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Chapter 26.1

The drunk Xu Luoyang was very restless, unable to stay idle for a while and afraid he might fall down if he didn’t stand up straight, Qi Chang’an stayed by his side the whole time.

After observing the wood pattern of the table legs, the pattern of the wallpaper, studying the species of water plants in the fish tank, and even calculating the latitude and longitude of the hotel, Xu Luoyang, who had finally exhausted his energy, covered his forehead and muttered, “I… have to take a break, the rotation of the earth seems to be making me dizzy!”

Then suddenly thinking of something else, his tone was a bit anxious, “ Where is Qi Qi? Did Qi Qi leave?”

“No, I haven’t left, I’m here.”

Qi Chang’an was standing behind Xu Luoyang and just as he finished speaking, he saw Xu Luoyang turn around and smile at him, then stumbling a few steps like a new toddler, opened his arms and jumped on him.

Xu Luoyang put his chin against Qi Chang’an’s shoulder and muttered, “Qi Qi”, then he called out “Chang’an Ge”, repeating it several times. After a while, he laughed, but it wasn’t known what he was so happy about.

“You’re dizzy. Let’s sit down, ok?”

“En!” Xu Luoyang responded positively, then he was pulled down to sit on the sofa.

Remembering that he had drank three rounds of toasts, with each glass being white wine, Qi Chang’an asked him worriedly, “Do you still want to throw up?”

After checking himself over carefully, Xu Luoyang answered seriously, “No.”

“Then do you feel dizzy?”

”Dizzy.” Xu Luoyang’s voice was clear, his eyes were intently looking at Qi Chang’an as he sat in a very upright manner. Just then, a series of knocks sounded at the door then a waiter came with the sobering tea.

Qi Chang’an stood up and was just about to go to the door when he found his cuffs being pulled gently, the slight force making him unable to take another step. He lowered his head, his voice softening unconsciously, “Luoyang?”

Xu Luoyang was like a restless little animal as he looked up at him, his eyes moist and shining because he was drunk, “Are you leaving?”

“No.” Qi Chang’an’s heart was soft, “You sit here and watch me. Don’t worry, I won’t leave.”

That was what Mum and Dad said, but in the end they still left. But Xu Luoyang, after thinking about it slowly, decided to trust him, so he loosened his hold, “Then I’ll watch you, come back quickly.”

Unable to help but quicken his pace, Qi Chang’an brought Xu Luoyang the sobering tea in a moment’s time. When Xu Luoyang saw him with the beautiful bowl in his hand, he was instantly refreshed, “Is it delicious food?”

“No, it’s tea to make you feel better.”

”Oh.” Xu Luoyang took five seconds to understand the sentence, then, with his hands behind his back, he blinked his eyes, his expression serious and sincere, “Nao Nao’s hands are missing.”

“Nao Nao?” Qi Chang’an was stunned, then reacted immediately, “Are you Nao Nao?”

“Yes, it’s me!” Xu Luoyang’s eyes brightened as he explained the origin of his name to Qi Chang’an word by word, “When I was small, my mother said that I was too rowdy and very naughty, so she nicknamed me Nao Nao!” He also taught Qi Chang’an how to pronounce his name, “It’s Xu-Nao-Nao 1Nao (闹) means to disturb, noisy, naughty.!”

“Xu Nao Nao.” Qi Chang’an pronounced the nickname with a spring breeze like smile in his eyes.

“Yes!” After Xu Luoyang finished teaching him how to pronounce his name, he continued happily, “Nao Nao’s hands are missing, so he can’t drink the tea by himself. You have to feed me.”

“Okay, I’ll feed you.”

This was the first time Qi Chang’an was feeding someone. He picked up the porcelain spoon, scooped half a spoonful of tea carefully and blew cool air on it before bringing it to Xu Luoyang’s lips. Xu Luoyang didn’t cause any more trouble as he lowered his head seriously to finish it. Then he licked his lips and commented, “It tastes so light!”

But when the second spoonful was brought to his lips, he lowered his head again and drank it cleanly, looking up at Qi Chang’an with an expectant expression when he finished the spoonful.

After feeding him half the bowl of sobering tea, Qi Chang’an suddenly understood the look in Xu Luoyang’s eyes and reaching over with his left hand, rubbed his hair gently, “Nao Nao is very good.”

Xu Luoyang’s eyes narrowed comfortably, but as he nodded his head, he thought in a daze, ‘I’m so good, so can Dad and Mom not leave?’

It took ten minutes to finish the bowl of sobering tea, but it didn’t succeed in waking Xu Luoyang up. Instead, it made him start to rub his eyes. He yawned, and with teary eyes, following the pressure applied by Qi Chang’an’s hand, fell onto his lap.

After closing his eyes for a while, Xu Luoyang suddenly murmured, “Where is my Chang’an Ge?”

Carefully rubbing Xu Luoyang’s temples with his index and middle fingers, Qi Chang’an replied softly, “Here.”

“I’ll take you to have a midnight snack…” Xu Luoyang’s voice came out intermittently, but he was trying hard to wake up, “You haven’t eaten enough for dinner, you’ll be hungry.” His voice dropped slowly, his words not making much sense, “You’ll be hungry, it will hurt, you will faint, you will not be able to see, we need to find medicine for you right away…”

Qi Chang’an couldn’t define his feelings in words, but looking at Xu Luoyang, who was completely asleep on his lap, he lowered his head and kissed his hair gently…..

You are my medicine.

Lu Di pushed open the door of the private room to find only leftovers on the large round table. He called out a “Xu Ge” tentatively, and heard someone say from the back, “He’s asleep.”

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