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Chapter 58.2

In recent years, reality shows had become the ultimate fan-worshipping tool, and Xu Luoyang had already participated in three of them and so was familiar with the format of the show. When he heard a knock at the door, he put down the spoon he was holding and went to open the door.

Standing at the door was the cameraman assigned to Xu Luoyang by the show’s production team. Xu Luoyang said ‘good morning’ first then asked, “Zhao Ge, have you guys had breakfast? Would you like to eat something together? I’ve prepared eggs, cereal, cookies, and juice!”

“No, we ate on the way.” Zhao Ge entered and began to follow Xu Luoyang, doing his best to film as he possibly could.

‘Top Secret Action’ was very bold in touting its ‘unscripted’ slogan during its promotion, drawing a lot of attention but also raising a lot of viewers’ suspicions. To ensure the authenticity of this ‘unscripted’ claim and to present the guests in their most authentic form, the show’s production team said that the beginning of the show, when they went to each guest’s home, would be broadcast live online.

Therefore, when the live scene in the room was directly transferred online, the barrage exploded.

“—Quick, shake me awake! Did you guys see the closet that just flashed by? Two shoes in two different sizes!”

“—Ah, ah, ah, they’ve entered the bathroom, quick, take a screenshot and highlight it! Couple rinsing cups! Couple toothbrushes! Couple towels! Have I discovered a secret!”

At this point, fans in front of their screens heard a sound coming from Zhao Ge who was filming the live stream, “Luoyang, I’m now looking at the live stream’s barrage. Many viewers are curious about what’s inside your bathroom. Whether it’s the towel or the rinsing cup and toothbrush, all of them are couples’ sets, can you tell us why?”

Xu Luoyang’s eyes were very calm as he smiled, a little embarrassed, “When I buy these daily necessities, I habitually buy a set to pretend that I’m not a single dog, it’s very sad.”

“—I’ll just watch you spout nonsense with a forgiving expression [where’s the trust between people.jpg]”

“—The production team is awesome! I like this kind of big brother who follows to film! As for Luoyang, don’t struggle anymore, we’ve already seen through it! Qi Chang’an is here.”

“—Hit where it hurts. Luoyang, we all feel very heavy in our hearts, you actually have someone outside behind our backs… arrogantly showing off an auntie’s smile!”

Xu Luoyang, relying on the fact that he couldn’t see the comments finished his breakfast calmly then took his luggage and left through the doorway. After a two-hour drive, he was taken directly to the destination by the production team staff— a new and yet to be opened amusement park located in the southeast corner of B City.

As soon as he got out of the car and walked a few steps, he saw an acquaintance he had worked with in a movie.

Jiang Liu, who had been in the industry for two years, had gained many fans because he had played the second male lead in the movie ‘The search for a man’, his popularity having skyrocketed. This time, his agent had made a lot of effort to get him into this reality show. However this was his first time filming a reality show and he just happened to meet Rainbow TV that was taking an unconventional route. After saying that their show was unscripted, there was really no script. He was a bit confused.

So when he saw Xu Luoyang, he felt like he had found a lifesaver and rushed over to him, asking directly, “Xu Ge, have you gotten the script?” He was anxious.

Knowing that he was truly worried, that was why he had asked this sensitive question in front of all the cameras, Xu Luoyang simply shook his head, “No, I haven’t gotten it. But Jiang Liu, I’ll let you in on a secret. On the way here just now, I secretly asked the cameraman. Our program group looks luxurious on the surface, but in reality, our budget is insufficient and we don’t have the money to hire someone to write a script, so there’s no such thing as a high-end script or anything like that.”

Jiang Liu realized belatedly that he had asked a question he shouldn’t have asked and so hurried up to follow Xu Luoyang’s rhythm, sounding distressed as he asked, “If the production team is so poor, do we have a guarantee for our appearance fee?”

Xu Luoyang said in his heart, ‘at least his reaction isn’t slow.’ and patted Jiang Liu’s shoulder as he said, “I think so. How about, we flatter the investor, the main dad?”

After he said this, the two of them looked at the camera at the same time with tacit understanding and said in unison, “Thank you Kaixin yogurt for exclusively sponsoring this program. Feeling down? Drink a bottle of yogurt and be happy!”

The staff around them burst out laughing as Xu Luoyang finished off with, “It’s over, it’s over, that advertisement slogan is really embarrassing!” After saying this, he pulled Jiang Liu and headed inside.

Turning around and moving away from the cameraman, Jiang Liu let out a sigh, a layer of sweat on his back. “Xu Ge, thank you for saving the scene!”

Xu Luoyang waved his hand with a smile, “It’s nothing, it’s nothing, but I’m actually quite lost as well. Previously, they said there would be some kind of work flow script, but now there’s nothing.”

“I received the same information when I first got here. This is my first time participating in a reality show and without a script, I feel unsure. If I perform poorly, I’ll be criticized and my agent will tear me apart! But the director and the production team seem calm and composed. They seem like people with planned strategies.”

Jiang Liu paused for a few seconds then hesitated before saying, “Xu Ge, five minutes before you came Song Yao arrived. He brought along five assistants to show off and the first question he asked was if you had arrived.”

The expression on Xu Luoyang’s face didn’t reveal anything. He only asked with a smile, “He cares about me so much?”

“Anyway, I feel like he doesn’t have any good intentions. Xu Ge, be careful.” Jiang Liu didn’t elaborate and changed the topic, “Speaking of which, the production team invited six guests in total, but there’s still a mysterious guest who hasn’t been revealed yet and we don’t know who it is.”

Xu Luoyang didn’t really care to much about that. He comforted him, “It’s okay. Even if our hearts are filled with anger, we’ll still put on a smiling face and be happy.”

Jiang Liu nodded, still worried.

At ten o’clock sharp, the director of the programme, Wen Zhiling, took the microphone and started the proceedings.

The five invited guests greeted each other politely, creating a friendly and harmonious scene then faced the cameras. Xu Luoyang stood in the middle, with Song Yao on his left and Jiang Liu on his right. Qin Xiaoran on the far left and Guan Xian on the far right, were both strangers to Xu Luoyang and they weren’t familiar with each other.

“Good morning everyone! Thank you for joining us on this program. I’m the director of ‘Top Secret Action’, Wen Zhiling, you can call me Director Wen.” Wen Zhiling was dressed in a gray tracksuit and spoke slow and steady, “Since our program is called ‘Top Secret Action’, then there has to be a lot of secrets involved.”

The guests were very cooperative, with Song Yao even shouting directly, “Director Wen, solve the mystery!”

“Don’t rush, the first secret we are going to uncover now is— who our sixth guest is!”

Xu Luoyang stood in place, feeling drowsy from Director Wen’s hypnotic speaking pace. He was recalling Qi Chang’an’s appearance in his mind to wake himself up when he suddenly felt Jiang Liu elbow him repeatedly, saying excitedly, “Xu Ge, Xu Ge, look! Hurry and look!”

Xu Luoyang was puzzled, but when he looked to the side and saw the person slowly approaching, he was also stunned— it was over, he had been tricked again!

He remembered clearly that Qi Chang’an had said last night that he had to go out of town on a business trip and so had left with his luggage before dawn. But he never expected that after walking all morning, he would walk up in front of him!

Qi Chang’an, tall and long-legged, quickly arrived before the cameras. He looked at Xu Luoyang first before taking the mic and introducing himself, “Good morning everyone, I’m Qi Chang’an, the sixth guest.” very succinctly.

Before Xu Luoyang could even react, Jiang Liu had already stepped aside, left the spot for him then winked at Xu Luoyang, “The Gu Cheng cp is unshakeable!”


And so, Qi Chang’an stood naturally next to Xu Luoyang and the six people lined up from left to right in this order: Qin Xiaoran, Song Yao, Xu Luoyang, Qi Chang’an, Jiang Liu, and Guan Xian, completely arranged according to their positions in the entertainment circle.

After standing in line, Xu Luoyang heard Qi Chang’an say, “Luoyang, long time no see.”

If it wasn’t for the row of cameras in front of them, Xu Luoyang would have rolled his eyes irregardless of his image— pretend. Who was it this morning that pinned him against the door and kissed him for more than ten minutes before letting him go?

At this moment, the director’s voice sounded, “….. This amusement park not only has exciting roller coasters, but also very thrilling horror houses. Given that today is the first episode of our program, I’m very kindly giving you all a hint– one of the five items you need to find is hidden in the horror house.”

After hearing this sentence, Xu Luoyang’s nerves shot up and he subconsciously grabbed Qi Chang’an’s sleeve, feeling that he was receiving malice from the program group!

Xu Nao Nao’s little emotions:

I’m scared! qaq

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