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Chapter 59.2

However, during the next stretch of the journey, Xu Luoyang became much more relaxed. He grabbed Qi Chang’an’s shirt with both hands and kept a watchful eye for signs of disturbance or trouble in the surroundings. After a moment of thought, he opened his mouth, “Director Wen said that the mission item is here, but all I’ve seen as we’ve walked through is just barren walls, I haven’t seen anything special yet.”

Qi Chang’an noticed the figure standing in the shadow. Covering Xu Luoyang’s eyes, he told him, “Don’t open your eyes when you hear any sounds later.”

Xu Luoyang nodded, “Okay, I won’t open my eyes.”

Following that, Xu Luoyang first heard Qi Chang’an’s footsteps, then the shouts of the cameramen behind him, and then the unclear sound of clothes rubbing together. Standing still, with his eyes closed, he was a little curious, “Chang’an, what are you doing? Can I open my eyes now?”

“You can.”

When Xu Luoyang opened his eyes, he saw that Qi Chang’an had already subdued a ‘ghost’ and tied his hands together with his own ‘long tongue’ that had fallen out, the manner in which Qi Chang’an had done so a very standard ‘strong bullying the weak type’. This scene was somewhat magical, and after standing still for a while, Xu Luoyang suddenly came to his senses and quickly run to stand behind Qi Chang’an’s back, saying as he did so, “Chang’an is the most powerful!” His tone very proud.

Blocking his view, Qi Chang’an asked the ‘ghost’, “Where is the mission item?”

The ‘ghost’ just shook his head, “I don’t know!”

“I’m asking for the last time, where is it?”

The crew member pretending to be a ‘ghost’ looked at Qi Chang’an’s sharp eyes and feeling a little that he couldn’t hold on, said in his heart, ‘Brothers, I’m sorry, I’m going to surrender.’ “The mission item is inside the stone table in front.”

Xu Luoyang sighed with feeling, “There’s even this kind of operation?” So if they didn’t interrogate the crew members forcefully, they might not find anything in the haunted house. Director Wen and the production team had really worked hard!

After that, perhaps because of the scene he had just witnessed, Xu Luoyang’s courage went up by fifty percent. Although he was still clutching Qi Chang’an’s hand tightly, he wasn’t as scared as he had been before and he kept saying on the way, “All the cold air is air condition, all the cold air is air condition…..”

The two cameramen who were following behind laughed so hard that they couldn’t stop.

After a winding road, they finally came across a strange-looking stone table and after observing it for two minutes, the two lifted the stone slab on the table together to reveal a metal box inside.

Exactly forty minutes later, Jiang Liu came out of the haunted house. He swung the card in his hand with excitement, “Xu Ge, Mr. Qi, I found the lunch ticket!”

Xu Luoyang ran over quickly, “Lunch ticket? That’s great! Here, a thumbs up for you!”

Following behind him, Qi Chang’an suddenly asked in a light told, “What about me?”

Immediately noticing that Qi Chang’an seemed a little unhappy, avoiding the cameras, Xu Luoyang hooked his little finger in Qi Chang’an’s then swayed them gently, smiling without saying a word.

The little bit of jealousy that had risen in his heart disappeared quickly and Qi Chang’an smiled as well.

The heart of Jiang Liu, who saw this clearly from the side was shaken— heavens the cp I’m supporting seems to be real! And it’s especially…. blinding!

Following the route according to the map they had taken earlier, the three of them arrived quickly at the dining area and with the lunch ticket, their dishes were very rich.

After Xu Luoyang sat down, he looked at the glass in front of Qi Chang’an and then went directly to the kitchen to change it. Jiang Liu was a bit confused, “Is there something wrong with that juice? Why did Xu Ge go and change it?”

His gaze fixed on Xu Luoyang, Qi Chang’an replied, “There’s nothing wrong with it. I just don’t drink apple juice because it upsets my stomach and I also don’t take drinks with ice in them.”

With just this plain and simple sentence, Jiang Liu felt that he had been hit with dog food!

Halfway through their meal, the other team of three arrived. Seeing Xu Luoyang gnawing on chicken wings, Song Yao’s expression instantly turned unpleasant, but soon changed to a smile as he went over to say hello, “It’s a shame that I didn’t get to be in your team.” His tone was very regretful.

Xu Luoyang really wanted to say, I don’t feel it’s a shame at all, however he just kept a smile on his face. After all, everyone on the scene could act.

Seeing that Xu Luoyang didn’t speak, Song Yao opened his mouth again, “I didn’t expect that you guys would finish so much faster than us and you even got the task items from the horror house. But there’s still time in the afternoon, so the outcome hasn’t been determined.”

Oh, it turns out he came to challenge them. Smiling, Xu Luoyang replied, “We just got lucky this morning. You guys can do it!”

Jiang Liu who was beside him laughed quietly and without having to look, knew that Song Yao’s expression must be very unpleasant.

After lunch, the three of them sat under the shade of the lawn outside and took out the metal box they had found in the horror house. The box contained a metal plate the size of a palm with confusing lines drawn on it. The three agreed that this was probably only a part and that several pieces needed to be pieced together in order to be able to see the complete content, so they put it aside.

The second item was a card. Jiang Liu read the words on the card out loud, “Friendly reminder, the door to the otherworld will open at exactly one o’clock.”

Xu Luoyang was lying on the lawn with his head resting on Qi Chang’an’s thigh and very relaxed, he asked, “At one o’clock? It’s not even half past twelve yet, so that’s thirty or forty minutes away. But the door to the otherworld? Is there such a place in the amusement park?”

Jiang Liu opened the picture of the map he had taken with his phone earlier and searched carefully, “There is no place related to the door in here. Could this sentence have another hidden meaning? Xu Ge, what do you think?”

Although they had been together for a few hours, Jiang Liu still didn’t dare talk to Qi Chang’an, feeling that he was too distant– based on the brilliant record of sweeping major film festivals with two films, Qi Chang’an had long been classified as ‘not an ordinary person’.

Xu Luoyang looked up at Qi Chang’an, “Chang’an, what do you think?” The afternoon sun was good and he was comfortable being hit by the sun and he was also facing Qi Chang’an, so his voice unconsciously became very soft. Jiang Liu beside him who was listening was a little surprised— Xu Ge, I never imagined that you would be like this!

Qi Chang’an raised his hand in a natural manner to adjust the hair that was blocking his eyes and said, “It should be in the Palace of Ursoia.”

When Jiang Liu heard this name, he looked down and quickly found the building marked with that name. “It’s in the southeast, a distance from us, but I just checked and we can get there by bike!”

The three of them packed their things and were ready to leave when Xu Luoyang asked Qi Chang’an, “How did you know it’s there? That Palace of Ur something?”

“Because in mythological stories, there is a wall in the Palace of Ursoia and as long as one can answer the questions that appear on the wall correctly, one can enter a beautiful otherworld through a door that appears on the wall.”

“You even know this! Chang’an, what’s in your brain, an encyclopedia?”

“Not an encyclopedia,” Qi Chang’an answered seriously, “It’s all you.”


Feeling his ears turn red, Xu Luoyang quickly took a few steps forward, feeling that it was simply impossible to continue this conversation.

However when they arrived at the place where the bikes had been parked, they discovered that there were only two bikes. Xu Luoyang felt that the production team must have done it on purpose, but he had to succumb and so suggested, “Jiang Liu, why don’t you ride one and Chang’an and I ride the other?”

The three of them agreed with this plan, but a problem arose again. Who would carry whom?

Qi Chang’an sat in the front and then tapped the back seat, “Come on.”

The sunshine shone through the shade of the trees and cast a hazy light on Qi Chang’an, making the scene very beautiful. Sitting down quickly, Xu Luoyang grabbed Qi Chang’an’s clothes at the waist with both hands then whispered, “You’re pampering me like this?” His smile as bright as the sunshine.

Holding the handlebars with both hands, Qi Chang’an looked at him with a smile, “If I don’t pamper you, who should I pamper?”

Jiang Liu, who was sitting on the bike next to them suddenly became worried— he didn’t know if that bike could carry such heavy dog food in addition.


Xu Nao Nao’s little emotions:

How did Qi Qi develop his words of love skills? I also want to learn it!

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