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Chapter 19.1

Qi Chang’an turned on the tap and poured a handful of water on his face, which dripped noiselessly along the contours of his jaw. He closed his eyes and pushed down the jealousy and greed that was churning in his heart until not a hint of it showed in the end.

He couldn’t scare Xu Luoyang.

After taking a deep breath, Qi Chang’an opened the bathroom door and came out, and saw that Xu Luoyang had already hung up his clothes for him.

“Chang’an, are you hungry?” Xu Luoyang closed the door of the wardrobe and asked Qi Chang’an. Noticing that his face seemed a little pale, he couldn’t help but worry, “Are you not feeling well?”

Qi Chang’an shook his head, “No, I’m not hungry yet.”

“Then I’ll go and have a shower first, and then in half an hour we’ll go and find something to eat, how about that?”

“Okay, I’ll wait for you.”

The wooden door on the wall was closed smoothly, but once Xu Luoyang left, the whole room became quiet. Qi Chang’an stood still and faintly hearing Xu Luoyang and Lu Di laughing, he exhaled and lay down heavily on the bed, looking up at the unfamiliar ceiling…

He wanted to be closer to Luoyang than all his friends who were close to him. He wanted to treat him better, even better than they did.

He raised his hand to cover his eyes with the back of his hand. He didn’t know what he wanted, but by doing this, it seemed to quiet the greedy and unsatisfied beast in his heart.

I might be sick, he thought to himself.

When Xu Luoyang came out from the shower, he found Qi Chang’an waiting for him, sitting and talking with Lu Di. He listened as he blow dried his hair, but how come the time and place and the people sounded so familiar?

“Xu Ge was just 20 years old when he first came to Xunyang to shoot a movie. It was winter and it was extremely cold. The director was pushing to rush the scene, and he was shooting night scenes outside in sub-zero temperatures.” Lu Di sighed, “Xu Ge’s role was the second male character Qi Lancheng in ‘A Sword Chills Fourteen States’ and his martial arts was very good, but in order to create that ethereal aura, the costumes were made very thin. At that time, Xu Ge had only acted in one youth school drama and although it was a hit, he didn’t have enough experience, so he had to do whatever the director told him to do.”

“I remembered that Xu Ge had been hanging from the wire for more than 10 hours, flying back and forth and when he came down, his whole body was frozen and he couldn’t feel his arms and legs at all. I wrapped him up in a down jacket, gave him a hot water bottle, and went to buy a bowl of hot and spicy soup. He turned his back as he drank it and it was only after a while that I realised that he was crying quietly without making a sound. Shedding tears as he drank the soup, not daring to be seen.”

Thinking about it now, Lu Di still felt sad. After a pause, he continued, “At that time, I thought, ‘when Xu Ge becomes a star, we won’t even look at that sh**ty director’s movies’!”

Xu Luoyang was amused when he turned off his hairdryer and heard this line clearly. “What sh**ty director? Director Sheng’s martial arts films are all excellent, others want to do it, but have no chance! At that time, Zheng Ge almost broke his legs before he finally helped me get the role.” He looked at Qi Chang’an and said, “Don’t listen to his nonsense, it wasn’t that bad.”

Lu Di answered quickly, “It was obviously worse than that! You once fell off a wire, and my heart and Zheng Ge’s almost stopped!”

His five fingers trembling, Qi Chang’an clenched them into a fist, frowning as he asked, “Fell off a wire?”

Xu Luoyang glared at Lu Di and replied to Qi Chang’an himself, “There was an accident on the set, but the height I fell from wasn’t very high and the fall wasn’t a big deal.”

Lu Di added, “At that time, some people in the cast and crew were concerned about Xu Ge’s rapid success, so they played a dirty trick! The director even wanted to settle the matter…”

Seeing Qi Chang’an’s eyes turn cold, Xu Luoyang kicked Lu Di, interrupting him, “All right, all right, I’m done, I’m going to dinner with Chang’an. You’re on your own.”

When they got into the elevator, Qi Chang’an looked at Xu Luoyang and asked, “Did it… hurt when you fell? Were there any after-effects?” He suddenly felt very powerless, because these were all things that had happened years ago before he met Xu Luoyang.

“Are you still thinking about that?” Xu Luoyang knew that Qi Chang’an really cared about him, but knew it would be better for him to listen to Lu Di’s embellished version than to tell it himself so he said in a very relaxed tone, “There wasn’t really an after-effect. I was consciously protecting my head when I fell so it was nothing serious, just a fractured pinky.”

Saying this, Xu Luoyang held out his left hand for Qi Chang’an to see, “The person who did it wanted me to quit the crew but of course I couldn’t do as he wished. Fortunately, it was only my little finger that was injured and the sleeve of my character’s costume was very long so you wouldn’t be able to see it at all if I covered it up. It’s just that I was in a rush so the fracture wasn’t aligned well. After the bone healed, it became a little unnatural, but you can’t tell unless you look closely.”

Qi Chang’an’s eyes fell on the little finger of his left hand and found that there was indeed a slight bump on it. Feeling like his heart was being poked by a sharp blade, he couldn’t help but reach out and touch it carefully, “Does it still hurt?”

“It doesn’t hurt anymore.” Xu Luoyang bent his little finger and scratched the back of Qi Chang’an’s hand, “Anyways, that’s the way it is in the entertainment circle. To uphold the high and step on the low, playing dirty tricks everywhere.”

Saying this, he moved close to Qi Chang’an and lowered his voice, a little bit of slyness in his eyes, “But after that, that director came to ask me to act in his movie again but I refused directly. I won’t act in his movies again.”

Qi Chang’an also laughed with a soft look in his eyes, “Mhm, we won’t act in his movies. I won’t act in his movies in the future.”

“No, no. He’s still the best at making martial arts movies so if you receive a good script, you have to—”

“No.” Qi Chang’an shook his head, “He wasn’t good to you so I won’t work with him.” His tone was soft, but the look in his eyes was very serious.

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  1. how dare that ugly old man ò^ó i feel so bad for him T>T, and awwww what cute concern love their relationship <3

    thank yiu for the chapter!

  2. No matter what, we still have to maintain correct three views and observe basic human rights. Normal working hours is only 8 hours, 9 hours in China yet he was on a wire for ten hours. Can’t the actors even take a break. Workplace injury should also be treated with the correct attitude.

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