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Chapter 45.1

Zheng Dong was busy until after one in the afternoon, when he took Lu Di to the hospital, however as soon as he opened the door, he saw a scene that was so spicy that he couldn’t help but hold his forehead, “Xu Luoyang, did you break your arm?”

Xu Luoyang drank the spoonful of porridge fed to him by Qi Chang’an, looked at Zheng Dong who was standing in the doorway then said with a very good reason, “I am a patient!” After saying that, he looked down at the bowl again and his voice softened, “Chang’an, I want to eat lotus seeds!”

Qi Chang’an scooped a full-shaped lotus seed good naturedly, blew on it till it was cold then fed it to Xu Luoyang.

Seeing this, Zheng Dong raised his eyebrows, “You guys?”

“Yeah, we’re together!” Xu Luoyang couldn’t wait to say it, continuing in a braggadocios tone, “We’re in a relationship.” And with that he bit into his spoon, Qi Chang’an watching him with a smile as he smiled along with him.

“……” This was even spicier.

After taking two chairs and putting them next to the bed, Zheng Dong sat down with Lu Di then took a good look at Xu Luoyang’s face, “Seriously, are you okay?”

“I’m okay, it’s just that my head is still a bit heavy, but if you ask me to go out for a 5,000 meter run now, there will definitely be no problem at all.” Even though Xu Luoyang said this, he still accepted Qi Chang’an feeding him with no misgivings.

Looking away, Zheng Dong asked himself mentally, was this the legendary appeal of love?

“Then get some rest, as for work–“

“Zheng Ge, I’m fully aware of what’s going on.” Xu Luoyang interrupted him for the first time in a rare moment, trying to sound lighter, “There’s no need to look at Chang’an, he hid it from me too and even hid my cell phone. I guessed the truth with my own wits.”

Lu Di had been instructed by Zheng Dong not to mention this before they arrived, but now that Xu Luoyang knew about it, he couldn’t help but speak up, “That Wang Yuxing is so disgusting! It’s not enough to have someone pretend to be one of Xu Ge’s classmates to slander him, he actually created a so-called victim.”

“Di Zi you have to be calm, because it’s not cost effective to be angry about this, what’s more I haven’t done anything. Wang Yuxing can at best only make falsehoods to frame me, but falsehoods can never become true.”

Xu Luoyang ran through his schedule for the next few days and said to Zheng Dong, “Zheng Ge, aren’t we scheduled to go to the endorsement talks this afternoon and the morning after? Let’s skip those for now.”

In his heart of hearts, he knew that the situation was escalating. The truth wasn’t clear yet, and so the companies that had been going to sign him on as brand spokesperson had to be hesitant.

Zheng Dong nodded his head, “Alright.” He looked at Xu Luoyang who was still smiling and sighed softly, “The situation is under control for now. As long as we can find evidence to prove that you had nothing to do with the things that have been spread online then things will be okay.”

Lu Di’s tone sounded bad as he said, “It’s obvious that we are being framed, yet we have to find our own evidence to prove our innocence!”

Zheng Dong didn’t respond to his words, continuing, “But there’s a difficulty here.”

“The position and attitude of the film school, right?” When Zheng Dong nodded, Xu Luoyang continued, “My expulsion is a foregone conclusion, and the school, even if it wants to save its own face, won’t take the initiative to testify on my behalf to say that it was a miscarriage of justice back then.”

After watching Xu Luoyang’s expression carefully, Zheng Dong asked cautiously, “What was the situation like back then? Is there any room for maneuver?”

“It’s hard to say.” Xu Luoyang’s smile faded a little, “Dai Xueqing was at the helm of the Huali Group, and at the time few people dared to go up against him; it would be an understatement to say that he was a man of great power. At that time, he pressured the school to expel me and the school acquiesced, but said that they had to have a reason to expel a student. So a month later, the school received ‘proof’ – that ‘I’ had paid a few thugs to bully a girl who was depressed, leading her to attempt sucde. “

“And then what?” Zheng Dong frowned, “And you weren’t even talked to or anything?”

“Of course not. This evidence gave the school enough reason and I was notified straight away that I had been expelled. I had originally been going to go to the school to ask about it, but was stopped.”

“Zhang Zhe?”

“Yes, it was Uncle Zhang. He grew up with my parents in the same orphanage and they were always very close. I’ve heard my mum talk about him many times before, saying he got the best grades, got into one of the top universities in the US and settled there.”

“He took me straight out of school then bought me a ticket. On the way to the airport, I realized it was all Dai Xueqing’s doing. Uncle Zhang told me that he had only just heard about it and had rushed back from abroad, but he was still too late. The best thing to do was to let me study abroad where Dai Xueqing’s influence wasn’t as strong so that I would be able to finish my studies without interference.”

Xu Luoyang smiled, “Because my parents are orphans, I have no family in C Country, so I thought I had to at least finish my studies and so agreed to go. Originally, Uncle Zhang was going to take me to the US, but I thought him coming back to help me was already kind of him, so not wanting to disturb his life anymore, I ended up going to Europe.”

After careful consideration, Xu Luoyang affirmed, “In the evidence submitted to the school, both the perpetrator and the victim should be Dai Xueqing’s people, and the medical records and sucde attempt should also be fictitious. So the breakthrough on that end is definitely blocked, we can’t prove that I didn’t do what happened back then.”

“I came back from abroad because of the serious infighting in Dai Xueqing’s Huali and because he lost his power and was exiled to South America. Now that the matter has been reopened, it’s not certain whether it’s Wang Yuxing’s own idea or Dai Xueqing’s.”

“To prove that Luoyang didn’t do it, we can get Dai Xueqing to admit it himself.” Qi Chang’an, who hadn’t said a word suddenly spoke up, his expression distinctly cold, “As long as he admits it himself, that he ordered all this, then no dirty water can be thrown on Luoyang.”

But they all knew how difficult this approach was.

Feeling that the topic was too heavy, Xu Luoyang smiled and said, “Zheng Ge, you don’t have to worry so much. What I haven’t done is what I haven’t done, and even if it should be sent to court, I will still say so. It’s just that it’s going to be hard for you and Xue Ying in the next few days, besides, I don’t have any work to do in the next few days anyway, so we can give Sister Lan and Ya Ya a break.”

“Okay.” Zheng Dong nodded, changing the subject in tandem, “Do you think you should go home or stay in the hospital?”

“Of course it’s go home! The hospital bed is too narrow. When I lay down with Chang’an, I always feel as if I’ll fall off if I’m not careful!”

“……” Zheng Dong took a deep breath and not wanting to look at Xu Luoyang any more, simply asked Qi Chang’an, ” Mr. Qi, should I arrange the car, or should Luoyang follow you?”

“I’ll go with Chang’an!” Xu Luoyang was very energetic, poking Qi Chang’an’s hand with his finger again and again, whispering, “Chang’an, can I go with you?”

“You can.” Using his right hand to hold Xu Luoyang’s fingers, Qi Chang’an spoke in a softer tone, “Liang Qiu is waiting in the car park, I’ll take Luoyang back.”

After a few more words, Zheng Dong took Lu Di with him, preparing to go back to the office, but before he did that he told Xu Luoyang to keep his cell phone on 24/7. When he reached the door, he turned to close it and saw that something had fallen from Xu Luoyang’s hand and that he bent down to pick it up. Qi Chang’an, almost instinctively, reached over and blocked the sharp corner of the bedside table to prevent Xu Luoyang from hitting his head.

Closing the door, Zheng Dong stood in the corridor then asked Lu Di, puzzled, “Tell me, what exactly do you think Qi Chang’an sees in Xu Luoyang?”

Lu Di said bluntly, “I like cute girls, so I don’t really get it.”


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