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Chapter 75.2

Xu Luoyang took a deep breath, realizing that this audition wasn’t friendly at all. The ‘study’ setup alone was full of pitfalls. If he didn’t first identify and correct the discordant parts, he would definitely lose a lot of points.

He first pulled the curtains to a close then turned off all the other lights, leaving only the desk lamp on. After that he moved the pen and the pen holder to the left, changed the black ink to deep blue, then removed the soft cushion from the chair and put it in the corner—

These were all You Su’s habits. He didn’t like his study to be too bright, preferred a desk lamp with more focused lighting, wrote with his left hand, used deep blue ink and liked to sit on the hard surface of a metal chair, stubbornly believing that it helped his thinking.

After Xu Luoyang had finished, he took a pen from the pen holder and looked down at it for a moment. Then when he started unscrewing the pen cap, Meng Huazhang immediately noticed that he had already immersed himself in his role.

With that small action as the dividing line, the person before was Xu Luoyang, and the person after was You Su.

You Su was seen holding a pen, leaning over to write a series of formulas on a draft paper. Suddenly, in the quiet air, there was the sound of the pen tip scratching the paper heavily, then the hand holding the pen paused and on his left arm, where his long sleeve was rolled up, one could see obvious veins.

After about ten seconds, You Su finally let go, his eyes turbulent, his brows knitted together as if he had encountered an unsolvable problem as he restrained his irritability.

He threw the pen away casually, not caring about the few drops of ink that splashed out and immediately turned around to look for books on the bookshelf.

After flipping through a few pages of two thick books, he put them back in their original place.

He stood there in thought for a moment then, as if suddenly thinking of something, walked to a small blackboard standing by quickly and began to write with chalk. Large sections of formulas appeared one after another, his movements becoming faster and faster, causing the white dust from the chalk to flutter down, landing on his hair.

With a ‘pa’ sound, the chalk suddenly broke and the excited smile on You Su’s face instantly cooled. He seemed to be stuck, his thoughts interrupted, his eyes gradually becoming empty. Then slowly, he pressed his face against the blackboard and his right hand, which wasn’t holding the chalk rose subconsciously and pressed against the blackboard, his index finger moving quickly and very slightly, as if writing or drawing something.

Then holding this pose, two minutes passed before You Su’s left hand began to move again and soon, the entire blackboard was filled with formulas.

Throwing the chalk away, he looked up at his work and started to smile slowly. However as he was smiling, his expression was retracted again. Then taking half a step forward, he lifted his right foot and kicked it out hard and with a ‘clang’ sound, the blackboard fell to the ground along with the wooden frame.

After You Su had quieted down completely, about ten seconds later, Xu Luoyang turned around and said in the direction of Meng Huazhang and the others, “Professor You’s short day of leisure has ended.”

Meng Huazhang looked at Xu Luoyang, whose eyes were smiling with great interest. “Thank you for bringing us such a wonderful performance.” He continued, “We’ve already been preparing for this film for two years, but haven’t been able to find the right actor, that’s why it’s been postponed until now. Therefore, we are very cautious in choosing the actor.”

Xu Luoyang nodded, “I can understand that.”

“Hmm, that’s why we’ve chosen you.”

“Huh?” Xu Luoyang couldn’t help himself, his expression a bit dazed and silly.

“We’ve chosen you.” Meng Huazhang repeated with a smile then added, “I look forward to our cooperation!”

In the hallway, Zheng Dong was leaning against the wall, holding a can of instant coffee. Hearing the sound of the door opening, he straightened up quickly then observed Xu Luoyang’s expression carefully and finding the latter just somewhat absent minded, he felt a bit relieved. Although disappointed, it was within expectations.

He walked over, his voice lighthearted, “Let’s go, what do you want to eat tonight? It’s on me.”

Xu Luoyang’s voice wasn’t very loud, seeming a bit out of it, “Really?”

“Really, you can have whatever you want.”

Hearing this answer, a small smile appeared on Xu Luoyang’s face, “Thank you, Zheng Ge! But we might have to eat a little later. Director Meng said, he wants my agent to go in and look at the contract. If there’s no problem, we will sign it.”

Zheng Dong stared at Xu Luoyang for a while then slapped him on the shoulder, “After becoming fat your courage has also gotten fat? That you’re actually even setting a trap for I, your Zheng Ge!”

Pursing his lips, Xu Luoyang laughed, “I learned it from Qi Chang’an!”

What was so great about being in love? However Zheng Dong just glared at him and didn’t say anything more. Adjusting his tie and jacket, he opened the door and went in.

When they left the hotel, it was already dark. It was still Zheng Dong who was driving, with Xu Luoyang in the passenger seat. The only difference was that there was an extra contract on Xu Luoyang’s thighs.

“I’ve checked the schedule. We will join the crew at the end of July and the entire film will be shot abroad. Di Zi’s English isn’t good, I can’t count on him, so I have to find you a temporary assistant as soon as possible, no, two.” Zheng Dong talked about the rough arrangement, “Before joining the crew, you have to go back to C Country once, finish several important announcements, and also one interview and two commercials, all of which are necessary. I will help you push away the rest.”

Xu Luoyang nodded, “Zheng Ge, you just need to arrange the schedule and I will follow it.” He looked at the neon lights outside the window, “But can you make tomorrow free?”

“Yes.” Zheng Dong glanced at him, “What are you thinking about that even your ears are red?”

Xu Luoyang covered his ears quickly, stuttering, “Are they really red?” He was indeed think of something a little bit mosaic, but it shouldn’t have made his ears red right?



“Such a big reaction, there must be something going on. But to save your pride, I won’t ask. It’s okay to make tomorrow free, but the plane at noon the day after tomorrow can’t be changed, okay?”

“No problem!”

“Then later I will send you back to the hotel and ask Xue Ying to release the news. You just need to cooperate and repost it, okay?”

“No problem!”

It was midnight in C Country when the official account of You Li Entertainment posted the news that Xu Luoyang was confirmed to play the lead role in Meng Huazhang’s new film, causing an uproar. Xu Luoyang reposted it quickly, “I am very honored to be able to work with Director Meng Huazhang, I will do my best to play this role!”

Following that, the big entertainment accounts held by You Li Entertainment forwarded the news one after another, quickly filling up the homepage.

“—I was about to go to bed when this news shocked me and now I can’t sleep! Our Luoyang was secretly preparing a big move right? There was no sign before! Ah ah ah, Meng Huazhang! Who can sleep now! I need to run laps!”

“—Has the contract already been signed? Although I’m just a passerby, I have to say, Xu Luoyang is about to take off!”

“—Ah ah ah ah ah, I’ve read it so many times! It really is Meng Huazhang! Director Meng, you’ve finally decided to make a new movie!”

“—Why am I the only one who finds this extremely subtle? Not long ago, Du Ruan Lan played a trick on Xu Luoyang and I was thinking, is Xu’s team really so mild? I didn’t expect them to be waiting for us here! I’m very happy to see this!”

“—I don’t care, I’m making an international long distance call for Luoyang! Blow it up! Exploding with excitement!”

In less than two hours, the hashtags #MengHuazhang’s New Movie#, #Xu Luoyang reversing matters# and #Director Du What Do You Think# soared to the top five of the hot search and worried about the instability of the grassroots support, Zheng Dong also directed the direction of the wind.

The publicity assistant Xue Ying yawned while looking at the screen of the laptop and after drinking some milk, she said to Zheng Dong, “I’ve discovered that after I found out that Xu Ge got such an awesome resource, I wasn’t even excited, but why am I so happy seeing Du Ruan Lan on the hot search?”

Zheng Dong blew on his hot coffee with a gentle smile, “Because we hold grudges.”

“True that!”


Xu Nao Nao’s little emotions:

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