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Chapter 81.2

Editor: Jodi

At 7:43 pm, the ‘Chaotic World’ crew stepped onto the Golden Maple Awards red carpet as the host’s voice rang out.

“…..The movie ‘Chaotic World’ was a box office hit upon it’s release, becoming this year’s champion…..”

On the red carpet, feeling the wind blow, Xu Luoyang held back his shivers, however the smile on his face was beginning to feel frozen. Just then, he heard fans shouting Qi Chang’an’s name, causing him to subconsciously look over, only to see light boards with ‘Qi Chang’an’ and ‘Gu Cheng’ written on them. His smile becoming brighter, he waved in their direction, causing a burst of screams.

At the interview area, they posed for photos with the media first, then the male and female hosts began their questions according to the procedure. As a supporting actor, after the producers, director, and main cast had their turn, it was finally his time to be asked.

“We all know, you’re all very talented male actors. When you’re together in a shot, Luoyang, what do you think about? Do you worry that someone next to you is better dressed than you are?”

Holding the microphone, Xu Luoyang pretended to hesitate for two seconds, “Do you really want me to tell the truth?”

The female host nodded, “Of course, we’re really curious about the behind-the-scenes truth!”

Xu Luoyang lowered his head, smiled, then turned back to the camera, “For me personally, every time this happens, I keep reminding myself in my mind.” He paused deliberately before continuing, changing his tone, “Oh no, it’s over! I have to suck in my stomach the whole time! Otherwise, my little belly will show! Or maybe seriously repent, I really can’t stay up late to play Super Mario again, two pimples have popped up on my face and even foundation can’t cover them!”

Both hosts were amused, then immediately after they asked Xia Nan a movie-related question then sent the cast off the stage.

Inside the venue, surrounded by warmth, Xu Luoyang’s mood soared immediately and finding his seat, began texting Qi Chang’an, “I’m already inside the venue, but for the sake of looking good, I didn’t have dinner. I’m sad!”

Qi Chang’an replied quickly, “Is your stomach uncomfortable?”

A smile formed on Luoyang’s lips, his fingers moving quickly, “I’m not uncomfortable, I’m a healthy baby! But you have to remember to eat dinner.” He thought for a moment then added after that, “The Golden Maple Awards is being broadcast live, you can see me on TV!”


The award ceremony was very routine, with no originality, and whenever the camera swung by, Xu Luoyang had a smile but the rest of the time, he stared blankly at the stage, calculating his schedule for the next two days mentally, the thought that he would be able to meet Qi Chang’an in a short while making him so excited he wanted to jump up and down.

Less than an hour into the show, the ‘Chaotic World’ crew had already received four nominations and two major awards: Best Styling Award, Best Music Award, as well as Best Editing and Best Actor.

After the third ad was aired, Xu Luoyang became a little nervous. The presenters were already on stage, announcing the nominations for Best Short Story and according to the program, the next award was Best Supporting Actor. He took a sip of water to moisten his throat.

Chu Wei’s eyes were on the screen when he suddenly leaned towards Xu Luoyang and whispered, “Prepare yourself mentally.”


Just as Xu Luoyang was about to ask what kind of mental preparation was needed, he noticed the camera on him. Straightening up immediately, he put on a standard smile, however it was as if there was a cat’s paw scratching around in his mind— prepare himself mentally for what? Couldn’t he say it in one go!

Even until the award recipient finished their thank you speech, Xu Luoyang didn’t find the chance to ask Chu Wei, because as the Best Supporting Actor segment was about to begin, the camera was on him squarely, hence he had to maintain his image.

Just as he was torn, a voice sounded from the stage, “Please welcome the presenter, internationally renowned actor Mr. Qi Chang’an!”

Watching Qi Chang’an, dressed in a black suit with a white shirt, come down the stairs with his long legs, Xu Luoyang was stunned, muttering, “I might be imagining things…”

Beside him, Chu Wei laughed, “You’re not imagining things, he’s real.”

Xu Luoyang touched his heart, then suddenly realized that he’d been tricked! But Chang’an hadn’t walked the red carpet, so angry!

Okay, he was also really happy!

Seeing Qi Chang’an looking around the audience after standing in front of the mic, Xu Luoyang’s heartbeat intensified—finished, I keep on feeling that Chang’an is looking in my direction! Nervous, his lips became dry and his seat felt prickly as if there were a few needles in it, making it hard for him to sit still.

He stared at the person on the stage, unable to move his gaze an inch.

Just then, the big screen displayed scenes from the nominated films, with Zi Chu’s part from ‘Chaotic World’ being the third.

Xu Luoyang paid a bit of attention to the screen and saw Zi Chu, dressed in royal robes, leaning against a woman in palace attire, his expression a mix of fondness and gloom. Then, in armor, Zi Chu, holding a long blade as he swung it towards a general, blood splattering on his face, yet his expression remained cold and distant, his eyes icy. Then the scene shifted to him standing atop a city wall, sacrificing himself for the nation.

After the editing clips played, the entire room fell silent. Xu Luoyang quietly took a breath, controlling his facial expression. Because after the character edits finished, the big screen showed close-ups of him and the other four nominated actors.

Under the dazzling lights, Qi Chang’an’s voice sounded, “The 71st Golden Maple Awards, the winner for Best Supporting Actor is…” After a three-second pause, he announced the name, “Xu Luoyang.”

And as he read out these words, his tone carried an imperceptible smile and pride.

Xu Luoyang was pulled up by Chu Wei, his mind a bit dazed and reflexively, he hugged the person sitting next to him. It was only when he shook hands with Chu Wei that he suddenly came to the realization and nodded sincerely, “Thank you, Director Chu.”

Chu Wei patted his shoulder, “Go on, you deserve it.”

Adjusting his clothes, Xu Luoyang walked toward the stage, the chasing spotlight hitting his head. By now, the barrage of live streaming comments had exploded.

“——Ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah, it’s Gu Cheng ah ah ah ah ah! ‘Chaotic World’ is so amazing! The emperor with a twisted charm is messing with my heart! The acting is superb!”

“——Third time watching ‘Chaotic World’ right here! I’m a Zi Chu fan!”

“——I’m so excited that I’m literally squealing like a groundhog! My Chang’an presenting the award to my Luoyang! I’m floored! Screenshots, screenshots!”

“——From now on, I won’t even blink! Ah ah ah ah!”

Unaware of these things, Xu Luoyang walked towards the stage with steady steps, and finally stepping onto the platform, when he reached the stage, he couldn’t help but smile– Qi Chang’an was standing there, waiting for him.

He stared at the man in front of him without blinking, and after making sure he wasn’t thinner than the last time they had met, his lips curved up again.

Qi Chang’an took two steps forward, and the two of them hugged. Avoiding the camera, Xu Luoyang said hurriedly, “I missed you so much.”

Patting his back gently, Qi Chang’an whispered in his ear, “We’ll go home together when it’s over, be good.”

The hug was brief, and after they separated, Qi Chang’an handed the Golden Maple Awards trophy to him. Then they hugged once more, and after that, Qi Chang’an stepped off the stage while Xu Luoyang stood behind the microphone stand.

Meanwhile, the barrage of comments on the live platform had already piled up thick, with the screen full of questions like, “What exactly did Qi Chang’an say to Xu Luoyang when they hugged?”

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