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Chapter 26.2

“Mr. Qi?” Lu Di lowered his voice, closed the door behind him and walked in. Looking up, he saw Xu Luoyang lying on Qi Chang’an’s lap sleeping soundly, with Qi Chang’an’s hand on his shoulder, holding him carefully to prevent him from falling to the ground.

Lu Di was stunned. Although he knew from the beginning that Qi Chang’an and Xu Ge were on good terms, he didn’t expect it to be to this extent. According to the time estimate, Xu Luoyang had already been asleep for almost two hours.

This was definitely not plastic brotherhood, it was stainless steel!

He hurried over, whispering, “I guessed that Xu Ge might drink so I didn’t drink so I could drive back. Should we go now, or?”

Although he was slowly getting to know Qi Chang’an in the past few days, Lu Di was still very frightened of Qi Chang’an so he didn’t dare make his own decision. He was also a bit uncertain about what attitude he should use to face him, so he simply took out the state he had used in high school when facing the head teacher.

“Let’s go now, otherwise Luoyang will easily catch a cold if he sleeps like this.”Qi Chang’an asked Lu Di to help Xu Luoyang up, then stood up slowly but tried twice without success – because he had been sitting for too long, his legs had gone numb.

After a two-minute reprieve to make sure he could stand up, Qi Chang’an reached out to hold Xu Luoyang. “Thank you for your hard work, you go and drive, I’ll help him.”

Lu Di smiled, “No hard work, this is what I should do. Then I will go bring the car to the door first.”As he spoke, he noticed that after Qi Chang’an had picked Xu Ge up, he rubbed his face against his neck very naturally and seemed to say something indistinctly, which showed that he obviously trusted him, which put his mind at ease.

But when Lu Di reached the door, he could hear the gentle whisper of Qi Chang’an from behind, as if he was answering Xu Luoyang’s question, “En, I’m here… I haven’t left, you can sleep.”

Not being able to resist the cat-like curiosity, Lu Di glanced back cautiously and was instantly horrified when he saw his omnipotent Xu Ge put his arms around Qi Chang’an’s neck and hum….

Heavens, he actually saw the scene where Xu Ge was drunk and hummed like a pig. Such a ruined image, would he be silenced tomorrow for witnessing this scene?

After Xu Luoyang sobered up, he lay there for a while before opening his eyes and seeing the familiar ceiling, he looked out at the gloomy sky, wondering what time it was. His head was heavy, an obvious aftermath of his drunkenness as he lay there, not wanting to move at all.

But soon, he would be able to tell what time it was as the sound of the door opening sounded. Xu Luoyang guessed that it must be the wooden door on the partition wall that was being opened.

Qi Chang’an was coming over.

Sure enough, with the sound of the approaching footsteps, Qi Chang’an appeared by the bedside, “You’re awake?”

Xu Luoyang was a little embarrassed as he looked up, “Yes, I’m awake.”When he finished saying this, he saw Qi Chang’an hand him a glass of warm water. Sitting up, he reached out to take the glass and drank it all in one gulp before he opened his mouth, “What time is it?”

“Eleven o’clock.”Knowing what he was worried about, Qi Chang’an pulled the curtains back, “You haven’t slept long. It’s raining outside, that’s why it’s very dark.”

“I thought I’d slept through my precious holiday!”Patting himself on the head, Xu Luoyang was instantly rejuvenated, “Chang’an, let’s eat hot pot in the room in the afternoon! I just ate some in my dream, it was super delicious!”

The topic jumped very fast. Qi Chang’an reached out to take the empty glass and put it away, nodding as he smiled, “Okay, let’s eat hot pot.”

Half an hour later, Xu Luoyang came out from the shower and saw the hot pot and ignition rack already set up on the table with all kinds of dishes on the side. He breathed in, drunk with happiness, “This is it!”

Saying this, Xu Luoyang sat down at the table. First, he gave Qi Chang’an a bowl of mushroom soup to cool then he started to cook.

“Speaking of which, did you and Di Zi bring me back last night?” Usually at these kinds of dinners, Lu Di wouldn’t drink so it would be easy for him to drive him back, but Xu Luoyang vaguely remembered that he seemed to have…. called Qi Chang’an?

“En, you went to sleep soon after you got drunk. You were very good.”

“I’m not a kid anymore.”Xu Luoyang whispered, rubbing the tips of his ears which were burning, feeling that the last two words Qi Chang’an said were too sultry that he was almost about to explode. He placed a piece of beef in his mouth to calm himself down.

That’s when Zheng Dong came back. He knocked on Xu Luoyang’s door and hearing no one answering, he thought better of it and went next door to knock on Qi Chang’an’s door. His guess proved to be correct – the door opened in no time.

“Zheng Ge?” Seeing the person who was standing in front of him, Xu Luoyang quickly swallowed the meat in his mouth, “You’re back, Chang’an and I are having lunch, do you want to join us?” But as soon as he walked in, he suddenly noticed Zheng Dong’s eyes falling on the table. He blurted out subconsciously, “I didn’t eat any meat, it was all eaten by Chang’an!”

But he regretted it immediately after he said it. Sure enough, it was true that drinking made one stupid. His words were a modern example of how to make a fool of yourself!

But Zheng Dong didn’t say anything. He just looked at him, his tone as relaxed as possible as he said, “The news just came out. Your role as Xia Qiu, the first male character in [The Search for a Man] in this year’s Golden Pine Awards has been shortlisted for Best Actor, but it’s already confirmed that this year you’re a runner.”

He had come back to B City two days ago because of this. The Golden Pine Award was one of the three major awards in the country and it had a very high gold content. In the past two years, Xu Luoyang’s films had been well-received at the box office and his acting had been well-received, but he hadn’t been able to win a single award of any significance – which was why Zheng Dong had allowed Xu Luoyang do this film despite the pressure.

Xu Luoyang nodded his head thoughtfully and ate a piece of yam casually, “Zheng Ge, don’t feel bad. It’s already good enough that I have been shortlisted. I have to take my time in getting an award, right?” He then thought of a problem, “But I still have to go to the awards ceremony at the end of November so I have to ask Director Zhang for leave first so he can adjust the shooting schedule in advance.”

”Yes, you have to go there, but don’t worry, I’ve already talked to Director Zhang.”Zheng Dong said, but he was still worried that Xu Luoyang would be disappointed, so he reassured him, “Your role in [The Search for a Man], where you played the role of a person with split personality and set each other up was really high performance. The reviews online were full of praises and high compliments, with all of them saying that your acting skills had improved a lot. The box office was also great, it was number one that month.”

He still remembered that Xu Luoyang, in order to act the role of Xia Qiu well, worked so hard on the script whenever he had time that he almost went crazy. In the end, even he was worried that Xu Luoyang might end up with a split personality. However, the result of the movie was really remarkable. It didn’t disappoint Xu Luoyang’s dedication.

Perhaps the higher the expectations, the greater the disappointment, because Zheng Dong was still feeling bad. Originally, he was almost sure that Xu Luoyang could win the Golden Pine Award for Best Actor this time, but he didn’t expect that the result was not as expected.

However just as he was about to say a few more words of comfort, he saw Xu Luoyang turn around and say to Qi Chang’an excitedly, “Chang’an, then we will soon be able to go to the Squire to eat the buddha jumping over the wall!”



Xu Nao Nao’s little emotions:

Actually, I’m a little disappointed, but I’ll be able to eat the buddha jumping over the wall with Qi Qi soon! [Looking forward to it .jpg][Longing for it .jpg][Starry eyes .jpg]

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