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Chapter 95 Extra (3)

Editor: Jodi

Although he had lost miserably, Xu Luoyang quickly adjusted his mindset and decided to let loose—playing wildly as he implemented the tactic of being unpredictable deeply. Unexpectedly, this chaotic style worked wonders, because by dinner time, he had even won two games and cleared a few IOU’s.

At this moment, his confidence returned. He started to draw cards seriously, and after arranging them, was surprised to find out that he had won.

“Heavenly luck!” He said with a beaming smile, “It completely eliminates the possibility of losing! It’s said that the chance of heavenly luck is one in three hundred thousand, so from now on, please call me lucky koi!”

Meanwhile, under the table, he reached out secretly to hold Qi Chang’an’s hand, found it accurately and even winked at him twice sneakily.

Qi Chang’an looked at him indulgently, allowed him to hook their hands under the table, and then after that, played the entire game using only his left hand.

And when Ye Shan Shan saw the unusual posture of the two across from him, he was puzzled—was this a new Mahjong stance? Could it be that it increased the chances of winning?

After dinner, Xu Luoyang was taken to the other end of the greenhouse by Ye Shan Shan to see the newly cultivated cabbage version 5.0 while Qi Chang’an joined Gong Yue for a walk on the lawn outside the glass greenhouse.

However when it was time for them to leave, Qi Chang’an noticed that ever since Xu Luoyang came out from the greenhouse, he had been distracted.

“Nao Nao, did something happen?”

It took Xu Luoyang a couple of seconds to respond, “Nothing happened, it’s just,” he entered into a trance again, “that maybe my worldview has been hit by a storm!”

Then after saying this, he slumped in the passenger seat, fiddling with the seat belt, “I really need some time to digest this first…”

It wasn’t until after they had gotten home, had a bath, and blow dried his hair that Xu Luoyang pulled Qi Chang’an to talk about his mental journey.

“Shan Shan took me to the glass greenhouse to see the cabbage 6.0 upgrade version that he had planted, but then within a few moments, the topic of our conversation got skewed.”

He frowned, then realizing that he shouldn’t start the story from here, changed the beginning,

“It was a few years ago, when I was filming ‘Mountains and Rivers Unchanged’. In the movie, I played a prince dedicated to revitalizing the nation, and Shan Shan played my little brother. It was winter, and during filming, an incident happened. Shan Shan was sabotaged by someone and fell into the water, becoming unconscious. It was his bodyguard and I who rescued him from the water.”

Shaking his head, Xu Luoyang was frustrated, “That’s not the main point, it’s just the backstory! The important part is, after we took him to the hospital, Gong Yue didn’t get a doctor for him, but amazingly, in just a few hours later, the deep scar on Shan Shan’s palm.”

Xu Luoyang extended his own hand, tracing a line on his palm, “about this long and this big, healed up. You could only see a faint trace of it and after a few more hours, even that faint mark disappeared!”

Qi Chang’an nodded, “And then?”

“And then I thought he was a vampire.”


Seeing Qi Chang’an struggling to hold back a laugh, Xu Luoyang’s expression showed that he was bereft then he continued, “I had many reasons to support this conclusion!”

He started counting them one by one, “Shan Shan has an exceptionally good sense of smell, quick reflexes, and excellent physical strength. He doesn’t like garlic or silver items and he’s listless in the morning. He has a lot of skills and can basically do anything. He doesn’t have parents or relatives, and I’ve known him for a long time but have never seen him fall sick.”

Finally, he emphasized, “He’s also very curious about everything. He had never seen ants, snails, small birds, or wildflowers before, so I thought, he must have been living inside a vampire castle all this time, so it’s very normal that hasn’t seen any insects or small animals before!”

Qi Chang’an kept his expression in check, his tone very calm and collected, “That’s why when I first met you and started living with you in Qinli Town, you said that Ye Shan Shan and I would probably have a lot to talk about?”

“Right.” Collapsing on the sofa, Xu Luoyang let out a wail, “You don’t know how torn I was at that time! I was afraid that the two of you, being from different demon races would have conflicts and at that time, whenever I dreamt at night I would dream that the two of you belonged to opposing factions and that at the drop of a hat the two of you would unleash your inhuman powers and fight so fiercely that the sky would darken and the sun and moon would lose their light!”

Amused, Qi Chang’an leaned in to kiss the corner of his lips, “Nao Nao, it was hard on you.”

“Indeed.” Xu Luoyang nodded then rolled over and, facing away from him, said weakly, “As a result, when I asked Shan Shan today, do vampires really like cabbages that much? Planting so much of it.”

Then keenly sensing that Qi Chang’an was laughing, his ears turned red and rolling back over, he sat up and continued in one breath, “I never expected that he’s not a vampire at all, just someone with a strong natural healing ability because of his body’s constitution.”

Then after he finished saying this he sighed deeply again, “My worldview has collapsed completely!” Then his expression became a bit dazed, “It’s over, I will definitely be teased by him because of this for the rest of my life….”

After sulking for a day and two nights, Xu Luoyang finally regained his spirits and on the 10th, when he dragged his luggage to the airport, he was immediately surrounded by reporters and fans.

Fortunately, he was well-prepared, as eight bodyguards surrounded him to protect him.

“Luoyang, after the confession concert, this is your first public appearance. Is there anything you’d like to say?”

“I’m a reporter from Chaoyang Entertainment. How long have you and Mr. Qi been together? How did you meet? Can you share a bit?”

“About the confession at the concert, did you consider the subsequent impact? Have you done any crisis PR?”

Xu Luoyang, wearing Stu’s high-end fashion outfit, was pressing his hat down in a low-key manner when he suddenly saw a fan next to him holding a poster and a pen and stopping, he took the poster through the bodyguards and looked at it carefully– it was a hand-drawn picture of him and Qi Chang’an in suits, standing on a lawn getting married in a very realistic style.

Quickly signing his name on the bottom right, he smiled, “This P is quite good!”

Then after capping the pen, he added, “When it really happens, you can bring it back to me for another signature.”

Then after saying this, he put his sunglasses back on again– discreetly showing off his love, super happy!

It didn’t take long for the poster he had signed and the words he had said to spread like wildfire among his fans.

“–Please get married soon! Ah ah ah ah ah! Are you hinting at a lawn wedding? Can’t wait to contribute to the celebration money!”

“–The cp I ship is really handing out wedding candy every day! Can’t handle it, can’t handle it, my blood sugar is rising! But it’s really sweet! I ship Gu Cheng to death!”

“–Holy sh*t, here they go showing off their love again! Who’s going to manage this? After the boyfriend concert, he has simply been out of control! This arrogance is too unbridled!”

Scrolling through the comments and taking advantage of the time before the plane took off, Xu Luoyang quickly posted an update on Weibo, and Zheng Dong, seeing this update, pinched the bridge of his nose and looked at Xu Luoyang beside him with a look of disdain, “Your arrogance is indeed too unbridled!”

Soon after, Qi Chang’an retweeted his post.

“Qi Chang’an: Me. Xu Luoyang: Who is indulging Xu Luoyang, this person to show off his love at every opportunity? [Looking with disdain]”


Xu Nao Nao’s little emotions:

qaq, my worldview, shattered to pieces!

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