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Chapter 43.1

Qi Chang’an’s fingertips hovered above the words ‘Xu Nao Nao’s little emotions’, but after a long time, he didn’t click on it but chose to log into his account. After this, he posted two consecutive updates–

“Qi Chang’an: everyone will pay for their lies.”

After hitting send, there was a gap of about a minute before Qi Chang’an solemnly typed seven more words, “You are the morning star: Xu Luoyang.”

He deliberated carefully. In such a situation, the other side, using so-called human evidence, had spread a huge web of malice, wrapping Xu Luoyang in it and gradually tightening it, and that, until there was strong evidence, Xu Luoyang’s team, apart from sending a lawyer’s letter to make their position clear, had to remain silent for the time being, otherwise any words issued would become a black mark used for denunciation.

But at the same time, someone needed to come forward with a clear gesture, so that those who still supported Xu Luoyang firmly wouldn’t be swayed easily.

So after updating both of his posts, Qi Chang’an patiently opened the comments section to check out the feedback.

“–Bursting into tears, I’ve finally waited for Mr Qi’s update, woo woo, I’m crying again!”

“–Luoyang must be under a lot of pressure right now. Mr. Qi, please tell him that we’re always there, that we believe in him and that we will always support him!”

“–I just saw this news after coming out from the meet and greet. I’m really especially sad, our Luoyang is so nice! I definitely don’t believe that Xu Luoyang, who never tires of urging us to be safe at the end of every fan pick-up, solo concert, meet and greet and all types of events, would be a person of low and cruel character as those people say!”

“–After pulling tissues to wipe tears, let’s go, let’s go, let’s go. I’m rolling up my sleeves to go and destroy the scene. If I don’t tear those motherf*ckers down, I’ll be embarrassed to call myself an immortal!”

After reading some of the comments, Qi Chang’an put his phone down and put his hand on Xu Luoyang’s forehead again to test the temperature and it was only after he found that his temperature had dropped slightly that the hostility that had erupted in his heart reigned back in.

How can I let people bully and slander you? You are my star.

Sitting in his chair, Qi Chang’an looked intently at the person lying on the hospital bed and listening to the sound of his breathing, the aura around him softened slowly, then after a long time, he hesitantly picked up his phone again, unlocked it, and clicked on the page called ‘Xu Nao Nao’s little emotions’.

When Xu Luoyang opened his eyes, he felt like he had come back to life again and rubbing his slightly swollen eyes, he subconsciously called out, “Chang’an?”, but because his body hadn’t fully recovered, his voice was low and raspy, shocking Xu Luoyang himself– Hey! Who was the one who just spoke? What a hoarse voice!

Placing his hand on the knot of his throat, Xu Luoyang tried to make an ‘ah ah ah’ sound while remembering that it was really Qi Chang’an who picked him up before he passed out backstage. Looking around, the curtains were drawn and the room was dark, but he could see the IV stand by the bed, which meant he must have been taken to the hospital by Qi Chang’an.

But where was he?

The morning light had filtered in through a gap in the curtains, but Xu Luoyang couldn’t find his cell phone, so he could only estimate that it should be about seven in the morning. Thinking about something, he was about to lift the covers to get out of bed when he suddenly heard a faint voice from outside the door, “…. investigate…. it’s Wang Yuxing?”

At the sound of the familiar name, Xu Luoyang’s movements quickly stopped. When he had been filming ‘A Sword to Chill the Fourteen States’, he had played the second male role and Wang Yuxing was the first male character selected by the management, which commenced the big feud between them.

Thinking that Xu Luoyang would steal his thunder in that film, Wang Yu Xing simply came down hard on him in order to eliminate his potential rival, trying to force Xu Luoyang to quit the filming of the movie on his own accord, and Xu Luoyang fell off his wire during filming because Wang Yuxing had tampered with it, but later the director gagged the whole crew and chose to gloss over the problem to avoid trouble.

After the end of the filming of the movie, Xu Luoyang, together with Zheng Dong, gathered all the evidence of Wang Yuxing’s drug use and reported it directly to the police.

So the feud between the two men was basically cemented in steel and there was no way to reconcile them in this lifetime.

But it quickly occurred to Xu Luoyang. If Qi Chang’an was mentioning Wang Yuxing, could it be that something had happened?

At that moment, there was the sound of the door lock rattling and Xu Luoyang quickly lay back down on the bed, covered up, closed his eyes and adjusted his breathing. He didn’t know why his set of movements were so smooth and quick, but he felt strangely guilty, as if he had overheard some secret.

Then, Qi Chang’an’s softly placed footsteps came closer and closer, and stopped by the bed. Then Xu Luoyang felt his hand on his forehead; it seemed he was checking to see if he had a fever, moreover Qi Chang’an hadn’t noticed that he was pretending to be asleep.

Xu Luoyang was pleased with himself. He had been a healthy baby since he was a child, the kind that didn’t need much worrying from his parents, he rarely even caught a cold. So he was a bit torn– should he open his eyes now and tell Qi Chang’an that he had almost recovered, surprising him in the process?

Soon, though, this thought was firmly squashed, as he was very keenly aware that Qi Chang’an seemed to be leaning down, and then there was a subtle scraping of clothing.

A few seconds later, soft and slightly cool kisses, fell on his eyelids.

Xu Luoyang’s fingers, hidden under the blanket, tightened quietly, and it took all his strength not to jump straight up from the bed– was he dreaming! Was he! Did Qi Chang’an just kiss him?

He vaguely smelled the bitter scent of tea leaves, which soaked into his limbs the moment they touched.

But soon, the kiss was over and Xu Luoyang was filled with anticipation. Where would Qi Chang’an kiss next? His forehead? The tip of his nose? His lips? The more He thought about it, the more excited he became!

But to his dismay, after only kissing his eyelids, Qi Chang’an stood by the bed and didn’t make any moves again. Xu Luoyang’s heart and soul itched, wanting to ask why he didn’t continue, he was unconscious, this was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity! How come he didn’t even know how to cherish….. the thoughts in his head suddenly cutting off, Xu Luoyang felt his little heart fluttering, and then he realized that something didn’t seem quite right–

Qi Chang’an kissed him on the eyelids while he was unconscious, which, when rounded up, meant, Qi Chang’an had kissed him!

Xu Luoyang’s heart felt like it was on a high-speed train, as if it would jump out of his heart in the next second. Unable to pretend any longer, he opened his eyes straight away and met Qi Chang’an’s gaze.

“Chang’an?” All the various thoughts in his head were instantly ignored as Xu Luoyang pursed his lips and asked him with some concern, “Are you not feeling well?” The Qi Chang’an standing in front of him, with heavy blue shadows under his eyes looked haggard and frail, making Xu Luoyang want to take him into his arms and care for him.

“You’re awake?” Qi Chang’an’s voice held a distinct note of surprise, then he controlled his tone, “I’m not unwell, and you, are you still uncomfortable anywhere? I’ll call the doctor.”

Noticing that Qi Chang’an had turned to leave, and that his attitude seemed strange, Xu Luoyang subconsciously reached out and pulled on the corner of his jacket. The force he used could easily be ignored, but it prevented Qi Chang’an from moving even half an inch.

“Chang’an, I’m feeling much better now, there’s no need to call a doctor.” Xu Luoyang had had several experiences with fever caused by overexertion and so was well aware of his current state of health. His lips curving, he applied force to his fingers and shook the corners of Qi Chang’an’s coat, his tone instinctively softening, “I’m thirsty, I want to drink water.”

“I’ll pour it for you.” Qi Chang’an squeezed Xu Luoyang’s fingers gently, put them back on the thin blanket, walked quickly to the long table, poured a glass of water and tested the temperature carefully.

Looking at Qi Chang’an’s profile, the excitement that Xu Luoyang had felt earlier because of the stolen kiss was set aside for the moment. He felt as if Qi Chang’an had become strange since he had woken up– the way he looked at him and his expression had a slightly different flavor.

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