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Chapter 72.2

When Xu Luoyang and Ye Shan Shan left the restaurant after dinner, Xu Luoyang saw Qi Chang’an’s car right away. It was parked conspicuously on the side of the road— a black Aston Martin with a license plate ending in 111.

“Chang’an came to pick me up.” Xu Luoyang said to Ye Shan Shan, “If you’re going to meet Gong Yue later, will the driver come to pick you up?”

“Yes!” Ye Shan Shan nodded, then looking behind Xu Luoyang, whispered, “He’s coming over!”

Walking over in a few strides, Qi Chang’an first made sure that Xu Luoyang wasn’t drunk, and that he could stand firm, then turned to Ye Shan Shan and greeted him politely, “Hello.”

Ye Shan Shan tried hard to keep a serious expression, “Hello to you too!”

“Thank you for the seal tooth you sent the last time, I really like it.”

“It’s good if you like it, there’s no need to thank me, there’s no need!” Ye Shan Shan waved his hand, then realised that although Qi Chang’an was speaking to him, his attention was always on Xu Luoyang. He smiled happily, “I’ll be leaving first. Luoyang, see you next time!”

Once in the passenger seat, Xu Luoyang buckled his seatbelt, “Chang’an, how long have you been here?”

“Not long.”

“Be more specific, did you leave as soon as you got my message?”

“En.” Qi Chang’an turned to help Xu Luoyang adjust his seatbelt, “I really enjoy waiting for you. Even though the process was long, the moment I saw you come out, I was very happy.”

Turning his head, Xu Luoyang looked out the window at the street lights passing by, smiling quietly.

On the 1st of July, Xu Luoyang lost weight successfully and finally got to wear the new model that Stu had sent. Swinging his arms, he made sure that the buttons wouldn’t pop off with this level of movement, then sighed with relief.

Zheng Dong, who was standing next to him, was instructing the photographer on how to take the airport pictures, then saw that Xu Luoyang had an extra suitcase more than usual and asked casually, “You’ve finally learned to prepare for unexpected circumstances by packing extra sets of clothes?”

Lowering his raised arm, Xu Luoyang followed Zheng Dong’s gaze, and realizing what he was talking about, explained, “It’s not clothes in there, it’s a quilt.”

“A quilt?” Zheng Dong was puzzled, “Aren’t you someone who doesn’t mind where you sleep? Since when do you bring your own quilt?”

Feeling a little embarrassed, Xu Luoyang took two steps over and lowering his voice, explained to him, “It’s Qi Chang’an’s quilt.”

“…..” What a huge box of dog food!

After the group finished taking the airport photos in style, Xu Luoyang said his goodbyes to the fans who had come to see him off, then boarded the plane to Paris.

After arriving at his destination, Xu Luoyang checked into the hotel arranged by the organizers first.

It was night in Paris. After a shower and blow drying his hair, Xu Luoyang threw himself onto the bed then sent a message to Qi Chang’an. However he didn’t expect to get a reply so quickly.

Rolling over, he sat up, calculating the time difference. It should be around five in the morning back home. Why was Qi Chang’an still awake?

Worried that he might be feeling unwell, he called him directly, his voice unconsciously revealing his worry, “Chang’an, why aren’t you asleep? Does your stomach hurt?”

During this period of time, he had reminded Qi Chang’an to take his medicine on time every day and was extremely picky about the food he prepared, strictly avoiding anything that might cause allergies or harm to his stomach and saw that Qi Chang’an hadn’t fallen ill for a while, and that his health was slowly improving. But now the thought of Qi Chang’an being sick made his heart shrink.

“I can’t sleep, my stomach doesn’t hurt.” After answering both questions in order, Qi Chang’an paused for two seconds, then continued, “But, Nao Nao, it seems I’m sick.”

Xu Luoyang became nervous, “Sick? Where does it hurt? Have you taken medicine?”

Then he heard Qi Chang’an’s gentle voice coming through the phone, spanning a great distance, “There’s no cure, it’s lovesickness.”

By the time he reacted, Xu Luoyang had already ended the call. “Ah—” his voice trailed on as he buried his face in Qi Chang’an’s quilt. His little heart already couldn’t take it!

Qi Chang’an, you’re breaking the rules again!

After rolling around on the bed twice, Xu Luoyang picked up his phone again, planning to scroll through weibo to distract himself, otherwise his heart would really be overloaded! However, as soon as he refreshed his feed, he saw an updated post from Qi Chang’an.

“Qi Chang’an: Insomnia, missing you, dawn.”

And under this post, fans who were still awake were tagging Xu Luoyang.

“—Xu Luoyang, this groundhog is screaming! Luoyang should be in Paris now, right? Ah ah ah ah!”

“—Xu Luoyang, staying up late to cultivate immortality, was about to sleep when I casually checked Weibo and was sweetened to the point that I can’t sleep again!”

“—Xu Luoyang, after reading this sentence, my heart is a bit sour and astringent. Mr. Qi, it’s okay, your Luoyang will be back in a few days!”

Lying in bed, Xu Luoyang read this sentence more than ten times, then subconsciously dialed Qi Chang’an’s number, which was answered after only one ring.

Before Qi Chang’an could say anything, Xu Luoyang spoke first, “Chang’an, I miss you too.”

From the second we parted, I’ve been missing you.

After a long photoshoot in Paris, Xu Luoyang was invited to visit Stu’s Studio, then was pulled by the Creative Director Wilson to try on no less than fifty outfits. After dealing with the reporters’ interviews, Xu Luoyang finally managed to take a seat in the fashion show’s venue, and taking advantage of the fact that the show hadn’t started yet, started to empty his mind.

Just then, he realized that someone had taken a seat next to him and turned his head subconsciously to take a look, only to freeze in place after a second.

Qi Chang’an looked at Xu Luoyang, a smile in his eyes, “Hello, I’m here to find my antidote.”


Xu Nao Nao’s little mood:


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