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Chapter 61.1

It had taken Xu Luoyang quite some time to muster the courage to ask this question. After all, Qi Chang’an had always appeared before him in human form.

Knowing that he was a demon was one thing, but being clear about his true form was another— he had to be sure that he could accept Qi Chang’an’s true form, whatever it might be. After all, Qi Chang’an couldn’t choose his own origin, so he couldn’t allow this issue to create a rift between them!

Nevertheless, after asking, Xu Luoyang felt quite uneasy and when he noticed that Qi Chang’an hadn’t answered after a few seconds, he leaned into his ear and whispered, “Chang’an, if you can’t say it, I won’t ask. It’ll be our little secret!”

In this position, Qi Chang’an embraced Xu Luoyang in his arms and with one hand around his waist and the other kneading the back of his neck gently, he asked with a faint smile and a hint of helplessness in his voice, “You really want to know?”

“Yes, I really want to.” Xu Luoyang replied and enjoying the massage, simply switched to a state of total powerlessness, resting his head on Qi Chang’an’s shoulder then quickly licking the skin on his neck before closing his eyes partway, clearly relishing the intimacy very much.

Turning his head, Qi Chang’an bit Xu Luoyang’s lips, “Nao Nao.”


“What do you think my true form is?”

Xu Luoyang organised his words, “To be honest, Mr. Qi, I’ve had countless guesses about this.” He counted them off on his fingers for Qi Chang’an, “At first, I thought you might be a half-demon hybrid, because your health is quite poor, which could be the result of an unsuccessful merging of bloodlines. Also, you’re allergic to some foods, so I suspected that your body might be intolerant of human food!”

Frowning in confusion, he continued, “But I can never guess what your true form is. Your body temperature is usually cool, but it rises to a dangerously high level when you have a fever. You seem to have an adverse reaction to red roses, know ancient Greek and Latin, have cobalt blue eyes, possess powerful demon energy, can transport objects through the air to fulfil my small wishes, but can’t engage in mosaic’ed intimate contact with me.”

With a long sigh, Xu Luoyang poked the back of Qi Chang’an’s hand, “It’s really too hard to guess!”

Qi Chang’an took Xu Luoyang’s finger in his palm, his voice hoarse as he finally asked in a low voice after looking at him for a long time, “So…… even if I’m a demon of unknown origin, you’d still be willing to be with me?”

“Why wouldn’t I be? Of course I would!” Xu Luoyang’s voice had a slightly nasal tone to it, was soft but very firm, “I knew you were a demon long ago, but I still fell in love with you. I really couldn’t control it.”

He scratched Qi Chang’an’s palm with his finger, “I know there will be many issues in an interspecies relationship, like your long lifespan compared to mine. In just twenty or thirty years, I’ll grow old, but you’ll remain young and handsome. But I love you and you love me, so I think it’s worth trying a little harder.”

Feeling as if he was being too idealistic, Xu Luoyang was a little embarrassed, but then continued emphatically, “Anyway, we still need to try, to see if it’s possible. For example, I can try cultivating. Maybe I’ll be able to live longer and stay with you a bit more.”

Saying this, his eyes curved as he smiled at Qi Chang’an, “My Chang’an is so good, I don’t want to be apart from you at all.”

“I….. I’m not as good as you think.” Qi Chang’an’s voice carried a hint of hoarseness, even revealing a bit of panic and uncertainty. Turning off the program that was playing, the room quieted down. He raised his hand gently to cover Xu Luoyang’s eyes and as Xu Luoyang closed his eyes following his touch, he kissed his eyelids carefully and repeated, “Really, I’m not as good as you think I am.”

“You’re very good.” Xu Luoyang opened his eyes, correcting him. “If you don’t believe in yourself, believe in me, believe in my judgment.”

In this moment, Qi Chang’an’s heart trembled fiercely and looking at the person in his arms, was unable to control himself as he kissed his forehead, nose and lips repeatedly. It was this person who, even knowing that he was a demon, was still willing to be with him and who, even knowing that there would be many difficulties, wanted to try hard.

Compared to this, what was there for him to be afraid of?

Xu Luoyang realized that Qi Chang’an’s arm around him was tightening slowly, making him somewhat uncomfortable. However sensing that his emotions weren’t quite right, he didn’t move, only asking again, “Is this a secret that can’t be told? How about we change the topic?”

After placing a heavy kiss on Xu Luoyang’s forehead, Qi Chang’an looked intently into his eyes. “Nao Nao, I’m really not a demon.”

Feeling that something was amiss, Xu Luoyang sat up straight in Qi Chang’an’s embrace. “But, but you said it yourself before, not the time at the haunted house, but before.”

Qi Chang’an was very patient. “Can you tell me specifically when that was?”

“It was the time you mentioned before when Director Chu invited you to a barbecue. When you came out, you didn’t feel well and crashed into a car in the parking lot.”

Quickly catching on, Qi Chang’an asked, “That…. was your car?”

“Yes, it was my car. We are super connected! That night, I was having a barbecue with my friend at the same place and when we came out, I found that the front of my car had been damaged and that your business card was left on the windshield.”

Xu Luoyang remembered the situation at that time clearly. “That, I originally didn’t plan on finding you at first, but it’s because my friend, Ye Shan Shan always used to say that since my name is Luoyang, then I must have a long lost big brother called Chang’an. So when I saw the name ‘Qi Chang’an’ written on the business card, I was very curious.”

“So you contacted me under a different identity at the time?”

“Yes.” Xu Luoyang’s tone became slightly anxious as he continued, “I went to the appointed place to find you, even arriving quite early, but it seemed I went too early, because you were on the phone in the corridor and I accidentally saw your eyes— the colors were different, one side was black and the other blue. I also heard you say a sentence.”

Guessing that this sentence was the key but the memory fuzzy, Qi Chang’an asked him, “What did I say?”

Xu Luoyang repeated carefully, “You said, ‘A demon like me, wearing human skin, shouldn’t even be living in this world.'”

It turns out it was like this.

Seeing that Xu Luoyang was still looking at him seriously, Qi Chang’an took a deep breath, “At that time, my illness kept recurring and my heart was so heavy with negative emotions that I even thought about…. dying, that’s why I said those words.”

Hearing the word ‘dying’, Xu Luoyang’s heart seemed to have suddenly been gripped tightly. Suppressing all the messy thoughts that were welling up in his mind, he asked calmly, “What is this recurring…. illness?”

Asking this question, Xu Luoyang suddenly felt extremely nervous, gripping Qi Chang’an’s wrist as he looked anxiously into his eyes.

“If explained, the reason will be quite long.”

Xu Luoyang still looked at him steadily.

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