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Chapter 49.2

After the alarm was lifted, Xu Luoyang moved from the hotel back to Paradise Cove and packed Qi Chang’an back to his house as well. When he returned from You Li Entertainment, he felt like he was completely wasted. He changed into slippers at the door and jumped on Qi Chang’an as if he had no bones.

Reaching out and wrapping his arms around Xu Luoyang’s waist loosely, Qi Chang’an kissed the tip of his ear naturally, “Tired?”

“Mmm, I’m so exhausted!” Xu Luoyang had a bitter expression on his face, “I’ve been reading scripts all morning that my brain is about to explode! The problem is that the scripts are all very difficult to read. Either they are the kind of dramas that are so thunderous and bloody, or they are just a big mess of relationships, where you like me and I like him. The point is, this is all after Zheng Ge has sifted through it!”

“When Director Zhang’s ‘Divergent Road’ comes out, the scripts handed over will be of much higher quality, and the pay will increase, so you can hold off on taking on a movie for now.”

“Zheng Ge and I were thinking the same thing, but the previous filming of ‘Divergent Road’ and Director Chu Wei’s film has delayed too long and the company can’t wait, so I’ll probably take on an outdoor variety show first, but we’re still discussing what exactly to take on.” After saying this, Xu Luoyang asked Qi Chang’an, “What about you?”

“I’m not taking on a script for now, but I have other things to do and I have to go to S City.”

“How soon will you be leaving?” Suddenly feeling lost, Xu Luoyang muttered in a small voice, “We’ve only been together and you’re leaving, so are we going to start a long-distance relationship so soon? It’s so sadistic and abusive!”

Qi Chang’an reassured him on a whisper, “The flight is the morning after tomorrow. I’ll be back as soon as I finish my business, it won’t take long.”

“The day after tomorrow?” Xu Luoyang took out his cell phone and looked up the weather forecast for S City then found that it had been raining for a week in a row. He thought for a minute then with a ‘Chang’an’ wait’, ran to the storage room.

After a few moments, Xu Luoyang came out with a folding umbrella, went to the study to find a pen, then signed his name on the inside of the umbrella. After making sure that it was dry, he showed the umbrella to Qi Chang’an, “So you’ll think of me all over again every time you hold it open!”

Looking at him, Qi Chang’an replied softly, “Okay, I’ll use this umbrella every day.”

“Mmm!” Thinking of something else, Xu Luoyang hurried to the cloakroom and took a moment to retrieve a pair of thin white gloves from the drawer, put them on, then handed Qi Chang’an the pen and spread his hand out, “Mr. Qi, could you please sign it? The slightly small kind, not the too big kind.”

Saying this, he motioned to the general location and area.

Taking the pen, Qi Chang’an wrote his name down carefully then saw Xu Luoyang fold his five fingers and smile, “I’ll wear this glove everywhere I go.” After saying this, he shook his left hand, raising his chin triumphantly. “Now you’re in my hand!”

He had barely finished speaking when he found himself swept up in Qi Chang’an’s arms and then felt him nibble on the tip of his ear, “Nao Nao, I can’t bear to go when you’re like this.”

Leaning against Qi Chang’an’s shoulder, Xu Luoyang laughed lowly, “Go go go, when you come back from S City, I will come to pick you up and bring you home.” With that, he even raised his head and kissed the corner of Qi Chang’an’s lips.

He had originally only wanted to give him a kiss, but to his surprise, Qi Chang’an’s hand squeezed his neck gently before moving upwards and pressing slightly harder at the back of his head, prolonged the kiss.

After dinner, Qi Chang’an was in the study working on the documents Qi Chang’yin had sent him while Xu Luoyang lay on the sofa outside, eating fruit and continuing to read scripts.

Not long afterwards, a chat box suddenly popped up from Qi Chang’an’s side.

“What are you doing?”

Shifting positions, Xu Luoyang plopped down on the sofa and typed seriously, “Reading a script.” Clicking send, he couldn’t help but smile as he inclined his head towards the closed door of the study.

Soon, Qi Chang’an’s reply came, “Nao Nao, I miss you.”

Seeing this, Xu Luoyang rolled twice on the sofa and almost fell to the floor, but biting his fist, he still smiled happily, his ears burning a little.

He struggled for a while then not knowing how he should reply, simply replied with, “Your Luoyang is already offline.”

In the study, Qi Chang’an couldn’t read the document at all. He loosened the buttons on the collar of his white shirt casually then leaned back in his chair, staring at the chandelier on the ceiling.

Xu Luoyang, Xu Luoyang, Xu Luoyang– this name really made him want to fade away for a second, but he couldn’t.

Just then, the sound of the door lock twisting came, then the door to the study was opened and Xu Luoyang stood in the doorway with his tablet in his arms, pretending to be serious, “Mr. Qi, can I come in?”

Qi Chang’an looked at him intently then nodded his head gently.

Xu Luoyang closed the door with a smile on his brow, walked quickly to Qi Chang’an’s side, pretended to cough then asked, “I’ll lend myself to you for two minutes, after that I’ll read the script carefully and you’ll read your document carefully, what does Mr. Qi think of this idea? “

Qi Chang’an lifted him onto his lap and kissed the skin on the side of his neck, his voice low, “Mr. Qi doesn’t want to hold you for just two minutes, he wants to hold you for the rest of his life, is that okay?”

Xu Luoyang nodded then forcing a smile, tried to look serious, “I’ll think about it!”

Xu Nao Nao’s little emotions:

I am greedier than a great demon, but my life is too short. So should I discuss cultivation with Qi Qi or not? Ay, so troubled!

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