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Chapter 20.1

It was okay because….. he was around?

Meeting Qi Chang’an’s eyes, Xu Luoyang inexplicably felt a little dryness in his throat and could even hear the sound of his heart beating. He was unsure how he should answer when Director Zhang’s voice suddenly came from behind him, “Luoyang? You guys came over for dinner too?”

At this moment, Xu Luoyang subconsciously let out a huge sigh of relief, ignoring the strange feeling in his heart as he turned back to look at Director Zhang and Screen Writer Cheng Jing and greeted them with a smile, “Director Zhang, Screen Writer Cheng, what a coincidence?”

Qi Chang’an was a little disappointed, it was just that he didn’t know exactly why he was disappointed, or, what kind of response he wanted from Xu Luoyang.

Restraining his emotions, he nodded towards the two people approaching, “Director Zhang, Screen Writer Cheng.”

Director Zhang wearing a black and white sports model, waved his hand bashfully, “I was still discussing with the assistant director earlier, saying that we should invite the two male leads to dinner together, I didn’t expect to meet you here, why don’t we just share a table together? I’m buying, so feel free to eat whatever you want!”

Xu Luoyang smiled, “Ok!” He said and tugged on Qi Chang’an’s sleeve, “Director Zhang is very stingy. I’m guessing that this will be the only meal he will buy throughout the filming of the drama, so we have to seize the opportunity!”

Director Zhang glared at him, “You’re talking as if being on my set has starved you thin!”

In the interval of chatting, Cheng Jing had gone to greet the boss and the four of them went into a private room.

Sitting down next to Qi Chang’an, Xu Luoyang took the menu and handed it to Director Zhang, “The one who invited the guests should order.”

Director Zhang waved his hand, “I can’t be bothered to look, you and Chang’an order.”

Xu Luoyang’s expression turned bitter, “Every time I order I panic inside, always wondering what I should choose to live up to the world’s delicious foods!”

Amused, Director Zhang reached out and took the menu, ordered five dishes with Cheng Jing, and handed it back to Xu Luoyang, “Okay, it’s your turn to order.”

Xu Luoyang took it this time.

He first pointed out a few light and easy to digest dishes that were also tasty to Qi Chang’an, and only after Qi Chang’an had chosen, did he order two meat and two vegetarian dishes for himself.

After ordering, Xu Luoyang then introduced to Qi Chang’an, “The soup base of this restaurant is very good, it is said to have ancestral sauce put in it, I used to pester the owner to buy some sauce, but after pestering him for half a year, I still wasn’t able to get it.”

Saying this, he tapped his chin with the pencil he was ordering with, “Speaking of which, the owner has been here for over twenty years and has totally watched our country’s film and television industry slowly develop, it’s very impressive!”

The boss happened to come in with the soup pot himself and smiled when he heard Xu Luoyang’s words, “Luoyang, did you know I was coming in that was why you said that on purpose to make me happy?”

Xu Luoyang nodded straightforwardly and said, “Boss look, I’ve praised you so much, so can I expect you to personally match the seasoning dish? It’s my friend’s first time eating here.”

“Alright, alright, alright, what should I avoid?”

Director Zhang and Screen Writer Cheng Jing weren’t picky eaters and Xu Luoyang ate everything but carrots, but just after the boss asked, he started counting on his fingers, “Boss, one of them shouldn’t have soy noodles, no scallions, no cilantro, no lard, no vinegar, no chili, no wood ginger oil, please!”

He listed a series of ‘don’t’s’ with curved eyebrows, making people unable to resent him. The boss repeated it then went out of the room.

Sitting next to him, the corners of Qi Chang’an’s light-colored mouth showed a little smile.

As they waited for the food to be served, Director Zhang said to Xu Luoyang as he sipped tea, “I met Zheng Dong once before and he was saying that during the past few months you were either experiencing life or filming so he pushed down all your notices but then started to worry about what to do if you have no news and no heat, the result is that you are directly on two hot searches today, he must be shocked again.”

At the moment, Xu Luoyang was eating spicy shredded beef, the appetizer before the meal. After hearing him he was shocked, “Two hot searches? I didn’t even notice!” When he had entered the car he started sleeping, and when he arrived at the hotel he was busy tidying up his room, then when he was done his mind was so full of good food that he hadn’t had time to go through Weibo.

Director Zhang smiled somewhat impishly, “One is you and Shan Shan and the other is the ‘Gu Cheng’ CP.”

There didn’t seem to be any problem, but Xu Luoyang’s hanging heart didn’t dare go down, and sure enough, he heard the second half of the sentence coming from Director Zhang, “The third hot search is for the ‘Gu Cheng’ CP and the plush piggy together.”

Xu Luoyang chopsticks with the shredded beef held in between dropped. He was finished, this plush piggy incident would really not go down!

“Anyway, now various Taobao stores have come out with various identical ‘Xu Luoyang’s plush piggy’ models that are selling very well. You’re now a little prince with goods!”

Xu Luoyang felt his heart ache, “All the other male celebrities are wearing some kind of handsome trench coat, limited edition sneakers or cool bracelets, why is it that when it’s my turn, it’s a plush piggy?”

Cheng Jing interjected, “Maybe it’s because you’re gifted?”

Director Zhang picked up, “It’s good, a breath of fresh air in the entertainment industry!”

Even Qi Chang’an chimed in, “It’s very cute.”

Xu Luoyang decided to keep quiet and escape reality for a bit.

The dishes were delivered along with the condiment plates, and Director Zhang spoke to Qi Chang’an about his experience with the role of ‘Xu Zhan’, while Cheng Jing listened in, adding a few words every now and then.

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