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Chapter 22.2

As soon as the opening ceremony was over, the staff dispersed and went about their business. Xu Luoyang and Qi Chang’an followed Lu Di to the designated media area, with fans taking pictures with their mobile phones along the way.

Xu Luoyang was counting the food in the area and while counting, his salivary glands flowed. Suddenly, a bunch of red roses fell from the sky, thrown by someone, and landed just a few steps away from the two of them with their petals scattered. At the same time, the sound of fans laughing and shouting was heard from a distance.

“How could they throw so accurately? And the arm strength–” Before he could finish his sentence, Xu Luoyang stopped and looked at Qi Chang’an’s rosy face which had instantly turned white and was a bit worried, “Chang’an?”

As if he had seen something that frightened him, Qi Chang’an’s pupils constricted and he even retreated a small half step, but it wasn’t too obvious, while his eyes were fixed on the red rose that had fallen to the ground, his face pale.

Keenly noticing the problem, not caring if there were fans around, Xu Luoyang turned to his side, reached out, covered Qi Chang’an’s eyes, put his right hand over his clenched fist, and winked at Lu Di.

Lu Di, even as slow as he was, realized that something was wrong and hastily picked up all the red roses and scattered petals and left first.

Only when he was gone, did Xu Luoyang put down his hand and say reassuringly, “Lu Di has already taken the roses away, it’s okay.”

Qi Chang’an’s tense muscles relaxed slowly as he looked down at Xu Luoyang’s hand that had just covered his eyes for a moment and gave an ‘En’ sound.

Not asking Qi Chang’an if he was allergic to red roses or something else, Xu Luoyang continued to talk about the food nearby as if nothing had happened, while making a mental note – Changan had a strong reaction to red roses, suspected, racial incompatibility?

More than a dozen media had come to the opening ceremony. Xu Luoyang walked towards them, greeted kindly and said with a smile, “Thank you for coming all the way here. Changan and I have prepared milk tea, drinks and some snacks. After the interview, you can get them from my assistant standing next to you. News is important but take care of yourselves.”

The reporters who surrounded the two of them were very receptive. They thanked the two of them, but stuffed microphones with their logos on it into their hands. Qi Chang’an and Xu Luoyang stood side by side, each of them with a few microphones in their hands.

“Hello Luoyang, this is your second film with Director Zhang, how do you feel about it? And it’s said that this role is very different from the roles you’ve played before. Do you think you can handle it?”

Xu Luoyang looked at the reporter’s media card and answered cautiously, “Director Zhang is an internationally renowned director, many of his works have won major awards and his box office and reputation are top notch. I feel very honored to be able to work with Director Zhang for the second time and I believe I can learn a lot as well.”

When he had answered the second question, Xu Luoyang knew that it was a trap, and that if he had been modest as usual, he wouldn’t have had to wait until tomorrow before it would be spread that he was admitting that he wasn’t as good as Yuan Hao, or that he was better suited for the role than him.

Hence, Xu Luoyang smiled confidently, “I spent two months before the shooting to experience life to understand the meaning of the word ‘police’ and to understand the emotions of the character. So I believe I am more suitable for this role than anyone else, and I hope you’ll look forward to my performance in the movie.”

A female reporter seized the opportunity to ask Qi Chang’an a question at a very fast pace, “Just now Luoyang mentioned ‘experience life’. From the official news, the two of you experienced life together. What does Mr. Qi have to say about this cooperation?”

Maybe it was because Qi Chang’an didn’t appear in front of the media often and because his temperament was cold so the question was obviously much milder.

Hearing what the reporter said, Qi Chang’an said with a very light expression on his face as he answered very briefly, “I’m looking forward to the scenes with Luoyang. I’m sure they will be amazing.”

Discovering that Qi Chang’an didn’t seem to be as difficult to talk to, the reporter pressed on boldly, “May I ask, Mr. Qi if you know about many netizens forming a CP pair?”

It was a known fact that although it was popular nowadays to form a CP and create hype in order to gain popularity, the people involved would always feel offended when asked this question, hence they were all waiting to see how Qi Chang’an would react.

Looking at Xu Luoyang for a moment, Qi Chang’an’s eyes softened a bit as he spoke into the microphone, “Is it about the Gu Cheng CP? I’m glad my name is associated with his.”

When the 20-minute interview was over, Xu Luoyang handed an unopened bottle of mineral water to Qi Chang’an and whispered, “Chang’an, you flagged so early, if we don’t wow people, wouldn’t that be a slap in the face?”

Qi Chang’an unscrewed the cap of the bottle, handed the water back to Xu Luoyang and smoothly took another unopened bottle of mineral water from the other hand, opened the cap and took a sip. “You don’t believe in my vision? Don’t doubt it, we’re sure to wow a lot of people.”

His mind was still replaying Qi Chang’an’s words ‘I’m glad my name is associated with his’ on a loop and now he was holding the mineral water with the cap already unscrewed, Xu Luoyang felt the tip of his ear getting hot again!

Chang’an Ge was very poisonous! He was about to be poisoned to death!

The set looked like a small town, with the crew already waiting patiently in the studio for the two male leads to finish their interviews.

Seeing that they had arrived, Director Zhang said through his megaphone, “Luoyang, Chang’an, go change your clothes first. Hurry up! Where’s the photographer? In a while, when you find inspiration, take the make-up photos and publicity photos!”

As Xu Luoyang sat in the dressing room, he could still hear Director Zhang’s voice clearly and couldn’t help but laugh, “Director Zhang’s voice is so good, why does he still insist on drinking that mixture every day?”

Sister Yang, the make-up artist who was fixing his eyebrows considered it seriously, “Maybe he has some misconceptions about himself?”

“Sister Yang, you have a good point!” Xu Luoyang kept his head tilted up as he smiled again.

Xu Luoyang’s smile was very infectious, making it so that Sister Yang who had always been a bit serious was now smiling as well and talking a lot more than usual, “Your makeup should be a bit more complicated because your overall temperament is less rough and your looks are too refined, so your skin should be two to three shades darker. And your eyebrows should be thicker to make your whole silhouette look deeper and your hands should be rougher too. In the script, Qin Chao is the one with the gun.”

Xu Luoyang nodded his head to show that he understood, then turned his head to look at Qi Chang’an who was sitting quietly next to him. “What about Chang’an?”

“Mr. Qi has white skin and a thin face, which fits the feeling of Xu Zhan, who has been working as a carpenter indoors for many years. He doesn’t need to fix as much as you do.”

So by the time Xu Luoyang came out of the dressing room it was already more than three hours later. Lu Di was waiting at the door with a big bag on his back and when he saw Xu Luoyang coming out, he quickly handed over a grey thermos. “Mr. Qi has already gone over there first.”

Xu Luoyang nodded, took a sip of water and asked Lu Di, ”Has Chang’an had some water?”

Lu Di took out another black thermos of the same type from his bag and shook it, ”I made strong tea as you said. Mr. Qi took two sips and looked like he was quite happy.”

Xu Luoyang patted Lu Di on the shoulder, smiled and said, “Here’s your red packet!”

They walked all the way to the studio and found that the crew was already in place, just waiting for Xu Luoyang.

Director Zhang looked him up and down a few times and thought there was nothing wrong with him, but he turned on the loudspeaker and said, “Luoyang, do you want to find the feeling first?”

Xu Luoyang lifted three fingers, indicating that he needed three minutes. Actually, Qi Chang’an had recently helped him find the feeling he needed and so he was completely used to being in the scene anytime and anywhere, but today, for the first time, he wanted to find out for himself, in order to avoid a situation where he wouldn’t meet Director Zhang’s requirements.

By the time he stepped into the well-built studio, he smelled the familiar scent of wood, making Xu Luoyang feel that the step he had just taken, was like crossing the boundary between two worlds.

There was a plank of wood on the bench and Qi Chang’an, wearing black linen trousers had his left foot placed firmly on the plank and his right foot on the ground. Tightening the lines of his legs, he moved the saw in his hand and with the sound of sawing wood, wood splinters flew.

‘Snap’, the wood was sawed into two. Qi Chang’an placed the remaining section in his hand, picked up the planer and started planing the wood without any trouble.

Xu Luoyang looked at his hands, which were a little more coarse than the usual delicate ones, with his index fingers on the sides of the planer, and his thumbs on the back of the planer, and saw that the moment the muscles of his arms were exerted, white wood chips appeared like flowers, and finally fell to the ground.

Xu Luoyang relaxed against the doorframe, narrowed his eyes slightly and chuckled, “Is Ah Zhan busy?”

At this moment, he was no longer Xu Luoyang, but Qin Chao who had returned to the town in a mess to find out that his best friend who he grew up with might be a murderer.

At the same time, Director Zhang made a gesture, and the scene recorder clapped the board and said, “‘Divergent Road’ 113 scenes, scene two, first take!” At the same time, the machine started to work.

The sound of the planer blade cutting through the surface of the wood stopped for a while, then Xu Zhan raised his head and showed a pair of dark eyes, his voice was cold. “I’m not busy ” he said in reply then continued with what he was doing.

Qin Chao took a cigarette out of his bag and looked around for a lighter, but couldn’t find one, so he called out an ‘Ah Zhan’ again.

This time Xu Zhan put down the planer in his hand, walked up to Qin Chao, took out a lighter and lit the cigarette for him.

His black baggy pants were covered in light wood ash and he was wearing a sleeveless white overall that made him look slender; his hand with the lighter was very beautiful but the few scars on it spoiled the beauty a little.

Slipping the lighter into Qin Chao’s pocket, Xu Zhan looked into his eyes, “In the future, remember to bring your own lighter. ” After saying this, he turned around and was ready to go back to work.

Qin Chao took out his gun.

He was still leaning against the doorframe lazily like a leopard sunbathing with a cigarette in his mouth, but his eyes were very sharp behind the smoke and his hand was very steady on the gun.

From the shadows on the ground, Xu Zhan saw Qin Chao’s movements. He stopped, stood still for a few seconds then opened his mouth, “Did you find the evidence of my killing?” The tone of his voice was relaxed.

Qin Chao gave an ‘hmm’, stood up straight slowly, took two steps forward and put the muzzle of his gun directly on Xu Zhan’s skull.

“I just knew you’d be able to find it.” Xu Zhan could clearly feel the cold muzzle, but his voice didn’t shake at all. On the contrary, it was even more stable than usual, like a deep ocean without waves.

He turned around slowly to face Qin Chao, letting the muzzle of the gun rest directly on his eyebrow, his pale lips tinged with an almost cold smile as he asked in a soft voice, “So now, are you going to kill me?”

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  1. Lol no, you have to be arrested first then the judge will decide your punishment. Given that you did it for revenge if there is evidence that he murdered the killer of his parents then maybe he’ll be given a lighter sentence. Seriously, why did the script writer include the police officer aiming a gun point blank to a nonviolent, non resisting suspect?

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