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Chapter 94.2 Extra(2)

Editor: Jodi

Five minutes later, the four of them walked towards the greenhouse where Butler Huo Ke had already set up the mahjong table.

Xu Luoyang sighed, “Let me think, it’s been almost half a year since I last played mahjong!”

“That pitiful?” Ye Shan Shan thought for a moment, “But your schedule is indeed very tight. The schedule Zheng Ge sets for you is always packed.”

Xu Luoyang thought about Ye Shan Shan’s nearly empty schedule — better not compare, to avoid feeling hurt! He changed the subject, “Are you planning to take on any acting roles this year?”

In the first half of the year, Ye Shan Shan had filmed a public service advertisement and spent two months in the rainforests of South America with his Master, studying the migration and breeding of endangered birds, what’s more they also filmed a documentary which had already been edited and released.

When Xu Luoyang asked him about his plans, Ye Shan Shan was a little conflicted. “I won’t be traveling much in the second half of the year, but I haven’t found any roles I like yet. Can you keep an eye out for good roles when you’re reviewing scripts? If there’s a good one, maybe we can act together?”

“Okay!” Xu Luoyang agreed.

“Right, when are you getting married?” Ye Shan Shan asked him.

Hearing this, Xu Luoyang nearly tripped over his left foot, the tips of his ears turning a bit red, his voice small, “What getting married?”

“You and Qi Chang’an. The proposal was successful, so the next step is getting married, right?” Ye Shan Shan was a little confused, “Or is it not in that order?”

“It’s in that order. I’m just nervous.” Xu Luoyang waved his hand and whispered, “I’ll let you know once it’s been confirmed.”

“Okay, oh yes, did you see the live videos of the concert tour that was posted on Weibo? Weren’t they super clear? Weren’t the lighting and angles also very good, making the scenes super beautiful?”

Xu Luoyang reacted immediately, “You filmed those videos?”

“Yes, it was me!” And saying this, Ye Shan Shan winked, extending his hand, “Let’s get to know each other, I’m a Gu Cheng fan!”

Laughing, Xu Luoyang shook his hand, “Thanks.”

Soon, the four of them were standing by the edge of the mahjong table, and after choosing their seats, Xu Luoyang rolled up his sleeves, “Shan Shan, don’t go easy on me, I want to win fair and square!”

Ye Shan Shan raised his chin confidently, “Ok, bring it on!”

Two minutes later, Xu Luoyang, after hesitating for a while, played a tile out confidently, “Thirty thousand!”

“I’ve won! Pure suit! Pay up!”

“I’ve won.”

“I’ve also…. won.”

“……” Xu Luoyang stared, wide-eyed, feeling betrayed, “D*mn, no way right? There’s also this kind of strategy?”

“Pay up, pay up!” Ye Shan Shan beamed, “But Luoyang, you’re really too much of a rookie. Your Mr. Qi has been feeding you tiles all this while!”

Xu Luoyang was at a loss, “Huh? Why didn’t I notice?”

However after taking a look at Qi Chang’an’s side across the table, he felt revitalized, “Again, again, I’ll definitely win the next round!”

However soon, during the second game, he was quickly knocked out of contention. It was only then he realized that the three experts at the table had begun showing their skills.

And playing with a dice he had cupped in his hand, he watched them for a while, only to find that he couldn’t even understand their strategies at all.

This was too abusive!

And so, Xu Luoyang who had nothing to do spent some time admiring the flowers that were in the glass greenhouse, and then while lost in thought, he remembered that Qi Chang’an had studied business at Westminster University, and that he was exceptionally good in logic and maths and whatnot. And it was almost the same with Gong Yue; he remembered that Ye Shan Shan had said that Gong Yue could even correct his papers and explain topics in subjects such as financial mathematics.

As for Ye Shan Shan, he wasn’t human, and so he wouldn’t discuss him.

Then looking at it like this, it seems he was the most rookie player at this table?

It was hard to face this truth!

The second round of the mahjong lasted over ten minutes, and each tile that was played seemed to carry a murderous aura! And after a fierce battle, Qi Chang’an won, then he handed the chips he won to Xu Luoyang who had lost all his chips at a rapid pace.

Xu Luoyang waved his hand, “I want to win it myself!”

“Then can you hold on to them for me for a while?”

“Of course I can!”

Then looking at the numbers on the stack of chips, Xu Luoyang discovered another grim truth — among the four of them at the table, it seems he was the poorest?

What a painful realization!

Next, he lost six more rounds in a row, so much so that he started to doubt life, the stack of IOUs he had accumulated in a pile. Leaning over, he asked Qi Chang’an, his brows furrowed deeply,

“Chang’an, were you feeding me tiles?”

Qi Chang’an nodded, “I worked very hard every round.”

“I can’t believe I actually didn’t notice it at all!”

Qi Chang’an rubbed his hair soothingly, “Maybe it’s because I didn’t make it obvious enough.”

Meanwhile, on the other side, Ye Shan Shan leaned towards Gong Yue, “Big brother, rub my head?” Seeing Xu Luoyang getting a comforting gesture, he expressed how envious he was!

Xu Nao Nao’s little emotions:

I seem…. to have been wiped out completely qaq.

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