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Chapter 34.2

“En, I just got off the plane.” Xu Luoyang followed up with, “I thought I was going to spend New Year’s Eve on the set, I didn’t expect Director Chu to become so kind!”

Suddenly, he heard someone shouting his name, and when he looked up, he saw a large circle of fans gathered a short distance ahead, all holding light signs with his name on them.

Xu Luoyang, who didn’t have his manager or assistant with him, was confused – cr*p, were all his fans FBI?

But the two sides had always had a good understanding, so Xu Luoyang walked over and said in a raised voice, “Happy Spring Festival, ladies. I’ll stand for two minutes and pose, so you guys can take as many pictures as you want, okay? Let me go when I’m done, it’s New Year’s Eve and my family is waiting for me for New Year’s Eve dinner.”

Amused by his pitiful expression, his fans agreed, then exactly two minutes later, they very consciously gave him a way out.

But there was no one waiting for him at his home for New Year’s Eve dinner. When he opened the door, it was quiet, spotless and clean, it just didn’t have the noisiness created by human interaction. Leaving his suitcase in the foyer, he went straight into the bathroom, took a shower, then fell into bed, ready to sleep until the first day of the New Year.

In a daze, he heard the sound of the doorbell. Xu Luoyang, with his hair in a messy state, put his legs in his slippers and walked towards the door, thinking as he rubbed his eyes, the property fee has been paid, there is no takeaway, there is no delivery, even Zheng Ge has gone home to spend the New Year with his family, so who was looking for him at this time?

When he opened the door and saw the person standing at the door, Xu Luoyang’s froze, then he mumbled, “Chang’an?”

It never occurred to him that it would be Qi Chang’an knocking on the door.

He hadn’t seen Qi Chang’an for a whole month since January 18th. He couldn’t take his eyes off his face.

“Nao Nao, Happy Spring Festival.” Qi Chang’an stood in the doorway, wearing a dark oversized coat and carrying two large lunch boxes.

Xu Luoyang suddenly couldn’t speak, and it took him a long time to bring out the words, “Happy New Year.” He even pinched his fingers in a dumbfounded manner – it hurt, it hurt, it hurt! This really wasn’t a dream.

It had been a long time since anyone had spent New Year’s Eve with him, except for when the whole crew was on set together. All his friends around him had families that they needed to reunite with, and it was already a good friendship that they would call on New Year’s Eve, but he had also gotten used to being alone on New Year’s Eve.

As Xu Luoyang stood at the door and watched Qi Chang’an change into slippers and take the lunch boxes into the kitchen, he thought to himself that he would be super content if he would only leave after dinner. Thinking this way, he put his hands in his shirt pockets and leaning against the door frame, smiled.

Qi Chang’an, not finding the plate, turned to look at the man still standing at the doorway and waved, “Nao Nao, where are the plates?”

Xu Luoyang couldn’t stop smiling as he took out the plates he hadn’t used since he bought them and helped to sort out the packed dishes. His eyes lit up when he found the buddha jumping over the wall dish inside, “Sure enough, it’s Chang’an Ge-ge who is the best!”

Unable to resist, Qi Chang’an stretched his hand to rub his messy hair, “Is this the first time you’re finding out?”

The two of them took the plated food which consisted of five dishes and a generous portion of soup to the table. Xu Luoyang even happily ran to get the wine, turned up the volume of the TV a little and ate the New Year’s Eve dinner in style.

Xu Luoyang smiled the whole time, his eyes curved like a crescent moon as he thought to himself that every dish was particularly good and that the wine was particularly delicious. Noticing that he had already finished two bottles, Qi Chang’an reached out to remove the bottle, “Stop drinking, you’re getting drunk.”

Shaking his head, Xu Luoyang was actually quite sober, just a little dizzy. With his hand on his chin, he stared at Qi Chang’an, and with the wine he had drunk, he had the courage to say what had been swirling in his mind for a long time, “Chang’an, can you stay and celebrate New Year’s Eve with me?”

The moment the words left his lips, he regretted it, thinking that he had gone too far but he didn’t know what to do. However he really wanted to spend New Year’s Eve with him.

Qi Chang’an immediately realized that Xu Luoyang thought he would leave after dinner, but didn’t explain much and just nodded, “Ok, we’ll spend New Year’s Eve together.”

Xu Luoyang was stunned for two seconds then the smile on his face widened, “I’m so happy!”

After eating, Qi Chang’an sat down on the sofa. Xu Luoyang rubbed his forehead and walked over to open the piano lid, sat down on the piano stool, tilted his head towards Qi Chang’an and said, “I’ve already written the lyrics for the ending song of ‘Divergent’. I’ll sing it for you, okay? You’ll be the first to hear it!”

Qi Chang’an, feeling a little hot from the indoor central air conditioning, unbuttoned his shirt, rested his hand on the back of the sofa and nodded with a relaxed smile, “Okay.”

This was the first time Qi Chang’an had heard Xu Luoyang sing seriously. His singing voice was a little different from his usual speaking voice, and probably because the ending song of ‘Divergent’ was more lyrical, the first two lines were distinctly nasal, with a very gentle breath, like the rushing water of a mountain stream.

But in the middle section, it changed to a sad and hoarse singing voice again, giving Qi Chang’an a sudden feeling of having his heart clutched tightly.

After the song ended, the ending of the keynotes dissipated into the air. Xu Luoyang sat at the piano bench for a while when suddenly his whole body went down and his head hit the keys, causing a ‘clang’ sound.

This sound jolted Xu Luoyang from drunkenness and he ran to Qi Chang’an in a few steps, very nervous, “Chang’an, please help me, is it swollen, is it swollen? I have to wear a wig and headgear! If I go back with a bun on my forehead, Director Chu will make fun of me!”

Laughing, Qi Chang’an lifted the thin strands of hair from his forehead to take a good look, “It’s not swollen, you’re still handsome.” Saying this, the thumb of his finger rubbed his forehead gently, “There, Nao Nao doesn’t hurt.”

Looking at Qi Chang’an’s eyes, Xu Luoyang’s eyes suddenly became a little sore.

It was already past 11:30 when Xu Luoyang finally smoothed out his hair, took a selfie with his phone, posted it on Weibo, and sent out a few New Year’s greetings. Scrolling down, he found that out of his ten posts, five of them had selfies, and then he noticed that the angle of each selfie was different!

Was his OCD that bad?

He nudged Qi Chang’an with his elbow, “Chang’an, which angle do you think my selfies look better in?”

“The one you posted on New Year’s Day last January, the lighting and angle were great.” After saying it, both of them froze.

Xu Luoyang blinked as a few statistics slipped through his mind – last New Year’s Day, that was four hundred and fifteen days ago when that post was uploaded. And according to his own update frequency, an upload was definitely more than one post.

Looking at Qi Chang’an, he couldn’t help but ask, “You-“

Qi Chang’an seemed to know what he was going to ask, “En, I’ve seen them all.”

I’ve seen every post and every selfie you’ve ever taken.

The ferocious beast in the cage began to struggle again – wanting more, wanting to get closer, wanting to tell him. But in the end, Qi Chang’an didn’t let him go and reattached a big lock to the iron cage, again.

You will drag him into the putrid swamp.

Then, over the faint sound of fireworks, he heard Xu Luoyang say seriously, “Actually, if you don’t know how to post, you can ask me, I’ll teach you. It’s really hard to go through my old posts one by one just to learn! And my old posts don’t really have much reference value, they’re more of the self-indulgent type.”

No wonder whenever he clicked on Qi Chang’an’s homepage now, almost every post was a repost of his.

After a moment’s thought, Xu Luoyang continued, “Speaking of which, you don’t do the whole persona thing, so you can actually do whatever you want on Weibo. But it’s normal for you to worry, after all is still quite important. Don’t worry, I’ll teach you!”

Qi Chang’an felt a little helpless, but the string in his heart loosened and he laughed, “Okay, teach me.”

Xu Nao Nao’s little emotions:

Qi Qi, quick, call me teacher~

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