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Chapter 24.1

Under the cover of the thin blanket on his body, no one noticed anything different about him. Qi Chang’an sat up from the bed and looked at Xu Luoyang, not knowing what to say for a while.

He had never imagined that he would have a physiological reaction under such circumstances.

Xu Luoyang sat on the edge of the bed, raised his hand, waved to Director Zhang, and waited for him to come from behind the camera before he smiled as he deliberated, “Director Zhang, can we change this a little bit? To something like…. smelling the fingers or something?”

He was worried that Qi Chang’an might have forgotten his words because he wasn’t used to being so intimate with people.

Director Zhang had also thought of this so he looked at Qi Chang’an who hadn’t said anything and asked, “Chang’an, what do you think?”

“It’s okay, no need to change.” Qi Chang’an shook his head, “I was only a little uncomfortable just now, but there will be no more problems.”

“Alright, then let’s stick to the original.” Director Zhang said then, “Attention all departments, let’s take another shot. Scene 35, 2 take of ‘Divergent Road’!

This time, neither of them had any problems and even though Director Zhang wasn’t satisfied with the lighting and angle and reshot the scene three times, Qi Chang’an and Xu Luoyang cooperated well. At the same time, Xu Luoyang and Director Zhang believed that the initial forgetting of words must have been because Qi Chang’an wasn’t quite used to the intimacy.

When Xu Luoyang got out of bed, he took his shirt from Lu Di, put it on and saw screenwriter Cheng Jing who was standing next to Director Zhang waving at them. He turned back to call Qi Chang’an and found that he was staring at the pattern of the quilt. He called out twice before he got a response.

Subconsciously reaching out to touch Qi Chang’an’s forehead, Xu Luoyang was a bit worried, “When I was lying under the quilt just now, I felt that your body temperature was a bit high, is it because you are not feeling well?”

Qi Chang’an shook his head, “I’m okay. Maybe the temperature is too high because the heater is on here.”

Xu Luoyang looked at Qi Chang’an’s face twice more carefully and seeing that there was really nothing wrong was reassured, “Let’s go, scriptwriter Cheng wants us to go over.”

Cheng Jing, wearing a pair of black-framed glasses on the bridge of his nose was holding a palm-sized notebook in his hand. Reaching out to push it up, he asked, “Did you guys feel anything after this scene?”

Xu Luoyang and Qi Chang’an looked at each other, “Which part?”

“The part where Qin Chao and Xu Zhan got along.”

Xu Luoyang thought for a moment then spoke first, “In the relationship between the two, Qin Chao is clearly dominant and this pattern should have been established from the time they were in school.”

Seeing Cheng Jing nod, he continued, “The two are very different. Xu Zhan is introverted, talks very little and concentrates on his work. Qin Chao is very outgoing, and he might have been one of those teenagers who played basketball, played the flirt and got into fights when he was in school, like a hot-blooded teenager in a comic book. Later, when he grew up, he became a hot-blooded young man and became a police officer because his sense of justice exploded.”

Qi Chang’an continued, “In this scene, the two of them don’t get along. There is no problem with Qin Chao, but there is a problem with Xu Zhan.”

Xu Luoyang also nodded, “I think so too.”

With a twirl of his fingers, Cheng Jing raised his eyebrows, “Why do you say that?”

“Xu Zhan cares about Qin Chao too much.” Qi Chang’an’s expression when he was thinking about the issue was very attractive. His voice wasn’t too fast and he seemed very rational, “Xu Zhan indeed feels guilty and uneasy when he faces Qin Chao because he killed someone and Qin Chao is both a good friend and a policeman, but he feels a little more than a bit of guiltiness and uneasiness.”

At this point, a chord twitched in his heart.

Feels… a little more?

Seeing that Qi Chang’an had stopped talking, Xu Luoyang continued, “I also felt that Xu Zhan’s emotions shouldn’t have been so volatile.”

Cheng Jing opened the lid of his pen, wrote and drew in his notebook and then said, “There is a hidden plot here.”

“Ah?” Xu Luoyang was a bit confused and surprised – it was like playing a game and suddenly a hidden plot appeared.

“The director and I had been careful not to release this episode before, fearing that it might not be properly acted and that it might add to the drama.” Cheng Jing smiled, a bit of excitement in his usually gentle tone, “But now it seems we don’t have to worry anymore. You guys interpreted the characters very well and were able to grasp them completely.”

Intrigued by his words, Xu Luoyang asked what the hidden plot was repeatedly, but Cheng Jing said he would show it to them when it was perfected. Qi Chang’an didn’t say anything as he stared at the spots of light falling on the ground.

Their lunch was eaten in the dressing room, with three dishes and one soup. Xu Luoyang picked out the carrots from his bowl and while eating, swiped through Weibo and saw that the topic that was hanging on the number five of the hot search was – # Xu Luoyang jealous.

As he looked at it, Xu Luoyang couldn’t restrain himself, “Da*n! Experts are really among the people! Why do even I believe it after reading their reasoning?”

Qi Chang’an was using his chopsticks to put the rest of the carrots into his lunch box and giving half of his ribs to Xu Luoyang. He asked him as he looked up, “What reasoning?”

“I reached out to cover your eyes before, right? A fan next to us took pictures of it and posted it on Weibo. I guess it was because it aroused people’s enthusiasm as they looked at the pictures, and the fans’ imagination was so amazing that they deduced countless possibilities, so I accidentally went on the hot search.”

Xu Luoyang put his chopsticks down and went to join the fun enthusiastically.

“Xu Luoyang: #Xu Luoyang jealous# The official answer to the rumors, is that I’ve never been jealous! And, at that time, I just asked Chang’an to help me look at my palm.”

After clicking send, Xu Luoyang took two sips of soup and then thumbed down to refresh the page but to his surprise, the comments that came up were all ‘I’ll rub your head, don’t get angry. I’ll give you my share, okay?’

Even the punctuation marks were exactly the same as Qi Chang’an’s previous comment.

“……” Xu Luoyang felt hurt.

He put his mobile phone upside down on top of the table and quickly ate two pieces of ribs to comfort himself before suddenly asking, “Chang’an, what do you think the hidden plot the scriptwriter spoke about is?”

“I know what it is.”

Greatly shocked, Xu Luoyang couldn’t even eat the ribs, “Please tell me the plot!”

Qi Chang’an didn’t say anything.

But Xu Luoyang, who had been with him for so long knew the essence of scheming and didn’t hesitate at all to say, “Chang’an Ge-ge, please give me a spoiler!”

The corner of Qi Chang’an’s mouth curved a little, “The hidden plot should be that Xu Zhan has a crush on Qin Chao.”

“A crush?” Xu Luoyang reacted after a few seconds of bewilderment, “Xu Zhan likes Qin Chao?”

He bit his chopsticks as he thought along this line of thought, “It is indeed possible and this would explain Xu Zhan’s extraordinary interest in Qin Chao. With Xu Zhan’s character, he might have been bullied in school or ostracised and Qin Chao must have have protected him. This complementarity has a particularly strong appeal. Xu Zhan gradually developed a fondness for Qin Chao over time and rightly so.”

Qi Chang’an looked at him, his voice a little soft, “It doesn’t disgust you?”

“Are you talking about people of the same sex loving each other?” Xu Luoyang shook his head with a piece of rib in his mouth, “It doesn’t. It’s just like being a picky eater, everyone can decide what kind of food they like and who they love. For example, if I don’t like carrots, people can’t say I’m not a good person just because of that reason alone.”

“Hmm.” Qi Chang’an squeezed his chopsticks and moved his eyes – Xu Zhan likes Qin Chao, but what about me?

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