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Chapter 51.2

In the evening, the two sat in a private restaurant, playing Super Mario together on their cell phones. Xu Luoyang had lost seven games in a row and his heart was cracking again and again. He poked ye Shan Shan with his elbow, “Shan Shan, let’s make a deal, can you let me win once?”

Ye Shan Shan’s eyes curled up in a smile, making the pear swirl at the corner of his mouth obvious, “We can. If you call me Ye Ge, I’ll agree!”

Without hesitation, Xu Luoyang refused decisively, “Forget it then, next time I’ll have Chang’an come over and fight you!”

“Chang’an? Qi Chang’an?” Ye Shan Shan was curious, “I couldn’t even connect to the outside internet over there, and I just came back to find out that you’re actually someone with a cp too!”

Obviously very pleased in his heart, Xu Luoyang pretended to be calm, “Yes, it’s him,” Done saying this, he broke out after having forced himself to hold back for four days. Putting his phone down, he said on a whisper, “Shan Shan, I have some big news to tell you. “

Looking at his solemn expression, Ye Shan Shan’s heart also lifted as he moved over, his voice lowered, “What news? I will help you keep it a secret!”

Coughing twice, Xu Luoyang couldn’t help but smile then he said quietly, “Qi Chang’an– is my boyfriend!”

The moment he said it, fireworks began to explode in Xu Luoyang’s heart. Apart from the staff around him, no one knew that he and Qi Chang’an were already together because Zheng Dong had suggested keeping the relationship a secret for the time being and waiting until fans had fully accepted the existence of the ‘Gu Cheng cp’ before making it public. It was even kept a secret from all of his friends in the circle.

However it wasn’t an easy feeling. Every day, Xu Luoyang wanted to announce to the world that he and Qi Chang’an were in a relationship, but the situation he was in now made him think a lot, and he had no option but to be careful– he had to be responsible for himself and Qi Chang’an, as well as for the people around him and his fans.

Ye Shan Shan blinked for a few seconds before responding, “Your boyfriend? Ah, then I’ll have to get you another seal’s tooth! The two from before are only enough for you and Zheng Ge to share.”

A seal’s tooth? Xu Luoyang thought about it, “That’s right, but he’s still in the city, so it’s fine if you give it to me tomorrow.”

“Okay!” Ye Shan Shan nodded then asked Xu Luoyang, his voice still very low, “Does he treat you well? Are you happy with him?”

Hearing his question, it felt as if a ball of candyfloss had been stuffed into Xu Luoyang’s heart. He answered seriously, “He treats me very well, very well, and I am happy with him every day. I even hope that when this life is over, I’d meet him again in the next life.”

Ye Shan Shan didn’t really understand, and so struggled to come up with a description, “Is it like how it is with my big brother?”

Knowing that the ‘my big brother’ he was referring to was his lover, Gong Yue, Xu Luoyang somehow felt that he had been stuffed with a bowl of dog food, but it seemed to be right, “En, it’s probably similar. I also can’t accept at all that he would leave me, separate from me, or fall in love with someone else.”

Just thinking about it will make me explode in place!

Ye Shan Shan looked at him in astonishment, “Luoyang, you’re so possessive!”


After eating a shelled peanut, Ye Shan Shan suddenly remembered something, “But how did you guys meet?” He recalled carefully, “I remember that a little over two years ago, we came out of a barbecue place and your car that was parked in the car park was hit and a business card was left on the windshield with the name ‘Qi Chang’an’ written on it, but didn’t you not go look for him?”

“Yes, I was very surprised back then that I actually met a man called ‘Chang’an’.” Xu Luoyang also ate a shelled peanut then continued, “Last year, Director Zhang was directing a new movie and he and I were cast as the double leads, and that’s how we slowly got to know each other.”

Xu Luoyang was slowly peeling peanuts, but he had omitted the middle part– after getting the business card, he had been curious about this person called ‘Chang’an’ and so he contacted him via text message and arranged a time and place to meet.

But when he arrived at the appointment in full disguise, he found out that Qi Chang’an was a demon hiding in the human world, so he ran away in panic.

He didn’t think they would ever meet again, but a year later, Qi Chang’an won an award and made a name for himself with his movie [Blizzard], making his presence felt–

When he found out that Qi Chang’an was the lead actor in the movie, Xu Luoyang had dropped his lunch box!

Just then, there was a knock on the door, then the door of the private room was pushed open and the owner came in with a big tray in his hand, shouting skillfully, “The food– is served–“

After setting the six dishes and one soup on the table, the smiling boss wiped his hands and took a piece of white paper out of his pocket, “Excuse me, can I ask you two to sign this?”

He explained with some embarrassment, “My wife and I both particularly enjoyed watching the two of you together in ‘Mountains and Rivers Unchanged’ and went to the cinema several times when it was released.”

“Of course!” Xu Luoyang took the pen and paper, signed his name carefully then wrote “Good luck with your business”, while Ye Shan Shan, with a few peanuts around his mouth, took the pen, signed, then wrote “Good health” underneath, following the same format.

Very happy, the owner say, “Wait a minute, I made some peach blossom wine myself, I’ll bring it to you to try!”

Five minutes later, the two men stared at the wine jar in the middle of the table then looked at each other.

“Should we drink it?”

“Of course!”

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