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Chapter 14.2

In the middle of the night, Xu Luoyang woke up from a nightmare. He took his mobile phone and looked at the time– it was 2:30 am. Dazed, he got out of bed in confusion and slipped into his slippers, opened the bedroom door and went to pour water to drink.

However when he reached out to turn on the lights, he almost jumped out of his skin when he saw the figure on the balcony. After two more glances, d*mn, Qi Chang’an was still awake? After their long day of bus to plane transfers, Xu Luoyang had basically fallen asleep the moment his head hit his pillow.

After thinking about it, he stood next to Qi Changan with a glass of water and asked, “Still awake?” After saying that, he yawned.

It was already autumn, and the evening breeze was a little cooler, making Xu Luoyang regret that he didn’t wear long-sleeved pajamas.

“Hmm, I couldn’t sleep.” Qi Chang’an propped his arm on the railing, looking at the neon lights that were lit up in the distance, and suddenly said, “Today is the day of my parents’ memorial.”

This answer was beyond the scope of his question! Xu Luoyang quickly thought about how to comfort him in this situation, but then knew that he didn’t know how to comfort people. Besides, words wouldn’t do enough justice.

So Xu Luoyang turned around, took two steps forward, and opened his arms to give Qi Chang’an a hug, but in order not to spill the water in the glass, his posture was a little awkward.

Xu Luoyang tried to back away after the hug_, but found that Qi Chang’an had wrapped his arms around him, clearly not ready to let go. After thinking about it, he continued to hold the glass of water, maintaining his posture with difficulty.

Alright, let’s hug and let me share a little warmth with you, so you can be a little less sad.

It was only after ten seconds that he heard Qi Chang’an’s voice, low and mute, “Actually, I’m not sure whether I’m sad or not.”

Seemingly not needing an answer, Qi Chang’an went on, “I don’t remember much about my father. He was always away from home and very busy every day, he rarely spoke to me. And my mother… she was always very weepy, I remember her crying all the time.”

She would cry and feed him all kinds of medicine and would cry to make him cooperate with the doctor’s examination and treatment. He was trapped in the hospital bed day after day, listening to his mother constantly saying that she loved him as she cried, but this so-called love made him feel afraid.

Noticing that Qi Chang’an’s whole body was shaking slightly, as if he was trying desperately to suppress the emotions in his heart, Xu Luoyang moved gently and pushed him away, “Chang’an, wait for me for a minute, I’ll go get something.”

Not long after, Xu Luoyang ran back and put the object in his hand into Qi Chang’an’s palm.

“My mother used to tell me, that if you have something sad in your heart, you can whisper it to the stone and then throw the stone far, far away so that all those unhappy things will also be far, far away from you.” Xu Luoyang looked at Qi Chang’an intently, “Chang’an, do you want to try?”

Looking down at the two very small stones in his hands, Qi Chang’an didn’t want to refuse Xu Luoyang. He took one of them and after holding it for half a minute, threw it far away with force.

The moment the stone was thrown out, no trace of it could be seen, but Qi Chang’an suddenly felt that the gloom weighing down his heart was really lifted off for a moment, allowing him to catch his breath.

The next morning, Xu Luoyang was frying eggs in the kitchen with his apron on while yawning uncontrollably.

It was already nine o’clock but he was torn whether to go and wake Qi Chang’an up or not, but then he accidentally recalled last night. When he had accompanied Qi Chang’an on the balcony for more than half an hour, the mosquitoes didn’t bite Qi Chang’an but concentrated on him, creating red spots all over his neck and arms that looked very gruesome.

At that moment, the sound of the doorbell rang, and a not-so-good feeling popped up in Xu Luoyang’s heart. He dawdled as he moved to open the door and sure enough, it was Zheng Dong.

What an unlucky moment!

Zheng Dong stood at the door and looking at Xu Luoyang with a spatula in his right hand, dressed in pajamas and with an apron tied around his waist, he didn’t know what to say for a while.

It was Xu Luoyang, who having excellent mental qualities greeted first, “Brother Zheng, good morning! Ha ha ha ha, long time no see!”

Just then, Qi Chang’an’s voice rang out behind him, “Luoyang, I think I heard someone ringing the doorbell?”

Looking at Qi Chang’an who came out of the bedroom and was wearing couple pajamas and couple slippers with Xu Luoyang, and then looking at Xu Luoyang who had some red marks showing on the edge of his collar, Zheng Dong’s heart jumped, and a bad feeling in his heart, he lowered his voice, “Xu Luoyang, explain clearly, what is this situation?!”

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