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Chapter 70.2

Rainbow Television Station.

Wen Zhiling had only slept for three hours the previous night. Because Xu Luoyang had been sent to the hospital and Qi Chang’an had followed him, the other artists had been uncooperative, making it impossible to continue recording the show.

Having delayed the schedule, Song Yao had already expressed dissatisfaction. Guan Xian, Jiang Liu, and Qin Xiaoran hadn’t made any moves yet, but if the delay continued, there was no guarantee that something wouldn’t happen. After Xu Luoyang’s team took action yesterday, the public opinion was overwhelmingly in their favor and he was called in by the station’s leadership and scolded for over half an hour, making him lose all face. So when he returned to the small meeting room, he was just holding on by suppressing his anger.

His assistant handed him a cup of coffee tactfully, “Wen Ge, Xu Luoyang’s side’s attitude is still the same as before.”

With a ‘bang’, the coffee cup was slammed onto the table. Wen Zhiling snorted, “Does he really expect me to apologize to him personally?”

The assistant was careful not to offend him, “It seems so based on the situation.”

But he thought to himself that it was really their own fault for not checking the safety hazards at the recording site the day before the recording fully. What’s more, Xu Luoyang’s situation at the time was indeed very dangerous, so wanting a formal apology was normal.

However, he didn’t dare to say this. During the meeting yesterday, Director Wen had already emphasized once that they would absolutely not apologize, nor would they compromise. On one hand, Xu Luoyang wasn’t seriously injured, which could prevent Xu Luoyang from asking for more. On the other hand, it was to maintain the image of the program group. Otherwise, if the key point of ‘having safety hazards’ was established, inviting artists to participate in reality shows in the future would be troublesome. Not to mention that if it alarmed the relevant departments, whether the program could continue or not would be a problem.

Sure enough, he heard Wen Zhiling say, “Just because he was on our show, how much has Xu Luoyang’s popularity risen? His asking price outside has gone up by five million! It’s fine if he doesn’t know how to be grateful, but I don’t believe he and the team behind him would dare to ruin his future! I’m waiting for him to bow his head!”

When these words were relayed to Xu Luoyang by Zheng Dong, Xu Luoyang was still smiling, “Since Director Wen said so, then let’s just ruin it for him to see.”

At eight o’clock sharp in the morning, Xu Luoyang’s Weibo which had been inactive for quite a while was updated with a single sentence: ‘Sorry, from now on, I’m withdrawing from the recording of ‘Top Secret Action’.”

In less than a minute, Qi Chang’an retweeted, “I’m also withdrawing. //Xu Luoyang: From now on, I’m withdrawing from the recording of ‘Top Secret Action’.”

The two posts, one after the other, sparked an uproar in no time.

“—Worried that I’m not fully awake and seeing things wrong, I quickly went back to Mr. Qi’s Weibo to check again! So, Gu Cheng has quit, just like that? Neat and clean, awesome!!! No one in my dorm is watching that sh*t!”

“—From now on, I’m dropping my viewing of ‘Top Secret Action’! No need to apologize! Withdraw, withdraw, withdraw! You have my full support! Sh*t production team, you’ve wronged my Luoyang! Yet you still haven’t prepared an apology! Wishing you a cool reception!”

“—So this time Luoyang’s injury is really severe, right? Sob, my heart aches! Every time I watch the scene at the time, my heart clenches! I support the withdrawal, I support Luoyang, I support Gu Cheng!”

Soon after, Zheng Dong also retweeted the post, his words tactful, “Due to a leg injury, Luoyang can’t continue filming the show. Here, I want to apologize to the fans who have always supported him.” The implication was very clear that the ‘apology’ was intended only for the fans, not the production team.

Then, he posted several pictures of Xu Luoyang’s injury being treating that had been taken by Qi Chang’an, along with a complete medical record.

Beyond this, Xu Luoyang’s side didn’t say anything else, didn’t point fingers at anyone, and behaved in a very calm and composed manner. However, the fans were fuming.

“—Looking at the program’s official account, they’re treating it lightly. People who don’t know might think it’s just a scratch! Let me spread some awareness about tetanus, Achilles tendon rupture, excessive blood loss, and then infection! Furious! The production team is really impressive!”

“—Making a fuss over a small injury as if you’re about to die, can’t you show some professional ethics and dedication?”

“—Brainless trolls and keyboard warriors can just get lost! Do you enjoy typing so much? Then go and try getting stitched up seven or eight times!”

“—My heart aches so much! Mr. Qi, please take good care of Luoyang! I beg you!”

Unexpectedly, half an hour after Xu Luoyang’s post, Jiang Liu retweeted, “Jiang Liu: I’m also withdrawing. //Qi Chang’an: I’m also withdrawing. //Xu Luoyang: From now on, I’m withdrawing from the recording of ‘Top Secret Action’.”

In an instant, the melon seeds in the hands of bystanders fell down. Jiang Liu’s fans began to comment, some praising him for his loyalty, others advising him earnestly not to stir up trouble, as his foundation was too shallow, unlike Qi Chang’an and Xu Luoyang who were well established. However, after posting the message, Jiang Liu disappeared and didn’t make any more noise, but he didn’t delete the post either.

Xu Luoyang, holding his cup of honey water, hesitated a bit, then turned to Qi Chang’an, “I should probably give him a call. He’s usually quite sharp, how did he suddenly become so foolish?”

Qi Chang’an, who was peeling fruit for him, “Okay.”

The phone was answered after just one ring. Xu Luoyang got straight to the point, “Let’s discuss this, why don’t you delete your post?”

Jiang Liu laughed, “Xu Ge, it’s already been posted, deleting it would be too fake!”

Xu Luoyang continued persuading, “Look, this reality show was something your agent worked hard to get for you. To withdraw just like that, aren’t you afraid he’ll smack you?”

“I’m not afraid, not afraid at all, I’ve discussed it with my manager!” Jiang Liu’s laughter became even more lively, “My agent said that in doing things, one must take responsibility. The way the show’s production team handled things this time was really low, so it’s fine not to film such a reality show! The key point is, he said that once you and Mr. Qi quit, unless Wen Zhiling can bring Ye Shan Shan on board, there’s no way to prevent the ratings from plummeting off a cliff. We are calling this a strategic retreat!”

After hearing this, the corners of Xu Luoyang’s lips rose, “I won’t say much then. Thank you!”

“Not at all, it’s what I should do. When we were filming ‘The Search for a Man’ together before, you helped me a lot and took care of me.”

“So, offering you a cup of sour plum drink counts as taking care of you? Your standards are too low!”

“The sour plum drink kept me from getting a heatstroke even in 40 degree heat!” Jiang Liu added in a long winded manner, “Xu Ge, you should rest as much as possible, eat well, drink things like pork trotter soup and try to get well soon.”

Just after hanging up Jiang Liu’s call, the phone rang again. Xu Luoyang answered, “Zheng Ge, what’s up?”

“Shan Shan was simply holding back!” Zheng Dong’s tone was noticeably happier, “I don’t know how he managed to hack into it, but he dug out Wen Zhiling’s birth certificate. But seriously, this Director Wen’s life is quite colorful.”

Xu Luoyang became energetic, “Is there some juicy gossip? Zheng Ge, let’s all enjoy it together!”

“Wen Zhiling used to be called Wen Lin. He had a wife and two daughters in his hometown, but then he went out to make money and while running errands on a film set, he happened to meet the daughter of a deputy director, so he rushed back home, divorced his wife by force, didn’t want his two daughters, changed his name, fabricated his past, and designed various plots to pursue that young lady. In the end, he successfully climbed up the social ladder, joined Rainbow TV smoothly, and everything has been smooth sailing for him.”

Xu Luoyang was shocked, “There wasn’t a hint of this before!”

“He hid it well.” Zheng Dong snorted coldly, “You just watch, I’ll take him down one move at a time and blacken him until he can’t even walk!”


Xu Nao Nao’s little emotions:

Qi Qi, don’t be scared, be good~

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