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Chapter 57.2

At exactly 6 o’clock, Wilson and the photographer Barnes called it a day and the three-day photoshoot came to an end. Xu Luoyang thanked the crew and took a group picture with Wilson and Barnes before returning to the hotel.

However the smile on Xu Luoyang’s face disappeared when he opened the door to his hotel room— something was wrong. It was already dark but the room wasn’t lit and the neon lights outside were shining in, making it hard to see anything.

His heart beginning to race, he walked to the bed and leaned over, carefully reaching out to touch Qi Chang’an’s hand. He found it was cold and clammy, but his forehead was burning hot.

A sharp pain shot through Xu Luoyang’s heart as he panicked, then worried that bright light would hurt Qi Chang’an’s eyes, he turned on only the night light, looked at Qi Chang’an who was lying in bed and called out softly, “Chang’an? Can you hear my voice?”

He tried to tell himself to stay calm, but it was impossible. Holding back his strength, Xu Luoyang’s mind was suddenly filled with the image of his father lying on the hospital bed, unresponsive to his cries and calls several years ago.

It was only now he realized that the loss of his parents, one after the other, had buried his fear deep within him and that once touched, it would cause his rationality to collapse.

At this moment, Qi Chang’an’s breathing changed noticeably and his eyes opened slowly. Sniffling, Xu Luoyang forced a smile, “Chang’an, what medicine do you want to take? I’ll get it for you…..”

It took a few seconds for Qi Chang’an to settle. His voice was hoarse as he said, “I’ve already taken medicine.” Then he closed his right eye and instinctively turned his head to look at Xu Luoyang with his left eye, his gaze gentle and reassuring, “Don’t worry, it’s nothing. I’ll be fine soon, it’s just a little cold.”

Why couldn’t I have come back sooner? Imagining Qi Chang’an curled up in bed restlessly, Xu Luoyang felt even more heartache.

Half-kneeling on the carpet next to the bed, he buried his face in Qi Chang’an’s cold palm, the unease and self-blame in his heart spreading like paint being poured into water. Xu Luoyang’s voice was muffled, “Chang’an, it’s been a long time since I’ve seen you get sick.”

Could it be that because he had made several wishes these past few days, Chang’an had overused his powers in order to fulfill them?

Exceptionally sad, Xu Luoyang’s voice lowered, “I’m sorry….”

Qi Chang’an’s grip on Xu Luoyang’s hand tightened and unable to stand the sight of his dejected expression, he asked in confusion, “Why are you apologizing?”

Xu Luoyang felt even worse, “Don’t lie to me. Isn’t it because of my continuous wishes?”

Hearing this answer, Qi Chang’an was taken aback then suddenly understanding Xu Luoyang’s train of thought, felt a bit helpless.

He had never known how to bring this topic up before, but now, Qi Chang’an didn’t want Xu Luoyang to blame himself, so he said for the first time something he had always wanted to say but didn’t dare to, “Nao Nao, I’m not a demon.”

“I know.” Xu Luoyang nodded without hesitation, his voice still pitiful, “Your identity must be kept secret, I understand.”


“Don’t deny it. Weren’t you the one who brought the breakfast and afternoon tea that suddenly appeared in the lounge?” Xu Luoyang continued, “When I saw the strawberry mousse, I guessed it might be you, but I didn’t dare eat it, because I was afraid I was thinking too much and also afraid that the food had been put there by someone else and that there was something bad inside. But the next day, when the spoon was placed on the left side of the cup at a sixty-degree angle, I knew it had to be you.”

This was his small habit that only Qi Chang’an knew.

“Later on, for the afternoon tea, the ham was cut very thin, with less sauce, the strawberries weren’t cut open and there was very little powdered sugar, all of which are my habits, and you remembered them all so clearly.” The more he spoke, the more guilty he felt and he looked at Qi Chang’an with pleading eyes.

Feeling his heart ache from the way he was looking at him, Qi Chang’an called out softly, “Nao Nao.”


“I’m cold, can you come up and keep me company?”

Xu Luoyang quickly took his clothes off, put his pajamas on and crawled into the bed within seconds. Clinging tightly to Qi Chang’an, his voice was still depressed, “Are you feeling warmer now?”

“Mhmm.” Feeling the familiar body temperature, the sense of unease caused by not being able to see with his right eye disappeared temporarily. Kissing Xu Luoyang’s hair, he asked, “Was today tiring?”

“Not particularly, but Zheng Ge was irascible this morning.”

“What happened?”

Xu Luoyang felt a bit embarrassed, “It’s before, when we went to see the underground band’s performance together. When you went on stage to sing, everyone around was whistling at you and I….. I wasn’t happy, so I deleted a post I had posted before.”

He spoke faster, “It was the post where I said that I would definitely not get jealous.”

Qi Chang’an’s voice carried a clear hint of laughter, “And then what? You were discovered by your fans?”

“Yes!” Xu Luoyang was very vexed, “How come they are all so powerful? The topic ‘Xu Luoyang deletes post’ went viral, but the main point is, they even designed all kinds of scenes with the scene of a tycoon acting and even drew comics and color illustrations! The comics were pretty good, but there were a lot of mosaics.”

Realizing that the conversation had veered off course, Xu Luoyang redirected it quickly, “Anyway, Zheng Ge just scolded me, asking why I didn’t delete a few more posts from long before that. At that time I hadn’t been thinking that much. After all, it had been so long.”

Saying this, he reached over to check Qi Chang’an’s temperature, “I’ll go get a towel to help you cool down, you’ve been running a fever.”

Tightening his arms around Xu Luoyang, Qi Chang’an said with a smile, “Holding you is enough.”

He knew his body and had been taking care of himself recently. The frequency of his illnesses had decreased and this cold wasn’t as severe as before, so he should be fine after taking medicine.

Before Xu Luoyang could feel happy about this, he heard Qi Chang’an’s next sentence, “And I haven’t tasted your sweetness yet.”

When he remembered the voice message that had been sent during the day with the sentence ‘when you come back, I’ll have a taste’, Xu Luoyang took a deep breath, his ears instantly turning red. He stuttered as he asked, “Taste….. where?”

The next day in the afternoon, when Zheng Dong saw Xu Luoyang, his face turned black. He had Lu Di go get a pair of headphones and hung them on Xu Luoyang’s neck. “When you get off the plane, there will definitely be fans and media, so you should be careful. What little can be covered should be covered.”

Speaking of which, Zheng Dong covered his eyes, indicating that he couldn’t bear to look and lowered his voice, “How crazy did you guys play last night? The skin on your neck is covered in kiss marks.”

Covering his mouth with his fists, Xu Luoyang also lowered his voice, “Zheng Ge, if I say that we’re still innocent, would you believe me?”

“Are you teasing me?”


Xu Luoyang thought to himself, I’m really not teasing you. Last night, Qi Chang’an kissed him all over his body, even his legs, but it wasn’t over the line at all. It was just simple kissing.

Later on, Xu Luoyang himself was in a daze then thought, was he really that sweet? To verify it for himself, he licked his wrist, but he didn’t taste any sweetness. However his wrist was held by Qi Chang’an and then he was kissed inch by inch.

After more than ten hours of flying, the plane landed at the international airport in B City. Because Xu Luoyang was worried about Qi Chang’an’s health, he went to meet the media and fans who came to pick them up.

This time, he was wearing the latest show piece of the new brand he was representing and had rehearsed several questions that might be asked. For example, if he was asked what his feelings were as the global spokesperson for the brand, he would definitely express that he was excited and happy then thank the fans for their support and recognition of the brand.

However what happened wasn’t at all what he had imagined. When he heard the first question asked by the reporter, “Luoyang, can you tell us, did you spend two million to buy three high-end pieces of the brand for Mr. Qi? Netizens are saying that this an official way of distributing sugar. What do you think?”

Xu Luoyang felt that maybe it was the way he got off the plane that wasn’t right?

Xu Nao Nao’s little emotions:

Am I really that sweet??

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