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Chapter 43.2

Taking the water Qi Chang’an handed him, Xu Luoyang finished it in one gulp and looking at the greenish black bags under his eyes, asked, “What time is it?”

“Seven o’clock.”

“Did you just stay up all night?” His brows furrowing, Xu Luoyang hastily moved in then lifted the covers and patted the bed, “Come on up. While it’s still early, catch some sleep and I’m already awake, so don’t worry about me.”

Qi Chang’an hesitated, but the words that he had intended to say in refusal quickly turned into ‘alright’ when he met Xu Luoyang’s clear eyes. Taking off his jacket, he laid down under the covers. The temperature inside was very high and the warmth of the person lying next to him invaded him impermeably, as if it wanted to melt into his flesh and blood.

In his mind, lines of words came back as if they were engraved in it, ‘It’s snowing and suddenly I miss him.’ ‘Why do I like him so much?’ ‘It’s been so long since I’ve seen Qi Qi, I want to dream of him every night.’

It was like a burn to his soul. Qi Chang’an had never before hoped that he would one day be able to get a response from Xu Luoyang.

It was as if a light had suddenly shone in a cold, dark corner.

But he had absolutely no idea how he could explain to Xu Luoyang that he wasn’t a demon and he had no idea how to explain why his body was so bad, why his eyes turned blue, why he hated red roses, and what his family was like.

The moment he finished looking through those posts, it was as if he had been given a sweet and sour fruit which he wanted to keep forever and live the rest of his life smelling its sweet aroma. He even thought to himself that it would be better to let Xu Luoyang misunderstand that he was a demon of unknown origin so that the one he loved the most wouldn’t discover how twisted and dark he really was inside.

Reaching out, Xu Luoyang waved his hand in front of Qi Chang’an’s eyes with worry in his eyes, “Chang’an, you should sleep for a while, you look really bad.”

Qi Chang’an returned to his senses, “Alright, but what about you?”

“I’m going to take a nap together with you too!” Xu Luoyang’s eyebrows rose in an arc and remembering the kiss that had landed on his eyelids, the tips of his ears reddened a little, “You–” Only able to say one word, Xu Luoyang couldn’t continue and shrinking back under the covers, felt his body temperature start to rise again so he whispered, “Forget it, get some sleep first!” When you wake up, I’ll ask you why you kissed me in secret while I was sleeping.

Finding that Qi Chang’an had turned off the light, Xu Luoyang got out from under the covers again and looking at the hazy outline of Qi Chang’an’s figure in the faint morning light, he remembered that he hadn’t seen his mobile phone since he woke up as well as Wang Yuxing’s name coming from the doorway earlier and so said tentatively, “I’ll just ask one question and then go to sleep afterwards.”

Qi Chang’an’s voice was close by, “Okay, what do you want to ask?”

“After I fainted backstage, nothing serious happened, right?”

Qi Chang’an gave an ‘en’ sound, “No, and if something did happen, Zheng Dong would have sorted it out.”

With a rough idea in mind, Xu Luoyang didn’t ask any further questions.

The room fell silent once more and Xu Luoyang closed his eyes, but his mood was one of suppressed excitement. The person he liked was lying next to him and his breathing was audible, how could he possibly sleep! But fearing that he might interfere with Qi Chang’an’s ability to catch up on his sleep, Xu Luoyang restrained himself from moving and giggled sillily to himself, but somehow, he was still discovered.

“Nao Nao can’t sleep?”

Hearing this ‘Nao Nao’, Xu Luoyang couldn’t help but say what was on his mind in a soft tone, “En, I can’t sleep a bit.” Then gathering his courage, said the second half of the sentence, “Can I….. hold you for a while as I try to fall asleep? I can’t sleep.”

When he was done saying this, he didn’t even dare to blink, fearing rejection.

But after a few seconds, he found himself swept up into Qi Chang’an’s arms, causing his muscles to tense up, then the middle of his back was patted gently by Qi Chang’an’s hand, “Nao Nao, relax.”

Xu Luoyang subconsciously did as he was told and then received a compliment from Qi Chang’an, “Good boy.”

“Hands around my waist.”

The tips of his fingers trembling slightly, Xu Luoyang raised his hands carefully and wrapped them obediently around Qi Chang’an’s waist. They were so close together that they seemed to be able to feel each other’s heartbeats in an extremely intimate position.

Five fingers tightening slightly, Xu Luoyang clutched Qi Chang’an’s shirt, took a few shallow breaths and said in a very light whisper, “I found out earlier.”

The room was very quiet and with the two so close together, Xu Luoyang’s voice was clear as he continued, “I know you stole a kiss from me just now.”

Qi Chang’an didn’t speak.

After mentally admonishing himself three times in a row that he couldn’t wimp out, Xu Luoyang finally got the words out, “So, can….. you give me another kiss?” After the words were said, his mouth turned so dry that it about caught fire.

Hearing these words, Qi Chang’an’s breath stagnated. He could feel Xu Luoyang’s tension and anticipation– such a Xu Luoyang, was one that he couldn’t refuse at all.

So the next second, Xu Luoyang felt a kiss land on his forehead, followed by Qi Chang’an’s low and gentle voice, “Nao Nao be good, go to sleep.”

Noticing Qi Chang’an’s lack of rejection, Xu Luoyang decided to misbehave a little, demanding boldly, “Can I have more?”

Three seconds later, another kiss landed on his brow.

“Down…. a little below.”

Soft lips slid down slowly, gently touching the bridge of his nose.

“A little further down…. okay?”

The kiss fell to the tip of his nose.

Xu Luoyang’s voice shook, “A little further down.”

This time, Qi Chang’an didn’t move for a long time. Xu Luoyang also relaxed his breathing, not making a sound.

It was unknown how long it took, but a very soft sigh sounded from the darkness, and then Qi Chang’an rested his elbows on the bed to support his body, and then lowered his head and took Xu Luoyang’s lips in a precious, restrained manner.

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