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Chapter 91.1

Editor: Jodi

On the bed, the two people nestled together, with Xu Luoyang poking the back of Qi Chang’an’s hand with his fingertips gently, his tone filled with a bit of pride, “I’ve already made a detailed and thorough plan!”

Holding his hand in his, Qi Chang’an asked him, “Then can I know this plan?”

“You can’t, you can’t.” Xu Luoyang refused quickly then averted his gaze, his tone somewhat excited, “Anyway, you just need to cooperate with me, I want to give you a surprise!” And saying this, he leaned back into Qi Chang’an’s arms again, dragging out his words, “Okay, Chang’an Ge-ge?”

Qi Chang’an kissed his forehead, compromising, “Okay.”

At ten in the morning, Xu Luoyang rushed to You Li Entertainment, and when he opened the office door, he found that Zheng Dong was already there, and standing behind him was the publicity assistant Xue Ying who was looking at the data on the screen of the laptop.

Just as he took off his jacket and hung it up, he heard Xue Ying say to him.

“Xu Ge, this big move of yours really lives up to its name!” Her eyes glowed, clearly very excited, “This morning, a college classmate called me, wailing over the phone that she had been called back to work overtime by her company just after six in the morning just after dawn. Because you announced on Weibo that something big might happen, they were worried that the server wouldn’t be able to handle it, but they still underestimated the power of your big move. Three people rushed back to work overtime, but the result? The server still crashed!”

Xu Luoyang stuffed a lozenge into his mouth out of habit then walked over, “I was also surprised when I found out that Weibo had crashed, but I didn’t make things public, so how come it crashed?”

As soon as he finished saying this, he saw Xue Ying and Zheng Dong both turn their heads to look at him, their eyes looking at him as if they were sizing up some strange species. He was a bit confused, “Why are you guys looking at me like that?”

Xue Ying hesitated a little, “Xu Ge, do you have some misunderstanding about what ‘making things public’ means?”

Then seeing the clueless expression on his face, she added quickly, “Then what do you think ‘making things public’ involves?”

“Definitely confessing, or just proposing directly!” Xu Luoyang hadn’t finished speaking yet when his own ears started to burn as he couldn’t help but imagine various scenarios.

“….” Xue Ying, looking at him muttered, “This isn’t even a confession? So all that dog food was eaten in vain…. there’s still an ultimate move!”

At this moment, she couldn’t help but wonder– was it that she lacked experience, or that Xu Luoyang’s approach was too advanced?

Zheng Dong put the cup of coffee in his hand on the table, his tone calm, “Weibo has recovered, you can log in to check.”

Xu Luoyang nodded, took his phone out and logged in as he had just been told, only to find the app crashing repeatedly. It was only after being kicked out four times that he was finally able to log in successfully with much difficulty.

Then ignoring the explosion of notifications, he clicked into his own Weibo and discovered that since he posted the poster at seven o’clock, even though it was just three hours that had passed, the comments had already exceeded a million, with likes surging to over two million.

Xu Luoyang, looking at the numbers, rubbed his eyes to make sure he wasn’t seeing things wrong, almost dropping his phone in the process.

Zheng Dong reminded him from the side, “Don’t rush to read the comments, go and check the trending hot searches too.”

Taking a deep breath, Xu Luoyang tapped on the trending hot searches, however even though he was mentally prepared, he was still shocked.

On the real-time trending hot search list, he and Qi Chang’an occupied seven of the top ten spots, and they were #Gu Cheng CP#, #Xu Luoyang Suspected Confession#, #Qi Chang’an#, #Xu Luoyang#, #Album Lead Song#, #Heart-shaped Route Map#, and #Chang’an#, each followed by the word ‘explosive’ which was very bright and very eye-catching.

Just as he was suppressing his shock, he heard Xue Ying say,

“The numbers are still rising and by one in the afternoon, the comment count should reach 1.3 million. Anyway, Gu Cheng CP has already conquered all major platforms. Basically, the homepage and headlines are all about you guys.”

She yawned, her tone somewhat excited, “But Xu Ge, your subtle plan is really effective! All your various only fans have been unknowingly turned into CP fans, and the sunspots are surprisingly very few! Up until now, you and Mr. Qi haven’t lost fans. In fact, you guys have gained a bit!”

“Ah?” Xu Luoyang was shocked again, “When I made the big poster, I was already prepared for a massive loss of fans and being attacked. Wait, isn’t it that I still haven’t confessed officially yet? The doors of the closet haven’t even been removed yet!”

Ignoring Xue Ying’s expression, he continued to ask, “What’s the online sentiment like? Is there any backlash against Chang’an?”


Sighing, Zheng Dong rubbed his temples that had started to throb again, already not wanting to struggle any more, “You guys chat, I’m going out to make a call to discuss the boyfriend concert.”

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