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Chapter 68.2

The next day In the afternoon, lugging his suitcase, Xu Luoyang once again got in the crew car of ‘Top Secret Action’. Greeting the camera, he covered his mouth quickly as he yawned, whispering, “I get sleepy in the afternoon. I need something to wake me up.”

Remembering that the beginning of each episode was live streamed on the platform, Xu Luoyang asked the cameraman for a tablet, opened the live stream room then spied sneakily on Qi Chang’an’s situation. He sighed in his heart, ‘an attractive man really gave energy’. With this, he had already decided to cling to the tablet throughout the journey!

However, he exposed himself not more than two minutes later.

Lifting his head and speaking a bit quickly, he asked, “Zhao Ge, can you contact Chang’an’s team? He’s allergic and can’t eat anything with lemon juice in it.”

Zhao Xing blinked, then made a call quickly. As Xu Luoyang looked back down at the screen, he saw that the lemon juice had been removed after receiving the call. As he breathed a sigh of relief, he noticed the barrage of comments become so dense that faces were obscured.

“—Why do I feel like I’ve been smacked with Gu Cheng brand dog food? Luoyang is so thoughtful! He even notices tiny details like this!”

“—The production team should reflect on this! If Luoyang hadn’t been watching Mr. Qi’s live stream secretly and noticed the lemon juice, what would have happened if the unsuspecting Mr. Qi had an allergic reaction? Allergies can be fatal, so please take note!”

“—Ah ah ah ah, Luoyang is secretly watching Mr. Qi’s live stream! It’s so cute my heart is trembling! If this isn’t love then what is! Gu Cheng couple, please get married sooner! I’ll pay for the wedding candies!”

His eyes dazzled by the barrage of comments, Xu Luoyang reached out and tapped Qi Chang’an’s face on the screen, smiling at the camera, “As the old poem goes, ‘Not seeing Chang’an makes me anxious’, so looking at him more will really improve my mood!”

As soon as he finished speaking, the already dense barrage of comments grew even thicker.

Thus, the buzz around the third episode of ‘Top Secret Action’ heated up before filming even began.

Arriving at their destination around the same time, Xu Luoyang stood beside Qi Chang’an and looking around, was a little surprised, “Such a large abandoned factory? The production team must be really rich to build such a realistic set!”

Director Wen, with a smug look in his eyes, held up a megaphone, “The apocalypse has arrived and you are trapped in this abandoned factory. You must find the hidden sonic weapon deep within the factory in order to eliminate the zombies surrounding it and escape successfully. In this factory, you will find many clues, both real and fake. You’ll need to judge them for yourselves which is which. Alright, now let’s draw lots for teams.”

This time, the production team was clearly up to something, because after they put Guan Xian and Qin Xiaoran who didn’t like each other in one team, they paired Xu Luoyang and Song Yao who also didn’t like each other and lastly, placed Qi Chang’an and Jiang Liu in the last team.

Holding the team card, Jiang Liu was dumbfounded, “It’s over, it’s over! I have a feeling I’ll be torn apart by Gu Cheng fans after the third episode airs! Suddenly, I feel like I’ve become the milky way!”

Xu Luoyang was standing just a few steps away and asked, “Why the Milky Way?”

“I’ve obstructed the Cowherd and the Weaver Girl from meeting!”

Xu Luoyang’s expression turned subtle— please clarify your statement. Who exactly is the Weaver Girl? Have you ever seen a 5’6 Weaver Girl?

After receiving the items distributed by the production team, Xu Luoyang and Song Yao entered the abandoned factory together. It was huge, with two floors and a rooftop. The deeper they went, the more certain Xu Luoyang became that this place used to be a real factory, and that the production team had simply remodeled it, as the original infrastructure was still in place, although they were obviously corroded.

Following the suggested route, the two of them remained silent. In the end, Song Yao couldn’t hold back and asked, “The food at that garden restaurant is delicious.”

That garden restaurant was where Xu Luoyang had taken Du Ruan Lan for dinner and where they had bumped into Song Yao and his manager, Huang Yunli. Smiling, Xu Luoyang nodded, “Indeed, it’s delicious.”

He understood that Song Yao, like himself, hadn’t received any news from Director Du yet, so he wanted to probe to see whether he had already secured the Ding Xuan role.

“Did you go there to eat again later?”

Pretending not to understand, Xu Luoyang just smiled, giving an irrelevant answer, “When I have time, I’ll definitely go back to eat there again. I heard their chicken soup is particularly good.”

The two cameramen following them exchanged glances, both looking puzzled— why did the conversation suddenly shift to food? Did that garden restaurant provide sponsorship that they didn’t know about?

After walking for another two minutes, the surrounding light dimmed slightly and the path became narrower. Huge boxes and iron racks were piled up on both sides, and dark red pipes could be seen overhead. Seeing the path, Song Yao suggested, “Should we split up?”

At this point, in front of them, there was a staircase that only allowed one person to pass, leading to a platform built in mid air against the wall. The staircase was already rusty and even the safety net had a hole in it.

“I’m all for it, but who goes upstairs and who stays downstairs?”

Song Yao pointed upward, “I’ll go up the stairs and take a look.”

Xu Luoyang had no objections, “Just be careful and call me if you need anything.”

After Song Yao climbed up the stairs, Xu Luoyang continued to move forward with his cameraman Zhao Xing.

Not far away, Xu Luoyang suddenly noticed a white leather skin metal box placed at the corner of several large dark red pipes. As he walked closer, he saw that it was locked with a piece of paper attached to it that had a question written on it.

“I’m guessing if I solve the answer to this question, the locked box will open.” Xu Luoyang handed his backpack to Zhao Xing who was following him. “Zhao Ge, can you hold this for me? The space over there is too narrow, barely enough for me to fit in. I’m afraid I’ll have to trouble you to wait outside for a while.”

Nodding, Zhao Xing took Xu Luoyang’s backpack then made an ‘ok’ with his hand.

Stepping over, Xu Luoyang crouched between the pipes and started solving the problem and standing a few steps away, Zhao Xing adjusted the camera and zoomed in on Xu Luoyang’s side profile.

Just then, there was a sudden ‘clang’ sound, then something fell rapidly from above Xu Luoyang’s head.


Xu Nao Nao’s little emotions:

Qi Qi, my hand is so sore qaq

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