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Chapter 84.1

Editor: Jodi

There was a brief moment of silence in the car. Lu Di first glanced at Xu Luoyang, then at Zheng Dong, looking puzzled. “Why are you both looking at me like this? Did I say something wrong?” He was clearly saying the truth!

Seeing Zheng Dong’s black expression, Xu Luoyang started laughing, however he didn’t dare to laugh loudly, suppressing it into snickers instead.

Hearing Lu Di’s words, Zheng Dong, disregarding his image rolled his eyes—nonsense, what truth are you saying! Then he turned back to Xu Luoyang and asked directly, “How much do you know about Qi Chang’an’s family?”

Facing this incredibly sharp question, Xu Luoyang tapped his head honestly, “Very little!”


At this moment, Zheng Dong’s protective fatherly instincts kicked in and he couldn’t help but scold him, “Can’t you be a bit more cautious? Aren’t you afraid that his family might be difficult to deal with, or that they might intervene in your relationship?”

Xu Luoyang responded with a nod, his gaze drifting a bit—before confirming that Qi Chang’an was really a human, he was already prepared for an inter-species relationship. Of course, he was also prepared mentally for Qi Chang’an’s family to all be big demons.

But it was better not to share these messy thoughts with Zheng Dong. After all, he had his pride.

Seeing Xu Luoyang’s changing expressions, Zheng Dong, thinking about the fact that this was Xu Luoyang’s first romantic relationship, softened his tone. “His family background is not simple. You do know that, right?”

This time, Xu Luoyang nodded more seriously. “I can sense it.” Then he couldn’t resist emphasizing, “I’m not foolish.”

Although Qi Chang’an hadn’t disclosed much about his family, he had never kept anything from him deliberately.

From the very beginning, when Qi Chang’an took him to the Spire Club to settle a dispute and those investors called him ‘Young Master Qi’ politely. Later, when he got injured during the variety show recording at the factory, Qi Chang’an quickly gathered all the surveillance footage, a level of influence not possessed by ordinary people. On top of that, Qi Chang’an had attended Westminster, a typical private elite boys’ school, which wasn’t a place where just anyone could enter.

“Then do you have confidence?” Zheng Dong knew that despite Xu Luoyang looking indifferent on the surface, he had a pretty good grasp of things.

“Yes.” Xu Luoyang nodded. “I’m guessing Chang’an is a part of the Qi family.”

Lu Di didn’t catch on. “Which Qi family?”

“The one behind the Brighton Hotels.” Xu Luoyang explained. “Every Brighton Hotel has a top-floor suite reserved for Chang’an, and each one has the exact same interior design.”

However, he had always thought those were Qi Chang’an’s demon lairs.

He rubbed his nose, feeling oddly guilty.

Lu Di still had a bewildered expression, as he had never paid much attention to these matters. So, he turned to Zheng Dong for help. “Zheng Ge, can you give me a crash course?”

Zheng Dong thought for a moment. “Basically, the global chain of Brighton Hotels, Turing Bank and Foundation, Turing Real Estate, AZ Airlines, and the Goldfinch Flower Museum are all under the Qi Group.”

Providing examples made it more intuitive, however Lu Di was shocked. “So many?”

“En, I’ve only mentioned less than half.” Zheng Dong looked at Xu Luoyang whose gaze had drifted off once again and tried to comfort him. “It’s okay, you don’t have to feel pressured. You’re wealthy too, and you’ll become even wealthier in the future.”

He knew that since the beginning of Xu Luoyang’s career, anytime he earned money he would use it to buy real estate and had a very modest lifestyle compared to other top tier artists, hence he had accumulated significant wealth.

“To be honest, I don’t feel any pressure.” Perhaps because he had initially thought that Qi Chang’an was a big demon, that high starting point of his imagination made him less shocked when he guessed that Qi Chang’an’s family was so wealthy. “I don’t care about his money. Even if he were dirt poor, I’d still love him. Then maybe I could even support him financially. That would be great.”

Zheng Dong: “…” What a lofty ambition.

Xu Luoyang sighed, looking conflicted. “Zheng Ge, do you think when the time comes, Chang’an’s big brother will secretly give me a check for a hundred million to leave his younger brother?”

Zheng Dong was a bit speechless but understood that it was because he was nervous. He replied, “Probably not.”


“Hmm, he’ll probably just give you a blank check and let you fill in the amount yourself.”


Seeing Xu Luoyang’s disheartened expression, Zheng Dong couldn’t help but laugh. “Qi Chang’yin inherited the family business at eighteen and has always been mysterious. I stumbled upon an interview published in a top financial magazine a few years ago, probably the only interview he ever took.”

Xu Luoyang nodded, urging him to continue with his eyes.

“One of the questions asked was, what was most important to him in the world. His answer was, his younger brother.”

Lu Di, who had finally recovered, chimed in, “So… he’s the ultimate bro con?”

Zheng Dong nodded seriously. “So, Luoyang, you should be mentally prepared. In Qi Chang’yin’s eyes, you’re probably the pig that’s coveting his family’s white and luscious cabbage!”

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