It is said that I give out sugar everyday

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Chapter 22.1

Early in the morning of the 3rd, just after dawn, Xu Luoyang moved out of the hotel quietly with Qi Chang’an, and got into a tricycle.

After they got onto the tricycle and he told the driver their destination, Xu Luoyang took his mask off with an excited expression,” The buns at Bai Jia Bao Shop are super delicious! I haven’t eaten them for a long time, but I ate five in a row in my dream last night!” Saying this, he reached out to show five fingers.

“Then how many are you going to eat?” Qi Chang’an asked him with a smile in his eyes, in a particularly good mood.

“Five.” Just as he said this, his mood immediately dropped again. Xu Luoyang sighed long and hard then said in a tone that showed that he was disillusioned with human society, “It is true that beautiful dreams are all illusions. The only thing they do is to show how miserable reality is!”

The noise that the tricycle was making was very loud, so in order to hear what the other person was saying, the two people had to be very close to each other. Qi Chang’an was about to say something in comfort when he noticed Xu Luoyang suddenly move closer, “Chang’an, don’t move, you dropped an eyelash!”

Saying this, he raised his hand carefully and took the eyelash from under Qi Chang’an’s eyes.

Qi Chang’an held his position and didn’t dare move, but even when Xu Luoyang sat back down, he was still in shock. In those few brief seconds, Xu Luoyang’s warm breath had hit his skin, the itch going straight to his heart.

Xu Luoyang didn’t notice anything wrong and with his index finger holding the eyelash, he urged, “Chang’an, hurry up, hurry up, make a wish! “

Only then did Qi Chang’an come back to his senses, but he didn’t believe in these things. However looking at Xu Luoyang’s expectant eyes, he made a wish with all sincerity, “I hope Luoyang can eat five buns in one sitting and not get fat.”

Xu Luoyang smiled happily, then pouting his lips, blew the eyelash, “I hope Chang’an’s wish will come true!”

But when they got off the tricycle, Xu Luoyang was in a very bad mood. He confirmed with the owner of the bun shop once again, “Is it really 18 yuan per basket? It’s only three buns in one basket and it used to cost ten yuan.”

The owner, who was a big guy with a white apron on his belly, nodded as he stood behind the steamer, “Yes, the price has been going up for a month now. “

Xu Luoyang asked for eight, then took a picture and posted, “Not happy! It costs 18 yuan per basket!”

The fans obviously knew him very well, because the comments were all ‘I’ll rub your head, don’t get angry, don’t get angry!’ or ‘I’ll rub your head! The price of buns at Bai Jia’s shop has gone up?’

But after a while, the comments section went straight to the wrong side as they started discussing the price difference of buns from one place to another.

Qi Chang’an reposted his post out of habit and commented, using the words he had just learned, ‘I’ll rub your head, don’t get angry. I’ll give you my share, okay?’

As soon as he posted this, the comment section changed completely.

“–Ahhhhhh, is this the rhythm of eating breakfast together? That’s rounding up to sleeping together and getting up together! I’m going to the playground to run 10 laps!”

“Mr. Qi’s rubbing of Xu Luoyang’s head is so sooooo cool! I can’t stop rolling on the bed…..”

“–It’s like a gentle gong smoothing the hair of the aggrieved shou! Nosebleed the whole 10 laps!”

Xu Luoyang, who was still scrolling through the comments also saw this repost, and felt strange in his heart. Looking up, he was just about to tell Qi Chang’an that he didn’t have to share his bun with him when he saw Qi Chang’an raise his hand and really rub the top of his head!

Because of the need to fit the character’s image, Xu Luoyang’s hair had been dyed back to black, and there was no styling spray or anything like that in it, hence it felt nice and loose to the touch. Qi Chang’an rubbed it twice, then said with a gentle voice and a smile, “I’ll rub your head, Luoyang don’t get angry.”

Xu Luoyang had white skin and a small face that was perfect for the big screen and coupled with his fine hair and round eyes, he looked like a harmless little animal.

When these words translated into reality, Xu Luoyang was stunned for more than 10 seconds before he reacted. He had never…. Never expected that he would one day be subjected to the legendary head rubbing!

The warmth of the sensitive nerves in his scalp, combined with Qi Chang’an’s particularly sultry voice, hit him like a rushing flood, causing Xu Luoyang to blush uncontrollably.

Just then, the buns came up. Using it as a means to disguise his shyness, Xu Luoyang took the bamboo chopsticks hurriedly, picked up a bun and put it on Qi Chang’an’s plate, “Eat this!”

Qi Chang’an laughed at his flustered expression, then gave him one as well, “Haven’t you been craving it for a long time? Have one too.”

Staring at the bun on his plate, it was as if Xu Luoyang’s soul was lost, as his eyes were fixed on Qi Chang’an’s smiling eyebrows again. Suddenly, he put his chopsticks down and hurriedly buried his head on the table, revealing only his red ears.

It’s over, it’s over. His heart was running wild on the highway, he couldn’t stop it!

When the two of them finished breakfast and went back to the hotel, they ran into Lu Di and Zheng Dong coming out of the elevator. Lu Di, who was carrying a big black bag, greeted energetically, “Xu Ge, Mr. Qi, good morning!”

Next to him, Zheng Dong, who had been busy until three in the morning yesterday, took the bun handed to him by Xu Luoyang, gave it to Lu Di, and said speechlessly, ”I’ll leave it all to you.”

“Don’t worry, don’t worry!” Lu Di opened the paper bag containing the buns and wiped one out in two bites, smiling with great satisfaction.

Seeing that the Life Producer was coordinating people and vehicles at the entrance of the hotel, when Lu Di finished eating, Xu Luoyang had him go over to tell the producer that Qi Chang’an would leave with them in his artist’s van so there was no need to arrange for another car.

This was something they had discussed before. Compared to the car arranged for the crew’s transfer, Xu Luoyang’s artist’s van was much more comfortable and they could catch up on sleep on the way. Especially right now when Xu Luoyang’s nerves were still on edge, worried that if he wasn’t paying attention, Qi Chang’an would fall ill in some corner he didn’t know about.

After a couple of minutes, the life producer followed Lu Di over hurriedly and first apologized to the two male leads for the delay.

“There’s no need to apologize.” Xu Luoyang smiled as he waved his hand, “It’s a busy first day and it’s already hard enough for you. Chang’an and I will go together, so we can practice our lines together on the way.” After saying this, his fingers crept around to the back and gently poked Qi Chang’an’s waist.

His hand catching Xu Luoyang’s naughty finger in its grip, Qi Chang’an nodded his head cooperatively without the expression on his face changing, ”I’ll be fine with Luoyang, so don’t bother arranging another car.” He said in a pleasant tone.

The boulder in Producer Wang’s heart fell. Qi Chang’an was the first male lead, a high profile actor, but he was an international actor and he hadn’t filmed in China, moreover he didn’t bring his agent or assistant with him this time, so he had no idea what his personality and preferences were, and in terms of arranging for a car for transport, whether he should go for an SUV or a sedan, whether he should choose a black one, a white one, a bright red one or a blue one, he had absolutely no clue.

But now that he was clearly showing his goodwill, he laughed hurriedly in reply, “Be safe on the road then!”

Getting into the artist’s van, Qi Chang’an asked as he sat down next to Xu Luoyang, ”Did you make me take a stand on purpose just now?”

“Yes,” Xu Luoyang nodded, “The environment at home isn’t the same as abroad. The life producer oversees all the crew’s chores, especially the three meals and the midnight snacks so it’s really easy for him to screw anyone, and the people who get screwed can’t say anything about it.”

Xu Luoyang had ran around on his dad’s set when he was a kid, and having filmed himself and spent years on set, he had seen too many cases like this. Especially since Qi Chang’an was prone to allergies and couldn’t eat a lot of things. If someone really wanted to do something to him, it wouldn’t really be very difficult.

Qi Chang’an knew that Xu Luoyang was worried about him losing out, so he said seriously, “Hmm, I’ll be careful.”

Zheng Dong watched quietly from the side. He had noticed Xu Luoyang’s intention at the beginning but didn’t stop him, however he had been worried that it might turn out to be a situation where Qi Chang’an would not only appreciate it, but also think that Xu Luoyang was being sycophantic.

But now he could see that, the two were really close and that there was nothing that could separate them. His mind at ease now, he closed his eyes and began to catch up on his sleep.

Not two minutes later, Xu Luoyang also started to doze off. Last night, they had all been dragged along by Director Zhang to a ‘script reading session’, to ‘read their lines and analyze their roles. It wasn’t until after twelve o’clock that they were released.

If it wasn’t for the buns from Bai Jia’s shop as motivation, Xu Luoyang wouldn’t have been able to get up this morning.

“Want to sleep?” Qi Chang’an asked as he inclined his head, his voice low and slightly hoarse. Seeing Xu Luoyang nod, he shifted a little closer, “Lean on my shoulder, it’s more comfortable. I’ll call you when we get to the set.”

His eyes already unable to open, Xu Luoyang wasn’t polite. Tilting his head, he fell asleep on Qi Chang’an’s shoulder.

Feeling the weight on his shoulder, Qi Chang’an also closed his eyes to rest.

Fifteen minutes later, Xu Luoyang arrived at the set, his sleepiness vanishing because of Director Zhang’s voice. He rubbed his ears, complaining, “Director Zhang, can you turn the volume of your megaphone down?”

Director Zhang turned the megaphone off and hung it on his belt, “Ha ha, isn’t it much better than an alarm clock?” Director Zhang was in great spirits. He was wearing a thin tracksuit and probably because he was feeling hot, had rolled his sleeves up, making one quite unable to tell that he had been up late last night.

At this moment, Tao Xiaotu, the director’s assistant, brought over three sticks of incense almost half a person height, gave each one of them one, and hurried off.

Director Zhang had assigned everything to someone else, so why not stay and chat? With a proud tone, he said, “Isn’t this incense very thick? I chose it myself. It’s so heavy in my hand! It’s dedicated to the gods and to bless our crew for a few months.”

Xu Luoyang agreed, “It’s quite thick” then asked Director Zhang, “And what time is the opening ceremony scheduled for? “

“Thirteen minutes past nine. We’ll take a few pictures after the ceremony, but we have interviews with the media. You two will be the focus of attention then.”

It didn’t take long before the assistant director was shouting for everyone to gather. Xu Luoyang pulled Qi Chang’an over and the two stood in the middle of the first row.

While there were still a few minutes to go, Xu Luoyang moved over and whispered to Qi Chang’an, “Who are you going to worship?”

Although crews still held opening ceremonies, calculated the auspicious times, covered the camera with a layer of red cloth and pulled it off at the right time, there were no restrictions on worshipping the gods. One could worship whoever they wanted.

“I’ll not be worshipping, I’ll just keep in step with your movements when the time comes.” Qi Chang’an didn’t believe in god. If there was a god, when he was stuck in a hospital bed as a child and prayed all night long, why didn’t he see any miracles happening? More than believing in god, he believed in himself.

“En, that’s okay too.” Xu Luoyang had been worried. Qi Chang’an was at least a second generation demon with a deep background. An ordinary god might not be able to afford these three obeisances from him so hearing him say this, he was a lot more comforted.

When the auspicious time arrived, Xu Luoyang closed his eyes along with the crowd and said in his heart, Dad, Mom, this is my seventh movie. Your Nao Nao is pretty awesome. I eat well and sleep well, so don’t worry about me. This time my co-star is a powerful demon and he’s exceptionally good, so don’t you worry, I’ll do a great job.

Holding the incense in both hands, Xu Luoyang opened his eyes and turned his head to look at Qi Chang’an standing next to him. His eyes were closed and his brows were calm.

So, if there were demons in this world, then there must be spirits too, right? Then, when dad left, even though he was a year late, he was sure he would still find mum.

It was cold underground, so if the two stayed together, they wouldn’t be alone.

Xu Nao Nao’s little emotions:

Chang’an, you are a demon, are there spirits in this world? Can they hear what I say…?

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4 thoughts on “It is said that I give out sugar everyday

  1. So how long exactly was Chang-an subjected to medical experiments? How come his dad did not find out? They even had the time to cut his stomach. Surely, no matter how busy you are you’d still be aware of whatever medical treatment your son is supposed to be undergoing. And as a successful businessman he should be observant enough to realize that something isn’t right.

  2. I thought that Chang ‘an has poor health since he was a little child and his mom just tried to keep her son alive but some comments said that Chang ‘an’s mom harmed him?
    Did i miss something? cmiiw

    1. It’s not mentioned (so far atleast) but ML’s mom seems like she suffers from Munchausen by Proxy (now known as Forced/Factitious Induced Ilness by Caregiver) in which a caregiver (of a child, a disabled person or an elderly) either fakes an illness or purposely harms their charge for attention and sympathy.

      It is considered as one of the most lethal forms of child abuse with mortality rate of over 10%

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