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Chapter 30.2

Shi Yuanhao’s voice was louder than his, but with some bluster, “Wu Bi, you have the nerve to ask me? What’s wrong with me avenging myself? That one surnamed Xu brought someone to steal my role, and I had to give up what I had.”

Angered by these words, Wu Bi used almost decades of self-restraint before he was able to swallow back the curse words and keep telling himself not to bother with this fool, after all he was a fool who listened.

He eased his voice as much as possible, “I’ll contact the media for you right away while we can still salvage the situation. Explain the situation clearly, the subject was that you had been drinking at a dinner party, you were rather impulsive, and you didn’t pay attention to what you said. Remember, try to take things upon yourself so that the more remorse and guilt you show, the more sympathy you will evoke. This way, even if you are really wrong, the fans will feel that you can be forgiven and instead think that it is Xu Luoyang and the others who are too narrow-minded. And you’ve been bruised and are the complete victim, so-“

“I refuse.” Shi Yuanhao looked at Wu Bi with his chin up, making it clear that he wouldn’t cooperate.

“Fuk, you’ve grown fuking wings haven’t you? What do you think you’re doing now?”

Shi Yuanhao strained his neck, “I’ll get out of this on my own!”

Wu Bi took a deep breath and spoke in a contemptuous tone, “So your means of revenge is to bring reporters to take these messy videos and then buy big V’s to create articles and to buy water armies?”

“Messy?” Shi Yuanhao acted as if he was enraged, “Just watch, with these videos, I can make Qi Changan and Xu Luoyang have a bad reputation and throw them out of the entertainment industry!”

Wu Bi didn’t even want to say anything, he just sneered, “Fine, I’ll watch how you are made to be infamous and thrown out of the entertainment industry.” With that, he turned around and left the ward.

Shi Yuanhao sat on the bed, his eyes sinister and ruthless, his breathing rapid. In the end, he lifted his hand and slammed the sling holder onto the floor with a dull thud.

After two hours of ‘Qi Chang’an beating someone’ and ‘Xu Luoyang’s subterfuge’, a surveillance video was released.

The surveillance video showed in full and clear view that Shi Yuanhao took five reporters to the car park and told them to find separate places to hide. About five minutes later, the doors to the elevator opened and Xu Luoyang and his party of three stepped out of it, while Shi Yuanhao walked past alone.

After this, Xu Luoyang could be clearly seen making a move to pull Qi Chang’an and the three continued on their way without looking back at Shi Yuanhao. After about ten more seconds, Xu Luoyang suddenly stopped and turned around.

The video cut to Shi Yuanhao falling to the ground and Qi Chang’an wiping his hands on something before turning around and going to hug Xu Luoyang.

Soon the video was heavily reposted and the tide began to turn. Anyone with a discerning eye could see that Shi Yuanhao had clearly planned a provocation, and that Xu Luoyang hadn’t taken the bait at first, but for some reason – most likely because of something Shi Yuanhao said – Xu stopped. Qi Chang’an, on the other hand, moved for Xu Luoyang.

At the beginning, the comments were rather serious, mainly revolving around the information revealed in the surveillance video, with people speculating about what Shi Yuanhao had said to change Xu Luoyang’s attitude from ‘avoiding trouble’ to ‘confronting him head-on’.

But slowly, the picture of the comments changed completely.

“Ah ah ah ah, this old mother was at first afraid to bring trouble to ‘Gu Cheng’ so I have been holding back, but now that the surveillance video has come out, I can totally see that that Shi Yuanhao isn’t innocent, but who wants to explain to me, ah ah ah ah ah what happened in the last scene!!!”

“My Mr. Qi is really Jack Su, the original Su, dashing forward to defend the beauty and after hitting someone, he even wiped his hands clean before hugging Luo Yang! [nosebleed.jpg]”

“Hug hug hug hug hug now!”

“Say nothing, I’ll ship ‘Gu Cheng’ for life!”

This was the first reversal of events – Shi Yuanhao wasn’t as innocent as he appeared to be, and Qi Chang’an had a reason for hitting him. And many fans had already simulated the scenes and conversations, trying to analyse the motives behind Xu Luoyang’s sudden anger and Qi Chang’an directly taking action.

Of course, it was Zheng Dong who set out to steer the direction of the comments in the first place.

It was already three in the morning and in the room, several people were gathered around for a snack. Lu Di nibbled on three chicken legs in a row and finished a whole glass of juice in one gulp before asking Zheng Dong, “Zheng Ge, do we still have to keep putting out news?”

“No more releases.” Zheng Dong finished his fourth cup of coffee for the night and rubbed the corner of his forehead, “Break it up, break it up, everyone should go to bed, work hard tomorrow morning and try to have the recording out by 7:30. It’s almost exactly the time when commuters are taking the underground and students are on their way to school. When this is done, I’ll let Luoyang give everyone a red packet,” he said, laughing as he put his glass down.

When everyone had left, Zheng Dong looked at Lu Di who was sitting still, “Di Zi, aren’t you going to bed?”

Lu Di asked rhetorically, “Zheng Ge aren’t you going?”

“No, I’m going to settle in here tonight and until the end of the day, who knows if things will go wrong.” Zheng Dong looked at the data displayed on the screen, “There’s not even any big move yet, it looks like Wu Bi has already given up on Shi Yuanhao.” He tapped his fingers on the table, “but this is indeed his style. Wu Bi has always only liked artists who listen.”

If they didn’t listen to him, of course, he would have to give them up.

Lu Di continued to nibble on a corn and said incomprehensively, “Then I’ll stay here for the night too, so I can switch with you to keep an eye on the data.”

Zheng Dong nodded and smiled, “That’s good, your Zheng Ge I, I’m really not young and my energy is a bit low.”

The room was quiet, a slight current sound could be heard and every now and then a data message alert would sound. After nibbling on three pieces of corn, Lu Di found a topic, “Zheng Ge, you just said that Wu Bi likes artists who listen to him, but this Shi Yuanhao doesn’t seem to be very obedient.”

Zheng Dong didn’t answer directly but asked rhetorically, “In your opinion, what kind of person is Shi Yuanhao?”

“Good looking, not a bad actor in general, a bit impulsive, doesn’t speak very politely to people and doesn’t really know how to read the occasion and is easily offended.”

“That’s true, but have you noticed that he’s always been popular.”

Stunned, Lu Di thought back for a moment, “It does seem that way, and even when the surveillance video was exposed, there were still many fans speaking up for him. He said that he, Shi Yuanhao, has always been like this, too straightforward and unable to speak, which is why he had accidentally offended Mr. Qi and Luoyang, and hoped that Mr. Qi and Luoyang would forgive him.”

“Quite clever.” Zheng Dong had the intention to teach him,” he said, “that’s why the entertainment circle likes to fu*k with personas. You see, because Shi Yuanhao’s persona is straightforward with a low emotional quotient, even if he pisses someone off, he has a good reason – I have a low EQ and can’t speak well! If you are really angry with me, you are not broad-minded but small-minded.”

Lu Di nodded repeatedly, “Moral blackmail!”

“And then you look at Shi Yuanhao, even though he’s straightforward and doesn’t talk over his head, he’s actually on variety shows and stuff like that, and this low emotional intelligence is on point. That was why I was saying, ‘he listens’.” When he saw Lu Di nod, Zheng Dong continued, “Wu Bi drew a circle for him to say and do whatever he wanted, and Shi Yuanhao had to do as he was asked. He himself knew that his current popularity had been built up by Wu Bi for him, so he had to listen to Wu Bi.”

Lu Di caught on a little, “But he’s an impulsive and irascible character himself, and a big part of this reckless and direct screw-up is, in large part, provoking the authority of his manager? Or is it a fight for his voice, not wanting to be kept under the thumb of his agent and be a puppet at his mercy?”

“Hmm, brilliant! It seems like the corn you’ve been eating so much is working after all.” Zheng Dong laughed again and leaned back into his chair, “But Shi Yuanhao didn’t figure out two things, one is that his own IQ isn’t enough to support him in provoking his manager. Wu Bi will simply crush him, okay? The second is that the selection of Qi Chang’an and Luoyang to help him fulfil his purpose was the wrong choice from the start.”

The next morning at 8am, #carparkrecording# replaced the previous hot topics as the number one hot topic and the buzz exploded straight away, with places like the Cape Forum building tall buildings to the sky.

“–Deliberately hiding entertainment reporters and then making provocative remarks, once failing to do so, going so far as to directly attack and slander the other person’s deceased parents to achieve his own ends, asking Shi Yuanhao to learn to behave again before learning to act!!”

“–Director Xu Qunqing slept with a lot of actresses? Lin Zhiyi cheated with a male artist? Xu Luoyang’s father is unknown? What trash, a sewer is cleaner than your mouth!”

“–Good grief! Lin Zhiyi is my goddess and director Xu is really a very good director, for crying out loud! Shi Yuanhao is really black for life! My heart goes out to Xu Luoyang, whose parents died so long ago and now he’s being poked by scum like this! I’d fight him too! Hit him hard!”

Xue Ying yawned, her blood red eyes glistening as she stared at the laptop screen, “Zheng Ge, we don’t need to bring it, the wind of the comments has completely fallen to our side.” As she said this, she let out a long sigh of relief.

”You’ve worked hard.” Zheng Dong looked at the screen refreshing with the hot topic of ‘Shi Yuanhao roll out of the entertainment industry’, and didn’t have much sympathy – if he hadn’t been paying attention, the person who would have been asked to roll out of the entertainment industry, might have been Xu Luoyang.

Thinking of this, his expression turned cold and he instructed Lu Di, “Contact Liang Qiu and tell him to get ready to move.”

Half an hour later, an internationally renowned director, who had semi-retired, posted a message on his infrequently updated Weibo account.

“Back then, Lin Zhiyi died of illness and Xu Qunqing fell ill in bed shortly afterwards. When I visited him, he told me that after Zhiyi’s departure, he was just an ordinary man who had lost his wife and no longer had the inspiration or talent to make films, and that the only thing he wanted was to follow his late wife.

The depth of affection between these two is already comparable to that of the mountains and the sea. And Qunqing’s contribution to the film industry as a director is known throughout the world, and his name is bound to be in every textbook on the recent history of cinema. When I heard the recording in the morning, I was filled with indignation: How dare you!”

Subsequently, this passage was reposted by countless well-known directors and screenwriters, and the incident continued to fester, having risen from a vicious insult by an artist of low character to a humiliation of a deceased film artist.

Xu Luoyang’s fans went to the bottom of Shi Yuanhao’s latest Weibo update and in a neat line and in a polite tone, asked: Shall we crowdfund to buy you a conveyor belt to transport you out of the entertainment industry?


Xu Nao Nao’s little emotions:

Mum, Dad, when will you come to my dreams? Nao Nao really misses you.

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