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Chapter 76.1

When Xu Luoyang returned to the hotel room, he saw Qi Chang’an busy arranging glass wine glasses, the transparent vessels looking especially attractive under the light.

A light spring in his steps, he walked over, hugged him from behind and popped his head out to ask, “Chang’an, what are you doing?”

Stopping what he was doing, Qi Chang’an took Xu Luoyang’s hand, leaned over to kiss him, then asked in response, “Don’t we need to celebrate with champagne together?”

Xu Luoyang’s expression turned into a dazzling smile instantly, “How did you know I passed the audition?”

“I guessed. There couldn’t have been any other result.” Still in this position, Qi Chang’an led him a couple steps, popped the champagne, then patted the back of his hand. “Nao Nao, the doorbell is ringing. I think our dinner just arrived.”

“Right on it!”

Xu Luoyang walked over quickly to open the door and soon, the meal cart was pushed in. Spotting the single red rose in the vase on the cart, he gestured to the waiter and whispered, “My friend is allergic to roses.”

Catching on quickly, the waiter removed the rose immediately before pushing the cart in further.

Once the food was arranged on the table, Xu Luoyang, who hadn’t eaten properly at lunch because of the audition and had been nervous all afternoon, finally relaxed and couldn’t stop once he picked up his chopsticks. Qi Chang’an cut all his steak into bite-sized pieces for him, refilled his empty glass with juice and only then, did he start eating.

After dinner, Xu Luoyang asked Qi Chang’an, “Chang’an, have you showered today?”

Meeting Xu Luoyang’s somewhat apprehensive and nervous gaze, Qi Chang’an, who had already taken a shower, shook his head and answered seriously, “Not yet.”

A hopeful expression on his face, Xu Luoyang asked, “Then can you go and take one now?”

“I can.” Qi Chang’an caressed his hair, asking with a smile, “Nao Nao, how long should it take?”

Feeling a bit embarrassed, as it seemed his intentions had been seen through, Xu Luoyang averted his eyes, calculating the time mentally. “Not long, not long, about twenty minutes will do!”

Once Xu Luoyang was sure that the bathroom door was closed, he flew to the fridge, took a disguised cake box from the it, and placed it in the center of the table. Then he ran hurriedly to the bedroom, grabbed the gift he had prepared in advance and once everything was ready, switched off all the lights and started to wait.

Almost as if he had been timing it, exactly twenty minutes later, the sound of the bathroom door opening echoed, followed by Qi Chang’an’s footsteps and listening carefully with an ear tilted, as soon as Xu Luoyang was sure that the footsteps were close, he quickly lit the match in his hand with a ‘ci’, then used it to light the candle on the dining table.

As the candlelight caused the darkness to recede, Xu Luoyang stood up and said to Qi Chang’an, “Chang’an, happy birthday!” His smile as bright and as dazzling as the candlelight.

After he finished saying this and realizing that Qi Chang’an seemed a bit slow to react, he reached out to open the box with the cake. However the moment he opened it, he immediately wanted to close it again— when he had made it, it had looked passable, so why did he feel that it was so ugly now?

Qi Chang’an’s voice filled with amusement, sounded next to him, “Nao Nao made this cake?”

“En, I made it.” Although Xu Luoyang was very reluctant to admit it, since it had been seen, there was nothing to hide anymore, “I don’t trust the ones bought from outside, so I decided to make it myself. You can eat everything that’s inside, even though the appearance is a little bit…..—”

His words were cut off by Qi Chang’an’s movement.

He was directly hoisted onto the top of the table, his head was secured by Qi Chang’an’s left hand then immediately afterwards, the man standing in front of him kissed him fiercely. There was no rubbing of their lips together and there was no gentleness, only his tongue clashing violently in his mouth! Xu Luoyang gripped the shirt around Qi Chang’an’s waist with both hands, his head tilted back, revealing a beautiful line along his neck. And unable to swallow, clear liquid flowed down from the corners of his lips, leaving a faint cool sensation on his skin.

After what felt like forever, Qi Chang’an’s movements slowed gradually and staying close to Xu Luoyang’s lips, he kissed him lightly and gently while murmuring, “Nao Nao, I haven’t celebrated my birthday in a long time. Thank you for making the cake.”

This time, Xu Luoyang strived very hard to not be kissed silly. Blinking, he held up the small box he had been gripping tightly, showing it to Qi Chang’an, “A gift, a second gift.”

It was only when Qi Chang’an took it and opened it that he managed to regulate his slightly wheezy breathing, explaining, “I engraved the words on it myself. Even though I practiced many times, they still don’t look very good.”

“It’s very beautiful.” Qi Chang’an’s voice was very low as he looked at the pair of platinum rings placed side by side in the small square box. There was a subtle difference in size, but the style was completely the same, with the characters ‘Chang’an’ and ‘Luoyang’ engraved on each in a script style, the lines of the strokes so fine they looked like detailed delicate floral patterns.

He didn’t even know how to react at this moment.

The aesthetics had been affirmed, but Xu Luoyang was still somewhat nervous, “Do you like it?”

“I like it, I like it very much.”

It was only when he got this answer that Xu Luoyang finally smiled. Leaning in to peck the corner of Qi Chang’an’s mouth, he said seriously, “Happy 27th birthday to my Chang’an Ge-ge, I wish you fewer illnesses, long-lasting health and safety in the future!”

After fitting the ring on for him, Xu Luoyang coughed lightly in slight discomfort, “Actually….. I have one last gift.”

“What is it?”

Without answering, Xu Luoyang placed his hands on the zipper at his neckline.

Then looking into Qi Chang’an’s eyes, he took a deep breath before pulling down the zipper that was at the top tremblingly inch by inch. As the zipper continued to slide down, his Adam’s apple was revealed, followed by his beautifully shaped neck, then a semi-transparent ribbon tied around it. The ribbon was quite long and tied into a standard bow.

“It’s me. The last gift….. is me.” A wave of heat crawled up his back, the long speech he had prepared completely forgotten in the heat of the moment. After hesitating for a few seconds, he simply placed Qi Chang’an’s hand around his neck, “So, Chang’an Ge-ge, do you want to unwrap your gift?”

Qi Chang’an didn’t respond. Instead, he lowered his head and planted a light kiss on his Adam’s apple.

And as if he had been scorched, Xu Luoyang’s breath trembled.

Then, Qi Chang’an’s fingers played with the semi-transparent ribbon, wrapped it around his knuckles and with a slight pull, the bow loosened, falling on Xu Luoyang’s fair and smooth neck, serving as the most exquisite embellishment.

A tingling sensation spreading, Xu Luoyang’s throat felt inexplicably dry. He whispered softly, “The gift has been unwrapped.”

“Hmm.” The look in Qi Chang’an’s eyes were deep as he kissed his forehead almost reverently, “You belong to me.”

“En.” Xu Luoyang paused before continuing, “Then do you want to continue unwrapping your gift?” After he finished saying this, he placed Qi Chang’an’s hand back on the button of his shirt, looking at him unflinchingly.

Feeling the nervous tremble in Xu Luoyang’s fingers, a smile rippled in Qi Chang’an’s eyes, “Okay.”

Although this was only the third time unwrapping a gift, Qi Chang’an was exceptionally skilled and patient. He made Xu Luoyang sit on the dining table without turning on the lights, only the candlelight illuminating their surroundings, casting a warm glow on Xu Luoyang’s skin.

Feeling Qi Chang’an’s burning palm against his waist, Xu Luoyang suddenly felt as if all his limbs were about to be set ablaze. Bending his legs that had softened, he turned around and leaned on the wooden table and as the key filled his keyhole in an instant, he subconsciously tightened up and was immediately rewarded with soothing kisses on his back.

By the time it came to an end, Xu Luoyang was somewhat dazed, an electric-like stimulation having gone straight to his brain from his spine, making him completely unaware of what he had been saying. It wasn’t until the key left his keyhole, the sticky wet fluid stains ran down his hole to the floor and warm fingers wiped away the tears on his face that he heard Qi Chang’an’s voice saying, “Nao Nao, it’s okay, don’t cry anymore.”

It was only then that he realized belatedly that he had actually been f*cked to tears!


He reflected silently— giving himself as a gift and allowing Qi Chang’an to unwrap it on the spot might have been the silliest decision he had ever made! There was none other!

Really too embarrassing!

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