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Chapter 27.1

Xu Luoyang walked Zheng Dong back to his room, a pair of chopsticks still in his hand, humming a song as he walked, he was completely unaffected by the bad news.

Closing the door to his room, Zheng Dong asked Xu Luoyang, “Tell me honestly, are you disappointed?” After saying this, he pinched his brow. His eyes were sore and swollen because he hadn’t slept much in the past two days.

Xu Luoyang pointed out honestly, “To say that disappointed…. I’m actually a little bit. I was very happy with my performance, acting with myself felt like an excellent performance I thought.” He looked at Zheng Dong’s not-so-clear expression and asked hesitantly, “So, was there any shady deal this time?”

“Uhh, not too shady.” Zheng Dong explained, “Song Yao and you were nominated together. His acting skills aren’t as good as yours, but his qualifications and popularity are similar to yours. As for who will win the award, it’s actually a choice between you and him.”

Xu Luoyang understood: “In that case, the final decision on who wins the award this time is not based on acting skills and strength, but mainly on the outcome of the game?”

“Hmm. Baile Media has fallen out of the top four film companies in the past two years and is desperate to regain its former position. It was hard to bring up Song Yao and seeing that there is hope of winning this time, it can be said that they have put in a lot of sweat. They have invested a lot of favours and money.”

“Thank you, Zheng Ge.” Xu Luoyang said seriously. He understood in his heart that since Zheng Dong knew that the company behind Song Yao had put in a lot of effort, it meant that after understanding the twists and turns involved, Zheng Dong had still tried his best to get around, otherwise he wouldn’t have seemed so tired.

Zheng Dong sighed and raised his hand to pat Xu Luoyang’s shoulder: “Why are you so big hearted? What are you thanking me for? It’s not like I helped you get the Best Actor award.”

“There’s no need to thank you, when we smart people do things, we can’t just look at the result without looking at the process. Zheng Ge, you must have worked very hard these days.” Saying this, Xu Luoyang nudged him into the room, smiling while he continued, “It’s okay if you couldn’t get it, a nomination is good too. There’s also this movie I’m making now, maybe it can win an award too!”

Zheng Dong turned around and said, “Speaking of this movie, Luoyang, give me an estimate. Do you think it can win an award?”

He had secured the role for Xu Luoyang mainly because of Director Zhang’s ability, plus the fact that one of the two main actors was Qi Chang’an, which added up to a very high chance of winning the award. But now that [The Search for a Man] had fallen through, two years later, the rise of Xu Luoyang’s status would depend on the movie [Divergent Road].

So he had to worry.

“I don’t know….” Xu Luoyang thought carefully, “I don’t dare to guarantee that it will win an award, but with Director Zhang’s level, my performance and Chang’an’s and the writing ability of the screenwriter, the chances of winning an award, or even many awards, are high.”


“Really!” Xu Luoyang had a bitter look on his face, “Can’t you see that Chang’an and I are already being grinded to death by Director Zhang and the scriptwriter? We already go over one shot five or six times, then the lighting, the aesthetics, the composition has to be fixed a number of times, it’s really to the extreme. I think when the movie comes out, I can screenshot every frame and use it as wallpaper.”

His and Qi Chang’an’s working hours had now become waking up at 5am and going to bed at 7am, with a regular closing time in the evening. After work, they had to be dragged by Cheng Jing to read the script and if anything didn’t work, they would have to revise it immediately.

With a general idea, Zheng Dong worried that it would put too much pressure on Xu Luoyang, so he didn’t ask again, “Okay, you film well, but don’t get too tired.”

Xu Luoyang nodded, and then he heard Zheng Dong continue, “As for the Buddha Jumping Wall-“

Saying not good in his heart, Xu Luoyang asked cautiously, “What’s the second half of the sentence?”

Zheng Dong was amused by his exaggerated expression, “Go and eat. You can eat more, but when you come back, you have to exercise seriously for a week and please make sure that you don’t turn into the round-faced fat man on the big screen.”

“Ok, ok, ok. Not to mention a week, I’ll exercise for half a month!” Xu Luoyang replied then was about to go back to his room so as to not disturb Zheng Dong’s rest and to continue to eat the hot pot with Qi Chang’an when he heard Zheng Dong ask, “But why do you have chopsticks in your hand?”

“You’re talking about this?” Xu Luoyang waved the wooden chopsticks in his hand, a bragging tone in his voice as he wiggled his eyebrows, “These are not ordinary chopsticks, Chang’an personally made them for me. They are made from cypress wood and have the word ‘Luoyang’ engraved on them in seal script, they are very comfortable to use!”

Zheng Dong’s eyebrows jumped, “Then the peace clasp hanging around your neck that you haven’t taken–“

“Chang’an made it, isn’t it particularly beautiful!”

“Then the little fish on your wrist and the maple leaf on your keychain are?”

Xu Luoyang nodded repeatedly, “Yes, both of them. Chang’an is amazing, he hasn’t even studied woodwork for a month and he can make anything!”


Zheng Dong began to struggle. Qi Chang’an seemed to be a very cold person, hard to approach, and his artist hadn’t reached the stage of universal appeal and having his flowers blossom, so it was unlikely that Qi Chang’an would fall for Xu Luoyang. Was he overthinking it?

But, looking at the chopsticks, could it be that Qi Chang’an was really interested in that aspect and had already made a move?

Looking at Xu Luoyang’s smiling face, Zheng Dong didn’t voice his guess. He was actually very calm inside – even if Qi Chang’an did make a move, Xu Luoyang would only think that he wanted to be friends with him.

After all, there had been a man in this circle who had chased Xu Luoyang for two years before giving up, and Xu Luoyang still thought the man only wanted to work with him on a movie.

It wasn’t for nothing that he had been a single dog for a million years.

Meanwhile, Qi Chang’an received a call from his agent Liang Qiu.

“Young Master Qi, the organizers of the Golden Pine Awards are calling for the fourth time to invite you–“

“I agree.”

Liang Qiu froze for two seconds before responding, “You mean, you agree to the invitation?”

Qi Chang’an put a few pieces of Xu Luoyang’s favorite ribs into the hot pot and answered Liang Qiu, “Yes, set the process with the organizer.”

“Okay.” Liang Qiu didn’t ask Qi Chang’an why he changed his mind again, but just said, “Do you have any more requests?”

“No red carpet and a seat next to Luo Yang.”

“……” Next to Xu Luoyang? Liang Qiu wrote down, “I will communicate with the organizer. Also, do you want me to have your artist’s van drive to the Xunyang film location? This way it will be more convenient for you to rest.”

Qi Chang’an didn’t even think about it as he rejected the offer again, “It’s too much trouble, there’s no need.”

For the next half month or so, Xu Luoyang and Qi Chang’an had to rush to the Golden Pine Awards twice in three days. They also lost their lunch break and could only take a nap in the artist’s van occasionally while the set was being built.

The Golden Pine Awards ceremony was scheduled for November 26, and this year it would be held in Fengcheng.

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