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Chapter 91.2

Editor: Jodi

When the door to the office closed, Xu Luoyang quickly moved to stand behind Xue Ying, then the two of them looked at the various data monitoring charts on the screen of the laptop.

“Zheng Ge already warned me last night, telling me not to turn off my phone, as you were most likely up to something, and the result? It was just as expected, because just after six in the morning I was called by Zheng Ge to check the data.”

Yawning again, she continued, “Whether you think you made things public or not, your fans think you did! But what’s very odd is that in the first half hour after you posted the poster, the sentiment was roughly this.”

She tapped open a screenshot which mostly read,

“–??? Why are you guys so excited? Weren’t they together already? Wait, no, damn, did I eat all that dog food for nothing?”

“–Ah ah ah so romantic, it’s exploding! Steadfastly supporting Gu Cheng! Ah ah ah! The map gets a hundred percent! Wait, what? I need a moment!”

“–Although the CP I ship often gets official treats, today’s treat is especially sweet! No wait, let me taste again, today’s treat….. seems a bit different?”

After Xu Luoyang finished reading the screenshot, Xue Ying tapped open another image, “Then the tone changed to this.”

“–Ah ah ah screaming! I’m just realizing that today isn’t the usual treat day! My Luoyang is confessing! I feel like I’m dreaming! I haven’t woken up yet!”

“–Gone…. gone public? A bit dreamlike, although I was steamed into a CP fan by my own idol, but is it this thrilling? The CP I ship is actually real? They really made it public? Ah ah ah!”

“–Ever since the Silver Awards when the two of them showed up together in matching outfits, I knew this day would come! Blessings! Ah ah ah so sweet, forever supporting Gu Cheng! Love Chang’an, love Luoyang! Making it public really takes courage! Okay, I’m done being serious, back to squealing like a groundhog!”

“Then, probably as your fans realized you were subtly making your relationship public, the comments under the Weibo post started skyrocketing, and all the data monitoring bars turned frighteningly red. It wasn’t long before Weibo crashed.”

Xue Ying spread her hands, “But obviously, as soon as Weibo crashed, the fan groups, forums, and discussion boards saw a straight-line increase in activity. But both of your Weibo accounts were quiet, with no follow-up statements, so whether this is an official announcement or not, it’s just missing an official stamp of authentication.”

After sorting it out, Xu Luoyang stood there thinking for a while, “I’m going to post a Weibo right now.”

Xue Ying took her phone out, “Wait, tell me when you’re about to send it, I want to be the first to comment!”

However despite Xu Luoyang’s heads-up, her comment still got pushed beyond a thousand. Less than two minutes later, Qi Chang’an retweeted Xu Luoyang’s latest Weibo update.

“Qi Chang’an: I’ll definitely come. Xu Luoyang: I’m waiting for you. Qi Chang’an.”

Soon, the number of comments surged again.

“–At the concert, right? Are they going to confess? Ah ah ah so we didn’t misunderstand, right? It’s over, I can already predict how intense the competition for the tickets will be this time!”

“–Woo woo woo, even though it’s not me waiting, I’ll definitely come! From Luoyang to Chang’an!”

“–Critical hit, critical hit, I’ve been scrolling through Weibo and haven’t even had breakfast yet, so why do I feel full? Oh, I get it, I’ve eaten Gu Cheng brand diamond dog food!”

After this, during the presale of the concert tickets on the 10th of April, the first round of presale for the Luoyang station sold out 20,000 tickets in one minute, and later on, the second round of 10,000 tickets also sold out in less than twenty seconds.

And Xu Luoyang’s new album ‘Chang’an’, released on the 27th of April, broke 900,000 copies in its first week, with fans leaving messages on Weibo that said, “After listening, I just want to say, this isn’t an album, it’s a love letter! A love letter! And it’s not even written to me, my heart aches!”

On May 26th, in Luoyang.

The sports center was already filled with fans attending the concert. The stage lights were still dim, and the venue was very noisy. At 6:59 PM, the previously darkened big screen suddenly lit up, displaying two large characters – ‘Chang’an’, then the lights flashed on, then after a few seconds of silence, the venue erupted into ear-splitting cheers.

Xu Luoyang, wearing a performance outfit custom-made by Stu, was checking his in-ear monitors and microphone for the last time. The makeup artist swiftly touched up his eyeliner, and after making sure that everything was perfect, stood to the side.

Meanwhile in the venue, a synchronized countdown began. Taking a deep breath, Xu Luoyang, microphone in hand, stood on the elevating platform.

As the elevating platform rose slowly, coinciding with the ‘zero’ that the audience shouted, Xu Luoyang appeared on the stage.

The big screen switched to a full-body image of him.

He was dressed in a white suit, tassels adorning the right shoulder of his jacket, golden buttons sparkling brilliantly under the lights, his white trousers outlining the lines of his perfect legs, and most noticeable, was the pair of silver fingerless gloves he had on his right hand as well as the beautifully crafted microphone he was holding that was made entirely of silver metal, and under the lights, the surface of the microphone shimmered like flowing silver sand.

Standing on the stage, Xu Luoyang’s fingers moved slightly as he touched the clearly recessed inscriptions, unable to help it as he smiled, and this smile, was projected on the big screen, eliciting cheers once again from the audience.

“Thank you all for coming here, to my concert.” However before his last word sounded, he was drowned out by screams from the entire audience, causing his smile to deepen considerably as he looked at the crowd, asking softly, “Can you tell me the name of this concert?”

The next second, a unified shout came from below, “Chang’an!”

“Yes, it’s Chang’an.” Just mentioning this name caused Xu Luoyang’s eyes to soften. He shook the microphone in his hand, “On the 22nd of March last year, I updated my Weibo with a post. I said that from now on, I would sing every song with this microphone. The first song I sang with it was ‘twilight’. Do you guys remember the lyrics I repeated twenty times?”

The band played the accompaniment in a timely manner and simultaneously, Xu Luoyang and the fans below sang together, “I look forward to every day, to opening my eyes, to seeing you sleeping beside me.”

After the venue quieted down again, Xu Luoyang said with a smile, “I’ll tell you a secret, I deliberately sang this lyric to someone a total of twenty-one times.”

The screams at the venue could almost pierce one’s eardrums.

Looking down, Xu Luoyang laughed, then quickly stood up straight again, his eyes curving into a smile, “The first song today is the main track of my new album, and its name is the same as the name of this concert.” Then pausing, he suddenly turned to the side, unable to help but smile again, looking a bit embarrassed, “I won’t say the name of this song.”

His subtle expressions were projected onto the big screen, seen by everyone, and then his fans at the venue helped him out with the name of the song. Only then did Xu Luoyang, holding the microphone, say seriously, “En, that’s the name, the song.”

Xu Nao Nao’s little emotions:

I obviously haven’t even launched the ultimate move yet!

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