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Chapter 70.1

After being released from the kiss, Xu Luoyang with the expression of being clever even after he had gotten the advantage sat up and said with righteous indignation, “Mr. Qi, don’t think you can just get away with this! Let’s be sincere here, I said eleven words, didn’t I?”

Seeing that Xu Luoyang’s eyes were round, Qi Chang’an said, “Alright, right away.”

Sure enough, it wasn’t long before the notification on Xu Luoyang’s phone sounded again. He checked it quickly and— instead of the promised 11,000 yuan— saw the words ‘Qi Chang’an’.

Just as he was about to question this, he heard Qi Chang’an’s voice, “I’m giving myself to you, so Nao Nao, can you repeat what you said just now?”

Once again, Xu Luoyang realized deeply that Qi Chang’an had gotten farther and farther ahead on the path of sweet talking, so much so that even if he took a plane, he wouldn’t be able to catch up! Clearing his throat, he repeated seriously, “I really, really love you very very much.”

Hearing this, Qi Chang’an leaned his head in the crook of his neck and after a while, whispered back, “So do I.”

After watching the entire episode of ‘The Idiom Festival’ and with Qi Chang’an’s help, Xu Luoyang finished his evening routine laboriously and then was carried and placed on the bed. Drowsiness setting in, the moment he closed his eyes, he fell asleep right next to Qi Chang’an.

Xu Luoyang didn’t know how long he had been sleeping when he was woken up by the pain in his calf. He opened his eyes in a daze, then woke up fully a second later— Qi Chang’an was still awake and was watching him intently.

Seeing him awake, Qi Chang’an asked softly, “Does your wound hurt?”

“En, a little.” Looking at Qi Chang’an, the pain in Xu Luoyang’s heart overwhelmed even the pain coming from his leg.

He had thought that his energetic behavior and lack of visible fear would have reassured Qi Chang’an by now, but looking into Qi Chang’an’s eyes, he knew that wasn’t the case.

“Chang’an, you can’t sleep?”

“Mm, I can’t.” Qi Chang’an admitted in a rare moment of honesty as he reached out to caress Xu Luoyang’s face gently, his voice so soft it was as if it could be blown away by the night wind outside, “I don’t dare sleep. The moment I close my eyes, all I see is the steel plate falling and hitting you.”

His fingers moved down inch by inch then finally rested on Xu Luoyang’s neck, where the strong pulse offered him a measure of comfort.

“Nao Nao, I’m really scared.” Qi Chang’an paused for a few seconds before continuing, a bitter smile on his lips, “I wasn’t even this scared when Shen Zhe Mei took me to the operating table to remove my stomach.”

“Chang’an—” Xu Luoyang’s voice choked, his heart aching more for him than for the lingering fear of the incident.

“En.” Reaching out, Qi Chang’an hugged him carefully, treating him as he would a fragile object, and only after he was sure Xu Luoyang was safe in his arms did he rest his forehead against his gently, “You are my life.”

Without you, I won’t be able to survive.

Xu Luoyang’s heart felt like it was about to explode from sourness. Taking Qi Chang’an’s hand, he placed it on his heart, “Chang’an, feel it. My heart is still beating. Although I’m a bit unlucky, I’m top notch at avoiding disasters. I’m still alive and well, lying right next to you.”

Next, he touched his forehead, arms, waist and legs with Qi Chang’an’s hand and tried to smile, “See, everything is great. Aside from a few cuts, there’s not a single problem.”

After he finished saying this, he lifted up to bite Qi Chang’an’s lips, “It hurts right? It proves that you’re not dreaming! Your Nao Nao just bit you.”

Seeing Qi Chang’an laugh, he patted his back, “Okay, don’t be scared. Close your eyes, I’m here with you.”

However although he said this, after he closed his eyes, he fell asleep shortly afterwards. Qi Chang’an waited until he was deeply asleep before picking his phone and going to the living room to contact Liang Qiu.

“Get all the surveillance footage from the abandoned factory and its vicinity from the last few days. Look closely… Mm, I’ve watched the video of the scene over thirty times. There’s a problem. I need to rule out a possibility…… As soon as possible.”

After hanging up, Qi Chang’an turned and walked back to the bedroom. However he stopped at the doorway for a while to make sure that the cold air around him had dissipated before getting back into bed, where he kissed Xu Luoyang’s forehead softly, “Goodnight, my Nao Nao.”

Both of them had a restless sleep all night, with Xu Luoyang waking up more than once in a daze from the pain in his wound only to be coaxed back to sleep by Qi Chang’an.

However as soon as the day broke, Xu Luoyang opened his eyes and found that he really couldn’t sleep anymore, so thinking about it, he got up early, but after brushing his teeth, he regretted it and pulled Qi Chang’an back into bed with him and they stayed there, chatting away.

“Chang’an, when I was little, I had a particularly ambitious dream.”

“What was it?”

“I wanted to become a girl and marry my blanket so I could sleep in every day, but then I wanted to marry the air conditioner so I could stay cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Then I realized that I would have to divorce the blanket first, otherwise I’d be guilty of bigamy. At that time, I was really torn about who to give up, so I went to ask my mom and without missing a beat, she told me, ‘Nao Nao, you’re so silly. You can marry an air-conditioned blanket!'”

As Xu Luoyang said this, he started laughing first then turned to Qi Chang’an to ask, “Doesn’t my mom have a great talent for telling cold jokes?”

However after he was done saying this, he suddenly realized that he might have hit Qi Chang’an’s jealousy spot. He tried to fix it hurriedly, “Of course, things like blankets and air conditioners are too weak. If I really want to marry, I will definitely only choose my Mr. Qi!”

Seeing Qi Chang’an laughing, Xu Luoyang wiped his forehead dramatically, thinking he was really witty. Then getting carried away, suggested sincerely, “Mr. Qi, why not change your name to Mr. Vinegar?”

Then, he was pinned down by Qi Chang’an and kissed for a full eighteen minutes straight.

As it was early in the morning, it was easy for things to get heated. The two of them had just separated a bit to calm their physical reactions when at that moment, a phone rang. Reaching out, Qi Chang’an picked it up and tapped the answer button carefully for Xu Luoyang before handing it over.

“Zheng Ge?” Realizing that it was Zheng Dong, Xu Luoyang put it on speaker.

“Luoyang, express your stance. Will you wrong yourself this time or will you not back down?”

Seeing Qi Chang’an’s expression turn cold almost instantly, Xu Luoyang didn’t hesitate, responding with a smile, “I’m not magnanimous at all. I hold grudges.”

Zheng Dong also laughed, “Good, me too!”

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