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Chapter 18.1

Sleeping until they reached their destination, Xu Luoyang was woken up by Qi Chang’an and followed him out of the car, almost falling to the ground in a daze. Qi Chang’an held Xu Luoyang’s arm with his right hand and helped hold the cactus in the pot with his left hand as he whispered a reminder: “Be careful as you go down the steps, and hold the little piggy.”

The director’s assistant Tao Xiaotu who was listening on the sidelines felt that the couple was as steady as a rock and couldn’t help but suggest, “Why don’t you give me the little piggy first?”

Xu Luoyang was still not fully awake and subconsciously shoved the stuffed animal into Qi Chang’an’s arms, “No!” As if he instinctively thought that it was safest to leave it with Qi Chang’an.

Tao Xiaotu: “…..” I really won’t steal the piggy from you.

But with this commotion, Xu Luoyang finally woke up. He yawned, looked around and asked Qi Chang’an in surprise, “So soon we’ve arrived at Xunyang Film City?”

Making sure he was fully awake, Qi Chang’an withdrew his hand and said a little helplessly, “You’ve been asleep for six hours.”

Reaching out to fix his hair, Xu Luoyang racked his brain to come up with an excuse, “If you sleep well, you’ll grow taller!”

He said it as if he could really grow taller…

Xunyang Film City was the largest film studio in China and Xu Luoyang had shot two of his costume dramas in Xunyang. Compared to Qi Chang’an who had made three films but had never filmed them in China and was visiting Xunyang for the first time, Xu Luoyang was familiar with the place.

So he walked up to Qi Chang’an and winked as he whispered, “I know this place well. Filming doesn’t start until the day after tomorrow so until then, I’ll take you to eat something delicious!”

Qi Chang’an lowered his voice in response as he smiled and said to him, “Hmm, ok, you can call me when you go.”

The group followed Director Zhang towards the hotel, with Xu Luoyang and Qi Chang’an walking in the middle as they chatted about interesting things about the shoot. But most of the time, it was Xu Luoyang who carried the conversation with great energy while Qi Chang’an listened attentively.

As they walked to the front desk, Xu Luoyang suddenly heard someone call out to him and looking towards the voice, he saw a tall, fit young man walking over quickly. The other man opened his mouth and said, “Xu Ge, you’ve put on a bit of weight!” When Xu Luoyang heard this, he couldn’t help but glare.

Xu Luoyang pretended not to hear such untrue words and introduced him to Qi Chang’an, “This is my assistant Lu Di, we have been working together for five years, you can call him Dizi.”

Qi Chang’an greeted him in a friendly manner and Lu Di’s smile widened, “Mr Qi, nice to meet you!”

Lu Di was six feet tall, muscular, with thick eyebrows and an ‘I’m a good guy’ look. In a slightly excited tone, he said, “I’ve seen all your films and they’re all classics. But Xu Ge’s favourite was the punk character ‘Ah Hui’ in , and I prefer the sniper in . We often quarrel with each other because of that.”

When he had found out that Xu Luoyang and Qi Chang’an were going to be the two male leads, he did a lot of homework. But there was so little news about Qi Chang’an, the only thing he knew was that there were no stills from Qi Chang’an’s movies, not even a few photos that had been released in the press, very mysterious. So he had to watch his movies a few more times, and the more he watched, the more he realised that Qi Chang’an’s acting skills were simply incredible, and he couldn’t resist watching them a few more times.

But when he saw Qi Chang’an in the flesh, he gave off a completely different feeling.

Lu Di had followed Zheng Dong and Xu Luoyang over the years and had met many people, but when faced with Qi Chang’an, he didn’t know if the other party’s aura was just too strong or not, but he didn’t even dare to call him ‘Qi Ge’. He just called him ‘Mr Qi’ like his fans did.

“When did you arrive?”

Hearing what Xu Luoyang had asked, Lu Di hurried back to his senses, “I just came a day early, Zheng Ge had something to do in B City and will come a few days later, but the crew already booked a room. Xu Ge, you and Mr Qi are staying next door, my room is opposite yours.”

But when they reached the rooms on the ninth floor, Xu Luoyang realised that this ‘next door’ really lived up to its name – his room and Qi Chang’an’s were separated by a wall and there was another wooden door in the wall, locked but with the key hanging on the door handle.

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