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Chapter 65.1

The sky had darkened gradually and the forest was serene. The crackling sound of the campfire could be heard clearly and as a gust of wind blew by, Jiang Liu rubbed his arms, “Why has it suddenly turned colder? I remember many people have said that when telling ghost stories, negative energy gathers in the surroundings and that even ghosts might be attracted to come and listen to the stories.”

Xu Luoyang became even more nervous, his eyes widening subconsciously as he leaned closer to Qi Chang’an.

“Then maybe, right beside us, a ghost is already sitting down, ready to listen to our stories.” Qin Xiaoran continued with a smile then asked, “Who should go first?”

Jiang Liu raised his hand, “I’ll start, but what I’m going to tell is not a ghost story, but a real incident that happened in a film crew before.”

Noticing that all five people were looking at him, he cleared his throat, “As everyone knows, film crews have always been hotspots for supernatural events, especially when the entire crew goes to remote areas to film. The frequency is even higher.”

Xu Luoyang clutched Qi Chang’an’s sleeve tightly, feeling like he was about to have a mental breakdown as he was torn between fear and curiosity. Seeing Jiang Liu stop, he couldn’t help but urge, “Then what?”

“There was an actress on the set who raised a little ghost, so she was particularly prone to attracting such things. One night, I was already asleep when I suddenly heard the sound of high heels clacking on the floor in the corridor outside my door— click, click, click— it was irregular, sometimes heavy, sometimes light; it was very chaotic. I was extremely curious, so I opened the door to take a look. Guess what I saw?”

Xu Luoyang’s heart was in suspense, “She was possessed by the little ghost she raised?”

Qin Xiaoran’s thought process was similar to his, “She was attacked by the little ghost or some other ghost? Her face was covered in blood?”

Jiang Liu grinned sinisterly, “When I opened the door, I saw—” He paused for five seconds, “I saw her drunk!”


Xu Luoyang let out a huge sigh of relief, but at the same time, he was extremely pissed off, “Are you happy after fooling us like that!”

Jiang Liu laughed so hard that he almost fell over, slapping his thigh, “But I was really scared at that time! Okay, okay, come, come, let’s eat some meat!”

When it was Qin Xiaoran and Song Yao’s turn, they really shared two solidly terrifying ghost stories that could be saved for the grand finale. Even Guan Xian, who usually didn’t like to talk, shared a suspenseful thriller story with a tense expression on his face. As a result, after the six of them dispersed, Xu Luoyang didn’t dare leave the campfire, feeling that there were a pair of bloody eyes floating in the dark, staring at him.

When Zhao Xing, the cameraman following them, saw that Xu Luoyang was genuinely scared, he suggested, “Luoyang, why don’t you squeeze in with Mr. Qi?”

Faced with this question, Xu Luoyang was very firm, “No, I believe that good will triumph over evil. I have a righteous air about me, so there’s definitely no problem!”

Once inside the tent where the follow up camera couldn’t enter, Xu Luoyang turned on the light, arranged his sleeping bag, then waved at the small camera fixed at the top of the tent, “A sleepless night is about to begin! I’m preparing to sleep now, so I’m turning off the camera. See you tomorrow!”

After lying down in his sleeping bag, Xu Luoyang stared at the ceiling of the tent with his eyes wide open, hugging his righteous self silently.

After the staff members left the scene, the entire campsite was quiet. Each tent was separated by a distance, with faint wisps of light leaking out. Xu Luoyang sneaked over stealthily to the tent next door in the darkness and began with the code words, “Who do you think is the smartest person in the world?”

“Nao Nao.”

Hearing the response, Xu Luoyang entered the tent swiftly and saw Qi Chang’an sitting relaxed with a book on his bent left leg.

After making sure that the camera on the ceiling of the tent was turned off, Xu Luoyang went closer and read along for a couple of pages. However as it was pure English and, about finance, it made his head spin so he gave up quickly. Leaning gradually on Qi Chang’an’s shoulder, Xu Luoyang couldn’t help but explain, “I didn’t come over because I was scared.”

Looking at him, Qi Chang’an smiled, “Hmm, I know.”

“To be honest, it’s because I’m thinking that now that I have a boyfriend, I should definitely sleep with my boyfriend, don’t you agree?”


Satisfied and not planning to disturb Qi Chang’an’s reading, Xu Luoyang took his phone out, turned the volume down to the minimum then started to play a small game. However soon, his body became more and more relaxed and before he knew it, he was lying limply on Qi Chang’an’s thigh.

Noticing that Xu Luoyang had stopped playing his game, Qi Chang’an asked him, “What’s wrong?”

Xu Luoyang looked up at him with a smile, “I just feel that when I’m with you, I’m not afraid of anything.” Reaching out, he caressed Qi Chang’an’s pale lips, “I’m so glad I met you, my Mr. Demon.”

The next morning, Xu Luoyang was awakened by the chaotic noise outside. Sitting up in his sleeping bag, he found that Qi Chang’an was no longer in the tent. However there was a small note next to him which read, “I’ve gone to fetch water, I’ll be back in 15 minutes.”

Rubbing his eyes, Xu Luoyang tried to remember then recalled hazily that he seemed to have heard Qi Chang’an say something to him earlier and that he had even kissed him on the forehead.

Clutching the note in his hand, Xu Luoyang suddenly heard an anxious voice outside the tent, “He’s really gone!”

Thinking of Qi Chang’an, the strings in Xu Luoyang’s heart tightened instantly. Coming out of the sleeping bag, he poked his head out of the tent quickly, asking hurriedly, “Who’s gone? Who’s gone?”

There was instant silence all around. In the end, it was Director Wen who spoke first, “You.”

“Huh?” Xu Luoyang was confused. He looked down at his legs then looked up again, “I’m not invisible.”

Jiang Liu was the quickest to react, explaining in a few words, “The cameramen were waking us up one by one but when Zhao Xing Ge lifted the cover of your tent, he didn’t find anyone inside. Your phone was also turned off, so he was scared.”

Holding back, he didn’t say the last sentence out loud— Who would have thought that you would be in Qi Chang’an’s tent!

Looking at Xu Luoyang who suddenly sobered up then quickly retreated into the tent, Director Wen could already foresee that after the broadcast, the discussion would soar again. Sure enough, with Xu Luoyang and Qi Chang’an around, there would never be a lack of editing material!

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