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Chapter 16.1


Noticing that Qi Chang’an had somehow stood next to the piano and had obviously been listening for a while Xu Luoyang stopped pressing the keys and sounded a little worried “Do you want to rest a little longer?” He pointed to his face, “You look terrible.”

Qi Chang’an’s lips usually looked pale because of his poor health, but today, his eyebrows still showed a bit more weariness and even the sharpness at the end of his eyes had weakened quite a bit.

But it was this somewhat frail look that Xu Luoyang found so beautiful – this time he finally knew why there was such a term as “sick beauty”. Faced with such a Qi Chang’an, Xu Luoyang’s tone softened…

He was really worried that if he exhaled, Chang’an would be blown over!

“I’ve already taken my medicine, don’t worry.” Qi Chang’an shook his head gently and the corners of his pale lips curved up.

Xu Luoyang was instantly struck by this smile and felt that at this moment, Qi Chang’an’s smile was just like the mist in the alpine forest in the early morning. He looked at it for two more moments and suddenly stood up “Wait for me, I’ll be back right away!” With that, he ran away.

When Xu Luoyang came back again, he had a thin black jacket in his hand. He handed it to Qi Chang’an “Why don’t you put this on? Your shirt seems a bit too thin. This is a new one. I haven’t worn it yet.”

Qi Chang’an took it and wore it directly. The jacket had a stand-up collar and the neckline was embroidered with fine silver threads which set off his delicate jawline. The more Xu Luoyang looked at him in it, the more he felt it looked better on Qi Chang’an than on he himself!

Satisfied, he sat down on the piano stool then subconsciously moved to give up half of his seat, “Want to sit with me?”

But the moment he asked, he regretted it. He knew that Qi Chang’an didn’t like physical contact with people and was thinking of how to save the situation when he saw Qi Chang’an sit next to him naturally.

As the two grown men sat on the same piano bench, they were inevitably close together, their shoulders rubbing against each other every now and then. Xu Luoyang even smelled a familiar scent on Qi Chang’an’s body – the smell of the shower gel he used.

He was already used to smelling it, but this time it smelled especially good!

“You’re writing a tune?” Qi Chang’an’s voice was very close and low and muffled because he wasn’t feeling well.

Xu Luoyang nodded his head and rubbed his tingling ears which were inexplicably uncomfortable. But he had always been open minded and quickly ignored this discomfort. Pointing to a stack of messy paper on the music stand, Xu Luoyang smiled and said, “I was just reading the script and suddenly got a little inspiration, so I wanted to play a piece to try it out.”

“Was it inspired by Xu Zhan?”

“You heard it?” Xu Luoyang looked at Qi Chang’an with some surprise then spoke much faster, “Yes, I just thought of it when I was reading Xu Zhan’s lines and I was also thinking of him when I was writing the song just now.”

Xu Luoyang felt like he had found his soulmate, “Xu Zhan has a complicated life. At first he was quiet and introverted, with a kind of calmness beyond his peers, in contrast to my character Qin Chao.

Later, after the tragic death of his family, he killed the murderer himself and continued to work as an ordinary carpenter. If Qin Chao hadn’t returned to the town, he might have lived his life in peace and kept this secret for the rest of his life.”

Qi Chang’an picked up on that, “So your piece conveys the ultimate despair?”

“Yes, because at the moment of the murder he knew that although he had taken his revenge, he had lost his family and was about to lose the only friend he had grown up with.”

“Hmm,” Qi Chang’an agreed, “Qin Chao was a police officer with a sense of justice, so he was no longer able to get along with Qin Chao openly.”

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