?”
And there will never be another person he would call Dad– who, with his last strength, took his hand and told him, “Luoyang, daddy wants you to be good, safe and happy in the future. Now daddy has to go to your mother, it’s cold underground, she must be scared all alone…..”

You all left, leaving me alone, but don’t you know that I would get cold, I would get scared, I would wake up in the middle of the night crying from my dreams?
But then, he started to get used to it slowly, and when it was hard again, he would just grit his teeth and get over it.
His throat choking with pain and astringency, Xu Luoyang sniffled and tried to continue sorting out the contents of the fridge, but just as his hand reached over, his vision blurred instantly. His fingers clenched the edges of the storage box, his fingertips white.
I shouldn’t be crying, but I can’t help it.
Someone hugged him from the back, a familiar scent surrounded him, and the other person’s knuckled hand rested on the back of his hands, gently removing his fingers that were gripping the edges tightly, his voice melting the night away, “Luoyang, it’s cold here.”
Shaking his head, Xu Luoyang didn’t dare to speak for fear that if he did, it would give away the sob in his voice.

Qi Chang’an closed the door of the fridge and sat directly behind Xu Luoyang, looking at the his curly hair, “I guess, you must not have seen the comments below my Weibo. Should I read them to you?”
With that, he took his phone out, selected a few of them and began to read.
“What do you mean you have to change artists because Luo Yang’s schedule clashes? Luo Yang has pushed back almost all of his announcements in the last six months, just to shoot this drama, where is the clash coming from? Give us an example!”
“Aaaaahhhhhhhh I cried when I saw this sentence. Luoyang, we, like Mr. Qi, will always support you, we won’t watch this drama without you!”

“Woo woo I’m feeling distressed for Luoyang! I just rolled up my sleeves to fight, but I’m still angry enough to explode!”
“Aww, I stun the Gu Cheng CP, it’s reversible and can’t be torn down!”
“Luoyang hasn’t updated his Weibo, he must be quietly upset. Woo woo, the more I think about it, the more my heart hurts! Mr. Qi please comfort him well, don’t let him cry alone in secret.”
Hearing that Qi Chang’an was going to read on, Xu Luoyang couldn’t help but turn back. His eyes were still red but it didn’t hold him back from laughing, “Can Mr. Qi please stop reciting ‘woo woo woo’ and ‘aww’ in a serious manner, and ‘ahhhhh’?”
“Okay.” Qi Chang’an put down his phone and sighed in relief, “It’s good that you’re smiling.”
Having been caught crying secretly anyway, Xu Luoyang didn’t want to lose face and followed suit. Sitting down on the floor, he took a packet of the sliced bacon Qi Chang’an had brought back, tore the packet open and starting to eat it – eh, it tasted good!
As he proceeded to open the second packet, he heard Qi Chang’an ask in confusion, “I know what the ‘stun Gu Cheng CP’ means, but what does that phrase ‘reversible and indestructible’ at the end mean?”

Choking, the bacon almost got stuck in Xu Luoyang’s throat, tears flowing as he coughed. He cried out in his heart – do I have to explain that ‘reversible and indestructible’ means that it doesn’t matter who is on top or who is on the bottom? Crap, that’s a very dirty and violent explanation!
However it was probably because he was coughing so badly that Qi Chang’an got up to get him some water that the topic was skipped.
Xu Luoyang relaxed on the floor, his fingers restlessly poking the back of Qi Chang’an’s hand as he asked worriedly, “Speaking of which, will your agent get angry at you for posting this Weibo?”
After all, no matter what time they were in, it wasn’t a good thing to offend the investors no matter what the reason was. In particular, although Qi Chang’an had won a lot of awards, he only had two full-length productions and his roots weren’t yet stable in the entertainment industry. If he spoke up for him like that, it could easily affect his future.

The more Xu Luoyang thought about it, the more worried he became. He couldn’t help but lie on his side and poke the back of Qi Chang’an’s hand again, “Spit it out, will your manager blow up? Will he be furious and call you over?”
Without waiting for Qi Chang’an to answer, Xu Luoyang began to come up with ideas in earnest again, “He might say that you acted without permission, joking with your future and that you were too impulsive. When the time comes…. When the time comes, put all the blame on me and say that I took your phone and sent this post and that when you came back you were too tired and went straight to bed, not knowing anything.”
Understanding that Xu Luoyang was worried about him, Qi Changan waited patiently for him to finish before smiling and replying, “No, my agent never interferes with that.” He simply followed suit and lay down on the floor, tilting his head to look at Xu Luoyang, “You knew about this before?”
Both of them had their shoulders and arms close to each other and could feel each other’s body heat. Xu Luoyang subconsciously moved closer to answer Qi Chang’an’s question, “En, my agent mentioned it a few days ago. He heard that Wu Bi was going to steal the role, but at that time he wasn’t sure what the situation was.”

Xu Luoyang gave an overview of the relationship of the characters behind this matter, “I just had dinner with Director Zhang before I went to pick you up, and he said he would help. But looking at the situation now, it should be that Shi Yuanhao’s side has already gotten the go-ahead, that’s why they released the news first.”
After saying that, he took a deep breath but gave up midway, posing with his foot raised as he kicked the air, “What to do, I’m so angry!”
Seeing him explode, Qi Chang’an soothed, “No rush, I have a solution.”

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